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  1. The wheels on the comical Avante are identical front and back. It’s the tyres that are different, the fronts narrow as you install them and the rears balloon out more. Most of the chassis is the same. Some changes have been made to the base GF01 chassis over time though as discussed in another thread. Nothing substantial, just different mounting points on the front plate to accomodate newer variations.
  2. Yes, problem is the price. Even on sale it’s $200US for a full set. I wonder how much the actual kit will be…
  3. Very cool. I will look forward to following progress. P.S. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Funny you should ask… My daughter wanted some PC sheet painted recently and we used Elmer glue (it was the pure white stuff not the fancy slime making stuff) and then sprayed primer on it (Vallejo I think). It did a pretty good job but I did remove the glue very quickly after painting.
  5. Finally got the Jimny shell onto the GF-01 chassis and out for a drive. I’ve added plates on the rollbars for race numbers, the obligatory NoS bottles, reg plates, some extra spots and some metal for the lower bumper. I’ve really enjoyed fiddling with this one. The drive didn’t last long though as it’s 35c here in Melbourne and I’ve got to get the BBQ going soon 🥵 Happy Australia Day all!
  6. Just asked to get mine set-up. Flickr is a good option too I guess as it links rather than uploads here.
  7. Yes, I’ve seen that too. I like them a lot but I’ve got such a pile of unbuilt kits and kits to rebuild. I guess it would be silly not to get one while they’re available though
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it. I know I’m in the minority but I actually don’t love the box art version of the Egress. Mine gets driven gently (mostly). I’m only protective because it’s hard to get parts.
  9. Hi @netsmithUK could you add me too please? Thanks!
  10. Welcome aboard @16_Bit_Mr_Ja nice collection to start with, I look forward to the next dozen or so that you buy
  11. Thanks, me too. But was just looking at adding some more "oomph" Especially for running on sand. But don't want to over do it.
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