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  1. At least you have parcels to rant about. RM had been on strike for the past two days and my big 1111 Aliexpress order had been stuck at Inverness not moving towards me.
  2. Took the TA-02 out for a proper test drive and it is terrible, or at least this Opel body is. There is far too much overhang causing it to catch on the grass, at one point it even "folded" the nose over. It seems to do gravel better but surprisingly is very nice on road. Think I may need to look for a different body to continue running this as a rally car, or some kind of bumper to help the chassis "glide cover the grass
  3. DHL/Fedex have a delivery dateline (2d, 3d, 1w, whatever) to meet so they have to deliver before collection. RM (and HKP,, JP, etc) have a window (2w - 4w, etc) so they can afford to play the waiting game. No, AT does not charge you VAT on behalf of HMRC. Only RCMart does that. RC bits come under toys (no difference if just bits or bits to make a whole car or just the chassis), so 95-03 Tricycles, scooters, pedal cars and similar wheeled toys: dolls: other toys: reduced-size ('scale') models and similar recreational models, working or not: puzzles of all kinds. And probably (not 100% sure on this one) sub category of 9503-0075-90 Other toys, put up in set or outfits: Other toys and models, incorporating a motor - other, VAT 20%, customs 4%.
  4. In the UK, HMRC will pay back the tax charge if can be proven if it was already paid to the seller. HOWEVER, in my case, it was also the seller that made the mistake on the form, so the "fine" for the service was not refunded. Also, things get more complicated when over £135 as in that case, tax is charged in entry not checkout. However, RCMart does not have a clue and will still apply VAT to a basket of over £135 (I did a trial basket checkout) which they should not. There is a movement to refuse to pay the handling "fine" by the companies in the UK, either only paying the tax portion, or flat refusing to pay anything. However, this only works with DHL/Fedex as RM will only release the package after payment. I too avoid them (and EMS if possible) as they have a far higher chance of being picked up and their higher cost to post eats into the £135 allowance by quite a margin. In the past, I always try to use SAL if possible.
  5. Just wait a week or so, if nothing, then nothing. 🤞
  6. You missed this part. "Goods worth £135 or less in total If you bought the goods yourself and they are not excise goods, the seller will have included VAT in the total you paid ." Some sellers will collect VAT (RCMart, eBay, Aliexpress for example) while others (I shall not name) will not. In my case, RCMart charged me (goods + postage) + [(goods + postage) x VAT] and wrote that total on the CN22 form. HMRC took that total, added postage on top and charged me VAT + customs. RM then "fined" me £8. I managed to reclaim the VAT + customs back from HMRC but not RM as that was judged to be an incorrectly filled in form. Worse thing? Even after alerting them to their mistake, RCMart still do the same exact thing for my next package. Now I stay away from them unless there is no where else to get the item.
  7. I too recently got a GT5 and love the built in gyro. I also got some Turbo Racing which also comes with the optional gyro RX option. They save the space and cost of fitting an additional piece of gear. I used them on my drifter and have to say I do find they works well.
  8. An old timer once told me, the Japanese are very "good" and truthful with their paperwork, so if package got picked up by HMRC, be prepared to be hit by the full amount. Pre Brexit, 50% of my PJ and 1999 orders got taxed. Post Brexit, 0%, although I always keep my orders below £100.
  9. You are absolutely right! I only buy kits overseas that I cannot buy in the UK. Actually, I made a mistake with my earlier statement, my 3R M4 was from SpeedRC rather than from 3R in HK. The price difference was just like £10 or something. However, the price difference for hopups are just too insane to ignore.
  10. Probably, but I ended up with a set of minis from AT (shorts for the back from Tamiya dealer in Singapore). If you have spare spacers left over from other Tamiya, you can "tune" the length of thr 60mm. However you will find it more difficult to lengthen the 50mm.
  11. Yes, I am looking for GH front shocks and saw they list by total length instead of eye to eye length. In most cases, I buy from a UK supplier (JK) which list the shocks by chassis, so I can be sure they will fit. If you are looking for increased clearance, consider 60mm instead and take up the extra (if any) travel with spacers? In fact that's how Tamiya shocks work as well.
  12. Yes, bottom line is always compare against FH and/or TTM. Also add in a "risk factor" of HMRC catching the package, as that will wipe any savings off. This risk factor varies depending on postage method airmail being the lowest risk and EMS being medium and DHL/Fedex being the highest.
  13. Well, they will say "I don't mind paying extra for better service" although I am not sure what the better service is. They are also the same type who will be insisting that budget gear is "useless". Anyway, I am digressing here. Those super minis will definitely work, that's what I use for my M-05Ra. I know exactly which ones you are talking about as they are in my wishlist for my MF-01X build, but that one being a budget challenge build, I went for even cheaper shocks. You will need two packs though and AT only has one left in stock.
  14. Since Brexit, the only package I got hit with tax is a RCMart one. I had ordered dozens from AT, PJ and AE, no problem at all.
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