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  1. I do not know this fellow you are talking about but my suggestion of good extraction is more towards the prevention of property damage. Sprayed paint will drift in all directions in a very fine dust, setting on everything. At first, it will not be noticeable, but as time goes on, it becomes a "dust". The problem is this dust is not removable, as it is actually paint. Now, of course extraction will protect health. These paints are not good for health, no doubt about it. However, in my view, we modellers spray so little and so infrequently that the effects is nothing compared to a 1:1 car painter painting all day all year round. Problem is, for proper protection, a proper vapour mask is needed and those things are very expensive and last only for a short time once opened.
  2. Tommy (me!) had made his decision. It will be the FTX Bugsta for £97.95, and then to spend £200+ on upgrades! 😁 Got to keep the Tamiya spirit here. Will be getting an aluminium chassis immediately so it will be a complete strip and rebuild the moment I get it. Now off to AliExpress to source a cheap brushless system. Believe it or not, a TT-02R was on the cards before I decided on the Absima AB3.4V2.
  3. They will probably release one with bearings and shocks (and steel pinion and some blue bits) in a future "limited" GF-02SRX version.
  4. Er no, in bold at the top "KV Rating/T Count for single motor use, double when using two motors." The note at the bottom "When Driving 2 Motors Simultaneously the Turns/T Count of the Motor Must Be Increased Accordingly." is lifted straight from the 880 instructions as well. So for single is 12T, two motors is 24T. I think the clue is both the 880 and 1080 has the same 80A/400A output. The 880 does not have double the power output, so the motors needs to be halved.
  5. Now Tommy (me!) have another dilemma... Came across the FTX Bugsta for <£100 w/o battery and charger. Tommy really like the body and the huge amount of upgrades. Just like Tamiya, there is a possibility of spending the base price on bling. The problem is this comes brushed only with the brushless version costing too much and no option to ditch the battery. The brushless Mavericks are just over £130 without batteries. A factor for a brushless combo has to be added for the FTX which makes it more expensive than a Maverick. Then it has less bling OOB as well. Choices...
  6. Oh, I meant Boeing and Airbus. He used to work on them, not that he owned any of them! He used the soap water method when he helped me put up this vinyl sticker wallpaper. It came in 2 parts so movement for alignment is needed, kind of like when he did cleatlines on the 1:1 planes.
  7. No it will not. It is used on full sized stuff such as window tint films or even the markings on the side of planes (my dad used to do that). What I do is use the cheapest pound/dollar store dishwashing liquid, a little squirt into warm water from the tap (may 45C?) in a takeaway tupperware container. No precise measurements of ml of water or number of drops of dishwashing liquid. Flood the surface the sticker will go on, move into position, hold with finger and blast with hair dryer to dry the water under so it will stick.
  8. Servo and servo that never seem to match center when at neutral. Always half a teeth out.
  9. Problem is the 880 has a limit of 24T when using 2 motors.
  10. Not in my experience. I have cars where I ditched the RX box or servo post, which are where the aerial pipe holder are as well. So I installed the aerials horizontally, which brings the aerials right next to the motor. Of course, being electronics, there could be problems that no one can explain, so probably a case of YMMY.
  11. Just to annoy you even more, I am going to get a really cheap Absima AB3.4V2 buggy for my Christmas build. 😏 Which is why I never include the Strada XB in the list as I do not need 2 new buggies at once. I got a 10.5 kicking around with nothing to put it into so a bare kit is ideal. For this build, I actually prefer the truggy version but no where in the UK has it in stock at the same low price as the buggy. Well if the buggy impressed me, I may get the truggy in the future. Right, so that narrows the choice to SC or MT. Got to sleep on this one
  12. The GR3E are made to a very low cost and some are known to go wrong sometimes. I have about 5 or 6 of them and had 2 failed. Luckily they are cheap to buy and when they work, they are ok. I have cars with the same electronics setup as yours (1060, 4412 and GR3E) and they are fine. I suggest just buying 4 pack of GR3E from AliExpress and go from there.
  13. No, that is not fun, plus getting rubbed all the time about "not moving with the times" b6 ignorant fools is the worst. Every single battery in that picture is a pair, as I just try to make sure I get more than 1 whenever I had the chance, either going in a long journey to a "L"HS or by arranging some complicated logistics. Some of those batteries had to travel 250 miles in the wrong direction first before travelling another 700 miles to me (delivered to a friend that is coming my way). It is not me that decided that lipo are not legal to send by post after all. Oh, I also had the experience of a lipo explosion before, and they make me out to be a scaredy cat. Well, maybe they are correct, except I have and use all those lipos in the picture, and a pile of Li-ions too.
  14. Oh, of course! Wife's orders!
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