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  1. Unknown make Datsun truck. It was originally a wired radio setup. Would make a cool project or hang it in the shop. Blackfoot wheel & tire for scale. Edit: Wheelbase is 7 1/4" $65 shipped US
  2. SOLD Thinning the herd. This was built up and run once or twice without the body. Its still uncut ready for your paint. Includes original box, spare parts, decal sheet, Tamiya ESC (new in bag) and Ill throw in a servo and newer battery as well. SOLD
  3. Make me an offer on all this. US shipping only.
  4. SOLD Decided Im gonna let this go to a good home. Its an awesome original King Cab, complete and in good shape. Havent cleaned anything up. Body is in excellent shape, it is original and has shelf wear so will also need a good clean up. Also included is a complete 2nd chassis with all parts. The parts chassis has several repairs and is rough but most of the parts would be good spares. I couldnt disassemble the trans/gearbox on the parts chassis. It spins freely but the axles are pretty stubbornly on there. Includes everything shown in pic. SOLD
  5. Anyone have details on this wider TA02 setup? Are the arms from another vehicle or was this a parts option?
  6. Finished this up. Its pretty fun to drive but kept kicking into limp mode so need to explore that issue.
  7. Sorta finished this up today. Waiting on some rear end parts to make it complete. Its another ORV but with a CC01 Bronco body and some Traxxas wheels and tires. It already feels like a rollover king but it'll add to the fun of driving it and trying NOT to rollover so much.
  8. Saw this in a magazine today. This is the actual Tesla chassis. Look familiar?
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