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  1. Thanks! This particular build did go a bit over the top and we (me with the guidance of my kids) just kept adding stuff. In fact after this pic we actually added more Kumamon decals:
  2. Great. They seem nicely put made, run very smoothly and the piston options are welcome.
  3. I love the GF-01 platform. It's great fun and pretty versatile. I have too many but it's such a good base for custom builds. Most of mine have Torque Tuned or Sport Tuned motors and I run LiPO. I have one half finished that has a brushless motor but I actually think it will be too much for the chassis and it will never stop flipping.
  4. All good. I’m sure you will put them to good use.
  5. @toyolienI would love these if they are still available? I’m based in Oz though, so is you can’t be bothered with the faff I totally understand! obviously I’m happy to cover postage and packaging cost though.
  6. I use Flickr. It’s free and easy to use. The only real limitation is that with a free account you can only have 1,000 images!
  7. Yes, love these. I don’t think I’ve watched videos that make me want to get out there more!
  8. Absolutely beautiful @Ferruz great choice with the livery and so well executed.
  9. Great work, Very cool. that’s just amazing! 🤩
  10. That’s perfection @technics . Lovely stuff.
  11. Yes it is. I sold my rere clod a while back. It was very cool but I never used it, it was huge and I purchased it complete so never had much connection to it. The next week I saw the QD listed cheap so decided to grab it. Lovely little truck and goes well with my GF01 Bullhead!
  12. Not much time still for any major builds so I decided to dust off a few unfinished projects and try and get them going again. First up was the SW-01 to Donkey Kong kart build to join my Mario Hornet! Still a few things to do but it’s getting closer with the kids help 🤪 This has been a lot of fun…
  13. The problem is that it seems most of the people that quickly get attention and build followers do so through silly stunts, destroying stuff, etc. Keep doing your thing and building slowly is probably the only sensible and sane way to go!
  14. @wtcc5 I use Flickr. You can get a free account with no real drawbacks and plenty of storage and linking pictures to show here is super easy. Plus Flickr has been around for a long time so don’t think it’s going anywhere soon… <cue the immediate shutdown of Flickr> 😝
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