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  1. Just got mine but all is not well. The commemorative message is missing.
  2. Gorgeous. Please post some more pics. I bought one of these body sets. Perhaps it's time to do something with it.
  3. Usually by relieving myself of copious amounts of money.
  4. Yeah, I know, I downloaded the manual and looked at all the shafts before I ordered that stuff, I just decided to grab a (likely to be uneeded) spare set anyway. Thanks for the tip on the hubs. I had a brief look at them when I ordered the bits that arrived with the car and the other order and decided not to buy them at that stage. I was more likely to run stock, at least at the rear, so your info only helps to confirm that. Cheers! And I certainly am a sucker for carbon, be it practical or just for show.
  5. Yeah, I'd probably still make a new one, put an end mill bit in a drill press and do blind holes or slots so dust can't get in, you get the weight reduction and from the outside it still looks like a solid plate.
  6. Just get a piece of ally plate, trace around it and the holes you want, and cut out a new one. That would be my solution if you can't just buy a new replacement.
  7. The only thing more contagious around here than "you know what"... More hop-ups inbound.
  8. Finished my Egress. Also, started looking at DT-02 vehicles. I understand the DT-02 and DT-03 share some parts, but does anyone know if the 54561 DT-03 Stabiliser set also fits DT-02 vehicles? It looks very similar in pictures and is more procurable than the 53829 DT-02 set. Appreciate it if anyone can clarify. Cheers.
  9. Agreed @GeeWings, personally, I've never been a fan of stickers for windows and always leave them clear or smoke 'em. Actually something I'd do differently with this body, is mask and paint a 1-2mm silver trim line around the windows. Oh, well. Yeah, I'll have to have a think about which project to do next. Not a bad problem to have!
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