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  1. That looks awesome and a nice upgrade on the shocks (at least visually). Do they perform well? Where did you get the wing mirrors? I would love to get some for some of my builds but perhaps I should just scratch build… These are truly amazing. Love them!
  2. Thanks so much. I’ve really enjoyed putting this one together. This is the radio shack donor in case you ever want to make your own: It’s a cool little RC that has 4WD and 4Wsteering but most of the electrics were missing from mine so I just got it for the shell.
  3. So sorry to hear this news. As countless others have said already your builds have provided fun and inspiration for so many people. Please do let your son know that he is welcome here anytime. The community would love to welcome him. Love and strength to you and all your family.
  4. I’ve seen plenty unpainted and they still look OK but it will look better painted. I’ve not yet finished mine but it’s a great body in that you can keep adding detail as much as you like.
  5. I got given enough spare parts that I think I'm ok. I did need to buy a bag of screws though. It's actually sitting nearly finished. I just haven't got around to soldering yet.
  6. @Tamiya1973 I have just uploaded the instruction images in your original thread. Good luck!
  7. I have scanned and uploaded to Flickr. Click on pics for higher res images:
  8. Yes, looks like they stripped them and then just chucked LOTS of glue in. One was so bad that the plastic cracked when I was attempting to remove the screw.
  9. Please do tell me more… One issue I’ve had is that when removing existing screws during strip down lots of them have been glued in and so both the screws and chassis are damaged during removal.
  10. Sorry, only just saw this. I will dig out the instructions and upload a photo tomorrow.
  11. At least it’s a cheap mistake to make! I certainly wish they were that cheap here.
  12. I’ve only had to do basic masking for lexan but even that has been very patience testing. It looks like your efforts have certainly paid off though, great work.
  13. I’ve been there too! I’m glad it’s not just me that makes these mistakes! That looks fun! I really need to get down to one of the local tracks soon.
  14. Well I was born in London but to Welsh parents. So Australia But I will be cheering on the English girls in the final.
  15. I must have missed that you had ordered an MB-01. I’m looking forward to seeing the build! Will there be a fleet of them like your Minis?…
  16. A few days ago I picked up a cheap Cricut machine. I thought it would be good for decals and masking, plus the kids will probably make good use of it. Anyway, my first attempt with it was to create something or my BullHead tribute. Pretty happy with it. I created the 'artwork' in illustrator and then exported it to the Cricut software. After a little experimentation I had vinyl flames! Also, I passed my Australian Citizenship test last week so thought a change of flags was in order
  17. I did see a couple of YT videos about that. I could be tempted
  18. So far I’ve built two entrants for the Mario Kart x Tamiya series 😂 The first was based on a shortened Hornet chassis: The second is an SW01 ride for Donkey Kong (still needs finishing) I think the third might be a customised Kong Head for Toad:
  19. That’s brilliant @yogi-bear you truly are smarter than the average bear I had my medical in the city today so while I was there I swing by the hobby shop and picked-up some paints for my Lunchbox build and another project. Got home and found a Lunchbox Jr. waiting for me: I now have the full size (1/12), mini (1/24) and Jr. (1/32) And also a radio shack van that will be around 1/14-1/16 scale. So at some stage I will have a fun foursome! And then I had some time to start putting together my WW build. It’s been on my wanted list for a long time and have to say it’s a lovely thing to build due to all the body parts that need painting etc.
  20. That looks great @lele12 have fun with it. And sorry to go off topic but I love your madcap @Saito2. Do you have more images of it on the forum?
  21. Sorry to hear that, there is no cure. Luckily you are in good company! What a great trio you have started with. I look forward to seeing what comes next.
  22. Thanks both. But now I have a wheel problem! Yellow. White or silver!!!! 😂 As for stickers, I reckon I will try and cut some flames from vinyl and see how it looks. I also need to add a flag but I guess I should go with Australian rather than US!
  23. Dusted off the Bullhead tribute I started a while back and made a little more progress: This is a (slightly hacked) GF01 chassis with an old Radio Shack body (below) and some added ‘chrome’ parts from the Konghead. Can’t decide if I want to get some scaled decals from MCI or just have it as is. I will probably dye the rims yellow to match the Jr. Version rather than investing in ‘chrome’ rims.
  24. Ah, OK. It looks like a fun little bit of kit and a bargain at $35. Enjoy!
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