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  1. I have a M-06 and didn't like it much. It feels too much like a DT (or 2WD buggy) driven onroad.
  2. The longest I had was 5 weeks wait from order to delivery, to Asia! I waited for 4 weeks and actually emailed them and then it turned up a week later.
  3. I think this had been discussed elsewhere that front brakes can be achieved with one way diff fitted the wrong way around.
  4. On the right chassis, a 380 can be quite fast. On a super lightweight chassis (not Tamiya though), I got 37mph out of a 380ST.
  5. Even running on tarmac will cause scratches. This is a road car after just its first run. It is far worse now after about 20 battery packs. Granted it is lower than a DT. The only way not to get much damage is to run indoors or on astro turf or something.
  6. After that underwater run, I stripped some of the screw holes on the lockers (?) of the wheels. I got some brass ones on order so hopefully they will do better. Also, the screws rusted at the first sight of water so I think I will carry out a screw replacement exercise soon.
  7. Don't worry about it, unless you want to be the first, wait it out a bit for the price to drop. I got a preorder rere Thunder Dragon once and the price fell by £20 after a year. I am not looking for the latest or the best, just somewhat disappointed that Tamiya is still boxing up old 02 and 01E as 'new' release.
  8. No we certainly don't. But the 02 is 10 years old now, not 3 or 4, and looking at the cycle, 01 (2003), 01E (2008) and 02 (2013) a new one is probably on the way. Completely agree. I use a some AliExpress 'special' along with GPM, 3R and YR.
  9. Old designs are fine. I recently did a TA-02 and that is a three decade design, and I love it. But as you said earlier, the TT-02 is badly needing some updates, so IMHO, a new TT is overdue, rather than another reboxing.
  10. Truth is, the TT-02 is a decade old chassis. Instead of coming out with a TT-03, Tamiya just kept reboxing them. Throw a few different bits in an call it S, R, X or as someone suggested, a 'brand new release' TT-02 SRXXXXXX.
  11. There is the Solar Eagle going for stupid money.
  12. Try GPM or 3R for parts, much cheaper and sometimes offer more than Tamiya parts.
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