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  1. Great to know, thank you! Also, I had no idea that you were going to make the Mitsubishi shell available. What a lovely guy you are!
  2. Good to know! Very rarely does anything become available here in Australia. Even finding tyres shippable to Australia has been a real mission. However, my father lives in France so perhaps I need to set-up a local account and get stuff shipped to him that he could then forward on to me!
  3. Yes, they are hardly ‘box fresh’ but they are good enough to have a little drive! All the other sets I found were just stupidly expensive!
  4. These arrived all the way from France today. Not in perfect condition but no flat spots and they weren’t a stupid price either. One step closer to getting the Marui running now.
  5. I totally missed the back story on this one as I’ve been away from the forum so much but what an awesome creation!
  6. Great work mate. I have to say this looks so good and I really like the elevated body height.
  7. 😮 I’ve missed the whole story about this but love it. Great work as always. Yes! Awesome!
  8. Wow! What a lovely collection. These three in particular have me drooling! 😜
  9. So many little projects and even more big ones! There’s more but this is the stuff I can remember without looking in cupboards and the attic! I’ve actually just sold a few projects that I just knew I didn’t have the time or enthusiasm for. Unfinished: Hotshot/Supershot build Honda City Turbo Mario kart hornet Donkey Kong SW-01 Konghead Toad (Mario kart) Wild Willy GF01 build Unbuilt: Boomerang Lunchbox Lunchbox mini Lunchbox junior Blockhead Wild one MF01x C11 chassis for a custom sand rover build! 2 x GF-01. One will be for a custom size lunchbox and the other for a QD Clod I got hold of. Restoration/rebuilds: Original Wild one resto project Original FAV resto project. Sand Rover
  10. It’s probably just because sometimes when you create new threads here a miss has to validate them before they are openly published and viewable by someone other than the OP.
  11. That's just so good. Thanks for the nostalgia hit! I'm not a huge fan of the Fiat @Willy iine but you converted me with this one! What a lovely job you've done as always. Kidnap diorama? What an amazing project and what an incredible result. A labour of love for sure. Nobody's photos make me want to drive an RC as much as yours. You just capture all the fun and energy so well!
  12. I think it's been 5 or 6 weeks since I last visited the site and probably even longer since doing any RC related activity. Family, work and too much DIY have been keeping me busy. I'm actually off sick from work today which is giving me some time to catch-up! I'm a big Bovril fan but on Crossaint? I think you crossed a line my friend Despite having no RC time I have made a few purchases. I have a Boomerang on the way and a C11 (which is for a weird project, definitely not Mercedes themed). I've also picked up a couple of old hobby grade RCs to do something with and finally found a set of wheels and tyres cheap for my Marui renovation. When I will ever get time to do anything with any of it is a bigger question!
  13. If you are using an iPhone you can open/view the image in the photos app and then screen grab the photo! That overcomes the -200 error.
  14. 50th Birthday today and got this little surprise from my wife. I now have the lunchbox in all 3 scales, just need some time to build them 😂
  15. @lsear2905I feel multiple reaction emojis are needed! I'm sorry I feel your frustration and for admitting your stubbornness!
  16. These two post are very helpful for me. I thought I was just going mad!
  17. Too late for that; both the FAV and Wild One were purchased as existing runners and were in well used condition! I have also purchased a Blockhead Wild One but haven't put that together yet. Too many projects, too little time!
  18. It’s such a fun car to drive isn’t it. I have an old Wild one and FAV that both need fixing. Must get on to that soon…
  19. Only just saw the photos as my work VPN blocked them. Did you get them for a reasonable price? I’ve been after these for ages but not found them at anything other than silly money.
  20. That’s VERY exciting indeed. Great work.
  21. Yes, I totally agree. They have lots of great paint schemes and customised builds. It’s a shame the two proper releases (Wild one and hotshot) are a bit lacking in comparison. @moffman yes! I still love to have a physical book or magazine to take off the shelf and browse.
  22. @lsear2905that is a great looking bunch of Kumamon's and their fleet! Lovely stuff. Really gutted I didn't get hold of a tractor before the prices went silly. As for the image error, on another forum I use we have had users with the same issue. For some it has been solved by resaving the images. For others it is by using the "choose files" option rather than drag and drop. Hope that helps?!
  23. I think it's because your images are collectively too large when uploading and it's hitting a buffer error. Are you resizing images before/when you upload or just letting the forum software resize?
  24. Today I received a nice surprise from a colleague in Japan. We’ve worked together ‘virtually’ a few times and recently we chatted about our hobbies and when I mentioned Tamiya he told me he had them as a kid but had forgotten all about it. Since then he has purchased several kits! I’ve not had a chance to look properly yet but seems like a cool little book.
  25. I think I own 4 or 5 GF01s! The GF-02 looks interesting and I'm sure I will get one at some stage but I actually like the overall footprint of the GF-01 regardless of what scale body I am pairing the chassis with.
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