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  1. @Ryz82 I recently purchased Selleys shoe repair (slightly different to the one you showed) from Coles but haven’t tried it yet. I keep meaning to check the ingredients with what’s listed in shoe goo. shoe goo is available via Amazon au. It’s about $25 with international shipping. Where are you based?
  2. Got back to my Egress to put the painted tyres and wing back on. This is the most complete it’s been! Just started working out the driver for it today. This Egress is my first build and I love it. So much fun to drive.
  3. Did you ever find anything definitive on this?
  4. Can you tell me what shocks you used? I’ve recently picked up a second hand FAV and Wild One. The FAV definitely needs new shocks and these loom perfect.
  5. This turned up today to pair up with the FAV I got recently. Going to strip it down, fix what’s needed, give it a new shell and paint job and add some 3D printed accessories. Very excited about this one. I love Wild Ones.
  6. Still lots of tidying to do along with decals and alloy to add once they turn up in the post. I also want to add a roll bar and snorkel exhaust but need to find kit that fits. Anyway, finally got the Land Cruiser out for a very quick test drive. Didn’t realise quite how easy these things pull wheelies! Oh, and the forward rolls took me by surprise too. Not sure how long this will stay in one piece 😆
  7. What about something that could be customised a fair bit? I've recently got a second hand FAV and Wild One so I can renovate and add 3D parts etc.
  8. Really looking forward to this and good to hear it will be a general release rather than limited run. Will probably try and pick-up a second kit so I can upgrade some of my existing kits and for spares.
  9. I like your hamper idea but not sure I’ve got the skills for that paint job! I’ve got a crate of cola coming that will sit nicely on top! Yes, the back rest is a spare bumper and the box is a spare air con controller holder! The receiver will fit inside well and the little platform means the wiring is all pretty well hidden I’m going to try and tidy up the cables on and install a driver in my Egress soon. Space is a bit more limited than in the Land Cruiser though!
  10. Now I need to stop putting it off and get cutting the shell!
  11. I still haven't got my shell painted yet but I did build a bench for Kumamon...
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