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  1. So, after another flare up with my old man back (leading to it totally seizing) today I went to hospital to have an epidural cortisone injection. Not the most enjoyable way to spend a day but the good news is that I should now be pain free for a few months. The better news is that I can’t do any heavy chores or DIY for a while so I’m hoping I can finally get some time to continue some RC projects. 😏
  2. @Busdriver @Juggular that zahhak is pretty bad. For me It’s because of the awful quality of the dragon illustration. The alt version is much better but it’s still an odd shell in terms of proportions.
  3. @Kol__awesome haul mate. All three shells are very nice and the hop-ups you’ve added really make it very cool indeed!
  4. I’ve not got an Avante yet but for me it would have to be box art. I’ve never really seen it bettered and it’s so nostalgic for me. The Grasshopper too although I’ve seen lots of non-box art versions that have looked fantastic. Most others I think I would go non-box art. My first purchase when I got back in to Tamiya was an Egress. I’ve never loved the box art so went custom (Cat XLS inspired) with it and I’m glad I did. I’ve still got a spare shell and decals so will go closer to box art at some stage (but a darker body).
  5. I have all sorts in mine but reckon a sport tuned with 2S Lipo is enough, otherwise it gets hard to handle.
  6. Lovely! It’s such a great looking model with just the right amount of detail. I need to get around to restoring mine at some stage. Did you get any closer to printable tyres for this model?
  7. Friday night here and after a pretty busy work day I finally downloaded the new Zelda game on Switch. Only played a couple of hours but it’s already very, very good. Hoping to get some time to carry on with my Wild Willy GF01 build this weekend 🤞
  8. Only just saw your rear window @Ferruz because my work laptop blocks most image servers. Anyway, great idea and well executed. Very nice.
  9. All the sentiments here seem to resonate. I’ve not been back in the hobby long but in that time I’ve purchased so many kits and projects. I have little spare time at the moment and even less spare energy. So I keep wanting to get on but when it actually comes to it I don’t have the energy to set up and do any building. So I tend to spend time planning and designing in my head. Or browsing online to explore ideas etc. That’s an aspect of the hobby I enjoy a lot. For a few weeks I was worried that I was going off the hobby as quickly as I got in to it. But then I realised I was just stressing too much about having to complete stuff and not letting myself enjoy other more currently accessible aspects of the hobby.
  10. What a lovely thread, thanks @simalarion! I suppose I’m a builder, designer, tinkerer and very amateur engineer! I love thinking through what to do with cars just about as much as actually building them. I enjoy non-box art and customising. I’m pretty new to all of this and don’t have as much time as I like but I’ve really enjoyed all my builds and especially going non-box art or adding some twists! My favourite so far has been my Hornet Mario kart which required shortening the chassis and messing about with various toy parts to get it all to work together:
  11. Yep. And somehow I get even more annoyed with sellers who are also RC hobbyists. Maybe they really need the money? But I get the impression that’s not generally the case. If your best way of making money is flipping an RC or two then you probably need to do some reading. In general the whole reseller scene is annoying. My kids get in to fads every now and again and it’s a nightmare. Recently my daughter got in to some new collectables but as soon as new stock comes in people are hoovering up whole shelves, it’s clear to the stores what they are doing but they let it happen.
  12. It certainly is punchy! Spot on.
  13. Wow, Very nice! That looks awesome. Great choice with the yellow, really elevates it I reckon.
  14. Thanks mate, it's been a long 12 months for her and still a few months of battling ahead but she's all over it. Very proud of Mrs. Wings
  15. Riding for a good cause and in a crop top good work!
  16. @2Dover3D my wife is currently going through treatment for Breast Cancer. She just completed Chemo this week, radiotherapy begins in 3 weeks. It’s been so hard to watch her go through it. Awful disease and so much more common than I had realised. Anyway, great work, I love it. Edit: I showed my wife, two thumbs up! More than I get for my builds
  17. Great photos! Looks like you had lots of fun.
  18. I do admire your ability to let your project go! Someone is going to get a very nice custom built beauty.
  19. Very nice! I have been lusting over a couple of great Sand Rover builds on Instagram recently. I can feel an expensive purchase coming on
  20. I spent most of that day running around expecting to find a puddle in the house somewhere. Somehow the old house held up! Sounds like a string of bad luck for you though. Here's to better weather ahead... I have a KongHead I purchased from a guy down at Philip Island a year or so ago. It's sitting untouched But I reckon it might be just the chassis for Toad (my next Mario Kart entrant)
  21. The Emergency RC delivery service is born!
  22. Yes, though no idea how well it works. I picked this up for $5! I got it as I knew it would pair with the GF01 well. Great that you can bring these cars back to life with 3ad printing! We’ve just got a 3D printer at work so think I need to get my head back in to 3D software. It’s been a long time though.
  23. @Nikko85yes, I think I have one of those but I’m sure mine has different decals and shell colour. It’s in my loft at the moment! I did make some plans for my Wild Runner shell today (with shiny Konghead parts). I’m planning a kind of Bullhead homage:
  24. @BJoe76that looks very cool. Amazing paintwork as always @Re-Bugged. My efforts today are very dull in comparison! But I did manage to prep all the parts for my Wild Willy GF-01 build. But it rained, rained and rained some more. So, this is the only paint I managed to get down!
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