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  1. That looks ace @Willy iine. Very cool.
  2. Had a few minutes and a speedy Dremel to start putting together the latest Mario Kart entrant… Donkey Kong and his Bullet Bill powered SW-01 😂
  3. There are no shelves. Only open roads
  4. Saw this today and thought of you @Nikko85 !
  5. Of course! Sorry, slow brain day (as usual).
  6. I’ve got one and it’s excellent. Really effective for getting variable flow.
  7. Yep, I’m just taking about the look of it. I’m sure the Kyosho is going to be a great performer, I just think it looks bland.
  8. I can’t stop looking at it! In my opinion it totally puts the kyosho dirt master aesthetic in the shade.
  9. Looks absolutely stunning! Lovely stuff. I can’t wait.
  10. Very annoying. Here in Oz we had that issue for months on end last year. Hope you get some restock soon.
  11. Today I “finished” my SW-01. Or finished as much as I can while I wait for some 3D printed accessories to arrive. I’ve got a big Donkey Kong barrel that I’m hoping is going to fit as the body for my Donkey Kong driver! It’s such a great little kit, VERY little: with so much thought that has been put in to its tiny design! Very impressed and have ordered a lunchbox version already along with some hop-ups…
  12. I started singing that in my head just as I scrolled to your post 😂 For me the vintage buggies and the modified/custom build stuff (mostly been built if the GF01).
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