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  1. Welcome, I look forward to seeing your growing fleet of cars
  2. Amazing work all round as usual! That rollcage is inspired @Nicadraus! @lsear2905what a great track you made, I will be back at yours soon Today is my last day of work for a while. I'm going to spend some time with my wife, some at the gym and hopefully lots at my desk getting on with some builds! Talking of which, amongst the huge pile of kits to make/finish I did recently pick-up an old Nikko RC which was kaput. I really just wanted the shell. When it arrived it was quite a lot smaller than I had assumed, just 90mm wheelbase. Here it is next to a Hotshot chassis: Then I realised it could pair with an SW01... With a bit of fiddling I think it could just work!
  3. From the mail room at my office I finally picked-up the Sand Rover that @Tamiyastef sent to me. Thankyou! Amazingly packaged and I'm very excited to build this one out. Oh and it's one of those cars that is somehow much bigger than I had imagined. Very cool!
  4. Yes, totally agree with the other comments, this is looking awesome @nicherotors. Oh, and I also recently sprayed my WW bars in black rubber but I used gunmetal for the tubes. Yours looks much better and the white weathering just takes it up another notch. So good.
  5. I got the mud mad kit super cheap and converted it to a Donkey Kong-mobile I need to get around to finishing it actually. | But It's a fun chassis for sure and I keep meaning to pick-up the Lunchbox version and hop-it-up a bit.
  6. I’m very glad you freed it from the box @2Dover3D. Such a great kit and you’ve absolutely nailed it.
  7. If my zenmarket experience is anything to go by then yes and no. Yes, because you find stuff you thought was no longer available. No, for obvious reasons $$$
  8. That yellow monster is ridiculous and crazy in the best way possible! Would love to see more pictures. Oh, and looking forward to your next project!
  9. That’s a real beauty @Juhunio. Your patience certainly paid off.
  10. That’s useful, thanks @Willy iine. @smirk-racingdo keep us informed of your trails! I’ve ordered a set but not sure when it will arrive or when I will actually get to fit it!
  11. Thanks @smirk-racing I will get one ordered. Edit: @Willy iine am I right in thinking you installed some of these but didn’t have great results?
  12. That's great to hear @smirk-racing, I'm a big fan of the GF-01 platform but would be keen to get at least one of my GF01s with this diff fitted. Which one did you get? I've seen a couple advertised but with mixed reviews on quality.
  13. Thanks @Pizza Frog I actually wish it was a little lighter but I sprayed blue and then Pearl blue straight on the plastic. I reckon I should have used white primer or lighter blue but I was impatient and wanted to use what I had to hand.
  14. A while ago I picked up an old Radio Shack Wild Runner. The idea was to try and do something with it, maybe pair it with a GF-01 as usual. And, I've always wanted a Bullhead so a kind of homage came to mind! Here's the progress so far. I've repainted the body and added some shiny bits from the Konghead kit!
  15. Ok, I’m ready to subscribe to your stomp-it YouTube channel
  16. Will you be going box-art @Willy iine? I have one too but it took some time to arrive after launch and by then I was a bit overloaded with seeing so many on the internet and social media. So mine is still sat in the box. Not quite sure what I will do with it but I also have two old Wild Ones, a FAV and a whole load of spares, hop-ups and custom parts. One day…
  17. OK, I’m in. I really hope it’s going to be a hard body. It’s going to be lexan though isn’t it 😳
  18. Wow! That’s seriously good. What a great looking car. Giving me the itch 🤑 Love this one Willy. Colour choice and decals work so well together and it looks beautifully put together as always.
  19. Thanks @Willy iine and @Busdriver. I’m hoping the injection gives me enough help to get back on top of it. I was doing enough cycling and other stuff to keep it at bay for a long while but between wife being sick, getting Covid and work crazyness personal exercise took too much of a back-seat. Anyway, feeling good about it. @matisse That looks lovely. Can you post more pics?
  20. @BadcrumbleI just told my wife about the “chore holiday”. She was amused. I think
  21. Very nice @technics. Their stuff is excellent quality and they are always helpful and friendly. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
  22. So, after another flare up with my old man back (leading to it totally seizing) today I went to hospital to have an epidural cortisone injection. Not the most enjoyable way to spend a day but the good news is that I should now be pain free for a few months. The better news is that I can’t do any heavy chores or DIY for a while so I’m hoping I can finally get some time to continue some RC projects. 😏
  23. @Busdriver @Juggular that zahhak is pretty bad. For me It’s because of the awful quality of the dragon illustration. The alt version is much better but it’s still an odd shell in terms of proportions.
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