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  1. I have a similar battery for a FTX Buzzsaw. TBH you are better off getting a 1800mAh lipo.
  2. You should see he how he 'play' with 240v!
  3. Too right. This is what I bought 2 years ago when I went out to the Far East. Half given away to friends of my kids by now. And RC are cheap there too. 😁 Mostly built now, need to replenish my stock. So I am now putting together a shopping list and planning my next trip out there again.
  4. Clearly this guy didn't get the memo.
  5. Absolutely true! But I will prefer a money dump that gets me something physical in return rather than some virtual pixels.
  6. I mean what I said about haggis and Loch Ness Monster is a joke. I know the official national animal of Scotland, I live in Scotland. It is even on the national crest.
  7. In my efforts to introduce Mini4WDs to the local populace, I am donating these kits to the upcoming local model show's raffle.
  8. You get the point of Mini4WDs, not many do. Put it this way, they were my pocker money STEM education in the 80s, before STEM existed!
  9. I will argue that the national animal of Scotland is the Haggis, or thr Loch Ness Monster. At least people had see, or even ate, either of these animals. No one had been recorded to have seen an unicorn, ever.
  10. Pop 2 fans into the 'fastest bee'. Now I can really push the gearing. A 40mph bumblebee anyone? 😁
  11. It has a lot of out of stock kits, added because I fancy them at one time. While I can clear them out of my watch list, I kept them there as a reminder to have a quick look every now and then to see if they are in stock. They get cleared out when I no longer fancy them or the particular theme.
  12. Yah, one of the TT-02TR videos I saw mentioned the low CG is an advantage. Clearance, well, it can climb over anything (smaller) anyway so maybe less of a concern. While the tracks can be bought separately, they are really expensive. Funny you mentioned the T3-01 as that is also part of this oddballs pricing exercise.
  13. Pricing up my next oddball project. Which one of the two is a better choice? I prefer the comical looks of the GF but will the longer wb of the TT be better for stability?
  14. I noticed that it had been mentioned a few times that the 01's steering is better than the 02. So how about releasing a new 03 chassis that combines the best of both the 01 and 02 put together?
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