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  1. Zealot

    Gmade GOM

    It was a kit. I hardly ran it before I sold it but from what I recall, the material and production quality was decent.
  2. Zealot

    Gmade GOM

    I had a Gmade rock buggy, can't remember what it was called. It had portal axles.
  3. Would not using just a spot or two of glue to ensure they don't move during assembly also allow for pad replacement with perhaps a little clean up of the spur?
  4. @TurnipJF I feel that if the Mercedes is successful, they may re-re the others.
  5. I can't say I know much about these cars so thanks to those that do for their input. I have seen the originals on auction sites going for a lot of money. Maybe Tamiya will release the other cars if this one is successful?
  6. Australian stores got another batch too.
  7. @mtbkym01 actually, I just spoke to Metro Hobbies on the phone and they told me one other person has emailed saying they are missing their certificate also. They are following up with the distributor. Will just have to wait to hear.
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