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  1. Yes, nothing illegal. Just ******* poor behaviour.
  2. I got this today: so I guess I need to build another entrant to the Mario Kart race! I reckon a mad max style Kong Head would be a good fit
  3. I had originally intended to put it on an MF01x. Anyway, it’s joining a big pile of to-do’s so plenty of time to decide. Just didn’t want to miss out at a good price.
  4. Lol. Sorry. Anyway, SHE looks good
  5. @Willy iineNice work. Though on first scan I keep thinking the driver has a ponytail!
  6. All hearsay and one-sided points of view but a couple of guys who make custom parts have shared their stories. They never marketed as first-party Traxxas products and Traxxas has been very heavy handed with them, and pretty threatening. These are people selling handfuls of products a year, not some repro outfit flouting copyright laws. All this is totally unnecessary and unhelpful for the community and for Traxxas. I actually hope it comes back to bite them.
  7. Yes, this seems crazy. The RC hobby world is still a pretty niche but well connected community and bad stories travel quickly. They've even gone after a lot of one person outfits and it's all playing out on social media. All this bad press won't kill them but it just seems entirely unnecessary.
  8. Yep! I have two Honda City Turbos and my Wild Willy to complete. That said I’m still waiting for a couple of 3D printed parts for the Wild Willy but want to finally get on with it. Plus, if course, a whole wardrobe full of stuff Oh, and last night I finally got my hands on a Bandit for a good price. I’ve been looking for one after lusting over conversions that @Nikko85 and @OoALEJOoO have completed in the past. Previously prices have been ridiculous but this one was very reasonable, especially as it’s a runner.
  9. Today I had my first trip to the office in over a month. Was nice to catch-up with my team. Even nicer to have a quick stop at Hearns Hobbies. Shelves were full of TD4 and TD2 but I’m holding off for now. I did pick-up some paint supplies so I can complete some builds though.
  10. Very, very, VERY cool. Love it. Wow, I bet that shifts. I’ve not gone beyond sport tuned in any of mine!
  11. Thanks. I certainly wouldn't be running it very hard but I am keen to get to a track that's not too far away and between me (heavy handed) and my son (even more heavy handed) I dread to think what could come of my beloved Egress My hopped-up Hotshot/supershot will do a job but the TD4 handling and durability is going to be streets ahead. I think I'm going to get one but will probably wait for Summer.
  12. You could use Tamiya acrylic paint. You would need to prep the surface well though and use a little Paint Retarder to avoid brush marks. I've also got a load of Vallejo Model Color paint but haven't used it on anything other than driver figures and the odd accessory or scratch build component. I've also tried Tamiya enamel paints but actually found them harder to use.
  13. Me too! I remember it being released and it just seemed so exotic and somewhat alien. It's a must have at some stage...
  14. I'm not sure you're her type Blooming heck (or much stronger words to that effect); that's just a perfect beauty! Great Michelin man too!
  15. I'm always encouraged when I hear first hand thoughts on the TD4. I really don't like the look of it but really do like the idea of something more robust (and easily repairable) than my Egress, etc. I'm inching closer to a purchase!
  16. @TheGizmodi lovely work on the beetle, it’s a stunner. Great photography too.
  17. @Willy iine yes, they look fantastic! @Ferruz lol! Very good! I have recently picked up a whole load of broken Mario karts which we are planning to mash together with more Tamiyas!
  18. So good! Love this and feels so nostalgic. My favourite Kyosho. I know it’s not their most capable but it is the best looking in my opinion. I really love this, great livery. It looks like it really wants to be driven! Looks like a photo of a real car. Very nice. Droooooool.😍
  19. Got the chance to grab a new shell for my Pajero. The decals are original too. The number plate decals are missing but that’s fine as I already have my own.
  20. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing more.
  21. Maybe. I just know that it was pointed out to that the weight balance is better with the spare tyre. I have a feeling Tamiya said that themselves?
  22. Previous videos without the spare show it doesn't land jumps well and tends to nose dive. Agree with you both. And... For each new video and pic I see I am still torn. It seems to me to perform pretty well for a 2WD Tamiya buggy. It also appears more robust than the vintage kits. That's partly because of modern plastics but also the parts are "chunky". And that's the downside to me... while it clearly comes from the same stable as the FAV, Wild One etc it's not nearly as elegant or scale. So, I'm torn. I want one but as a basher there will be much better kits out there. As a 'vintage' style buggy I'm not quite sure it pulls it off. Of course, I will still probably get one at some stage but I don't have the Day 1 desire I did when it was first announced. Plenty of other builds to get on with for now.
  23. You’re welcome to mine but I’m in Oz so will be a while!
  24. @Rich hDo you literally just want this bit:
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