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  1. Hi all, I'm in the process or assembling everything I need before my much anticipated ReRe Egress arrives next week. I have decided to go with: Brushless 60A ESC, Brushless 13.5T 2590KV Motor and program card from SKYRC Cheetah Savox SC1257TG Servo, input voltage listed as 4.8v - 6.0v I will be running 2S 7.4v Lipo There are a few internet voices claiming the servo can't cope with the voltage provided from the Lipo and that a regulator is needed. So, I'm wondering what the wisdom of this forum might tell me?...
  2. Thanks. I will call them and check dimensions as it’s not listed Edit: Found dimensions elsewhere 135 (L) x 48 (W) x 24 (H) mm..Should work! Thanks
  3. I went with the SkyRC brushless 13.5T combo that @DeadMeat666 recommended and the Savox servo you mentioned. I’ve also ordered a Flysky radio. Finding LiPos that fit is proving to be hard work. Found some in the US and UK but neither ships to Australia. Will keep looking. Thanks to you and everyone else who’s given advice and guidance. Tough to know which way to go with brushed v brushless and NiMh v LiPo but think I’m happy with my choices!
  4. I actually ordered from RCMart in the end. Much cheaper even with express shipping
  5. @djmcnz I’m onboard! Despite being adamant at the start of the day I was going NiMH! Just now trying to find out what will and won’t fit. So many variables.
  6. Thanks. RCing was certainly simpler in the old days Now checking out the minefield that is Lipo!
  7. Thanks, another great recommendation. Would you run this Nimh or Lipo?
  8. If I were to go that route are there specific motor and ESC you would recommend? Anything else I need to buy if I go Lipo?
  9. @Jonathon Gillham thanks, super helpful. My shopping cart was at RCMart but overnight they have sold out of super stock. I can still source one but will be very expensive. Like your recommendation so may well go for that. Thanks again!
  10. @Dakratfink @Killajb @nel33 thanks for the tips so far. What about the servo? I don't remember having so many options way back when and am lost on the endless variables!
  11. No idea! So much of this knowledge is new to me or stored in too deep a corner of my brain! I've compiled this list from bits of info I have found around the place! I thought the 1080 was for crawlers?
  12. So, I'm very excited (possibly too excited for a 40 something year old) as I've purchased a 2013 re re Egress which is currently making it's way to me. I've looked around previous posts here and other websites and would love views on the set-up I have put together. I'm absolutely OK with spending more if there are better options but would really like kit I can readily get hold of. I want it to have some zip but don't need silly speed so LiPos etc are out (for now). I will be using it on gravel, dirt and beach (if I'm brave). I'm a bit lost on Servos (can't remember how to work out what's needed) and the seller mentioned to me that I should get a program card but no idea if I really need one or what to get (don't think they were a thing in the 80's). But I assume it might be helpful to get one so I can dial down power a bit etc especially as I will probably be trigger happy and my son even more so! Any advice greatly appreciated...
  13. Lol. I would buy it for myself to save your wallet but I’ve spent too much in the last 24 hours!
  14. @djmcnz it looks like Hobby Co have them in stock though I'm just going off their website.
  15. Not familiar with shops in Melbourne as I’m originally from london and most of my time here has been in lockdown! I’m also not familiar with the transmitter. Can you tell me more?
  16. More good advice, thanks. I’ve looked at Traxxas and others but they just don’t hold much appeal to me at the moment as I really want to build! I’m sure they are fun to drive given their speed and durability. I’m thinking this or Arrma or similar would be a great option for my son as I’m sure he will be even more trigger happy than I used to be! And as much as I understand why people build to display I definitely want to drive it.
  17. @Re-Bugged I think I’m going to pass on the Fighting Buggy for now, probably too niche for a first 2WD. I noticed you are in Australia too; any particular stores you recommend? And yes, the flood gates are already opening. It was so much cheaper in the old days when I was a young teenager with two older brothers with full time jobs! @Sir Crashalot I’ve moved from tentative window shopper to bankrupt in one day; a Wild One blockhead pre-ordered and an Egress I’m hoping will arrive next week. Now who can help me with explanations for when all the boxes start arriving?!
  18. Thanks @mtbkym01 I’m keen to understand more about the shortfalls of the Fighting buggy. I don’t mind a challenge but obviously don’t want driving it to become a chore. I have been looking at the Blockhead wild one and will be placing an order today if I don’t go ahead with the FB. Who am I kidding I will probably order it anyway It’s a shame the Super Avante is a while away as it would scratch the more modern 4WD itch and looks really interesting, battery placement aside! Instead I think I’m going to grab the egress as I’m keen to get going!
  19. Hi all, first post for me as a 40 something year old getting back in to Tamiya thanks to an inquisitive son I was in to Tamiya with my brothers over 30 years ago. We had Grasshoppers, Hornets and a boomerang. My eldest brother built chassis from scratch and we did all kinds of modifications and hop ups. My older brother got an Avante (this teenagers dream) but moved away so I rarely got to use it. Anyway, I’m wanting to get back in but I’m conflicted and a bit lost! Where to start? My first thought was just to go all in and get an Egress, the last of the great buggies that I lusted after, but was out of reach at the time. But, I’m really taken by the Fighting Buggy, Wild One and other ‘retros’. The aesthetic really appeals and I assume they will be simpler to maintain. But I’ve read snippets which seem to indicate it’s useless on anything but sand. How true is this? We live in Melbourne, near the beach, but also have great parks locally that I imagine we will visit more. The usual mix of grass, gravel paths etc. I don’t want to spend the whole time frustrated and turning over a flipped buggy and I’m sure my driving skills will have got (even) worse over the years. So, what’s my question? I guess I would love to know more about the fighting buggy in particular but also any advice for those, like me, who have got back in to the hobby and have learnt stuff the hard way!
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