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  1. That looks and sounds very fun @lsear2905. I remember watching people with RC boats when I was a kid and they always seemed uncontrollable, slow and spent most of their time upside down! Just like cars it seems these boats have come a long way.
  2. I ordered one of the 'limited edition' versions. He's only 8 so a slower pace might help a little. I also ordered lots of spare balls as I assume they will get lost pretty easily! Funnily enough I tried to introduce him to Subbuteo just yesterday but he thought it looked a bit slow and boring. I think Binho will suit him much better. Thanks again for sharing!
  3. @JeffSpicoli the Golf is looking awesome. Can't wait to see it finished. And thanks for making me aware of Binho! My son's birthday is coming up and I think he will love this. Ordered!
  4. I didn't think your Jimny could get any better looking. I was wrong! That looks so good.
  5. Thanks @berman to you. You were one of the first I think to provide guidance and advice as I stepped back in to the hobby. I look forward to the GeeWing lounge chair
  6. Thanks! The feeling is mutual. And thanks again for the kind words about my Egress. Too kind! Nope!
  7. Thanks. I'm sure I will! Easier probably but not as fun I'm sure!
  8. Thanks frog! I have to say thanks to @Nikko85 especially for his inspiration in that department!
  9. Thanks mate, been a busy 12 months that’s for sure. Really looking forward to seeing your 12 month collection!
  10. Thanks both, the feeling is mutual! Here’s to the next 12 months.
  11. I just noticed that I’ve been a member of Tamiya Club for a year this weekend. I joined because I had an itch to get an RC having not had one for over 30 years! So, I posted some questions and a few days later had spent a small fortune on a NIB Egress ReRe just in time for Father’s Day and birthday present all in one. Of course, as we all know too well, one car wasn’t enough! A couple of weeks later I purchased a Land Cruiser GF01 which led me to the world of hop-ups and blue bling! Then came some custom projects and plenty of impulse purchases! 12 months, 1400+ posts and a few thousand dollars later I’ve got a burgeoning collection. Anyway, a huge thanks to everyone that’s provided guidance, advice, inspiration and most of all good laughs along the way. It’s been a tough 12 months but this hobby and this forum have provided some much needed distraction. Here’s the first few ‘complete’ builds but there are a fair few others half made!
  12. @Ferruz really sorry to hear that. Sorry if you know all this already but it might help… Many years ago I herniated (slipped) three discs and have had trouble ever since. One three occasions I have been unable to stand, literally having to crawl around until the doc comes to unlock my back. Other times my upper back over compensates and I end up with the pain you describe. The worst for me has been the sciatica which makes me feel like I’m losing my mind at night From my experience you need painkillers, anti inflammatory and anti-spasm (such as diazepam/ Valium) if your doc will provide them. Physio is good for longer term rehab but you probably need to find an osteo who can quickly fix via skeletal work. When mine has been really bad I sometimes need two visits a week for 2-3 weeks. People also swear by myotherapists but I’ve not tried and chiropractors but they do nothing for me. My long term strategy has been strengthening my core to compensate for my back weakness. Reformer Pilates really helps and I’ve just got a Peloton too. when I really over do it, I still get issues. Last weekend I filled a whole 8 foot skip in a weekend. I’m still sore and stiff now but nothing too serious!
  13. @Gebbly Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen that before. I've had the same conundrum as you but ended up getting multiple GF-01 kits! I've not built the latest one yet but it's also going to be a Wild Willy. I was going to go the whole hog and get Niche's 3D chassis but in the end it seemed a step too far. I've also grabbed some of @simensaysadpapters to shift the body mounting back a little on the GF01 and I'm also going to be using his rims that allow the use of original or repro sand Tires with hex on the Gf-01. The GF-01 is addictive because there is so much you can do with it! Narrowed track width with a Radio Shack custom body: Wider track width with a Tandy Van body:
  14. Sorry to see what's happened. So frustrating. I too had a now well documented paint disaster Though I hadn't invested the amount of effort you have. I had completed my second build; a GF-01 and it was looking great (in my eyes anyway). Then I took it for a drive and the paint immediately cracked and started falling off. Once I got home I realised my user error... I had grabbed TS not PS from the store Once I flexed the body a few times it pretty quickly looked like this: I've never been able to deal with fully stripping it.I just find it too frustrating and pretty soul destroying. I think I'm just going to use a different shell at some stage!
  15. @berman it depends on the material used. Some 3D printed parts I have received from Shapeways need a lot of sanding but others are just about ready to go with a little sanding to 'key' and then ready for primer. You will know once you unpackage them I reckon. The biggest issue I think is getting a good colour match with the body using PS paint, or will they be different colours?
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