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  1. Yeah, I felt that red was the ideal colour for this car.
  2. Looking for new, still on sprue and complete set of the Fuchs replica two piece wheels that come in kit 58571. Thanks!
  3. @Kol__ just the local hardware store, which in these parts is Mitre 10 Mega.
  4. It need some reorganising and what not but it works well for me.
  5. They look alright. From six feet away. Now that I've done a set of these and made mistakes, I'd like to do another set as I'm sure I could get a much better result. Certainly not something one can rush, these. Looking something like a car now. Nearly there...
  6. Thanks. I'm thinking I'll get some adjustable upper arms.
  7. Wish they'd include the original Astute wheels with this car.
  8. Gonna run with a Marlboro scheme for this baby. 😍
  9. Started the graveyard shift on the current job last weekend (11pm-7am) so progress has been slow, especially considering the step I'm up to... Definitely an extremely tedious task, this one, especially when your eyes feel like they're going to fall out with tiredness already, without the focus and steady hand required to make a half decent job of these %$#¥! things. I feel the hub should have been made two-piece to make it easy to paint and get a good looking result.
  10. Electronics and steering done. This chassis let's me use my square hardcase lipos which haven't seen the light of day for several years now. Think I might need some after market front uppers to get rid of the slop in the stock parts.
  11. Yeah, good point, this is my first on-road build and if you asked me even 3 months ago, I'd have told you I wasn't interested. But Tamiya make these things look so good and then you watch Gav or Glenn and it's game over!
  12. First cab off the rank... Fell in love with the look of this thing so had to grab one. Got heaps of aly going in as you can see and will be running the Acto-Power special touring motor for starters. Swapping out all 3mm hardware for black finish stainless hex drive. Started last night and got this far... Some progress from earlier today... First time doing a complete machine thread upgrade and the tapping sure adds quite a bit of time to the build.
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