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  1. The original BF had Ford emblems. Maybe when they lost the licensing after the first round and they changed all their molds to remove the logos, they figured why bother going back. Its just more time, money & work for them at this point. Just a theory.
  2. Found it odd that this new CC01 body has the Ford logo on it but the ReRe Blackfoot does not. Ya figure they only license specific models and not just the brand?
  3. This. Exactly what I mean. If its a really beat down ORV I dont see the point in its collectability just because its an original. Its a pile of brittle plastic for the most part. And maybe some outdated electronics. Of course there are exceptions to this with certain kits/parts.
  4. So I bought this on a whim as I had a body for it laying around and wanted a new project. Knew nothing about this chassis before building it. Its an odd one for sure. The gearbox came pre-assembled for one. The shocks have very little travel, maybe half of what an ORV has but the big ol tires help with it taking the hits. Its fun torque-wise but pretty slow top speed, maybe its geared that way I dont know. Im gonna put in a Hobbywing 1060 ESC, BZ motor and run a 2s lipo and see how it goes. I do like the look of it. The chrome wheels are really cool and the Brat body is an all time favorite so. Overall a pretty simple monster truck thats not very fast but still fun to drive.
  5. Am I missing something here? It seems Im always a few parts short of a new ORV build so Ill look for a used complete or near complete ORV on ebay instead of buying a few parts trees that add up to half the cost of a new kit. But these ebay prices make no sense. Even at $150 shipped for a very used ORV, (sometimes even without a body) its still in the territory of just buying a brand new complete kit for $180. And some of these used ones are priced in the $200-$300 range. When it comes to ORVs, beyond the FORD logo on bodies etc is there really a collective market for beat up original stuff? I can see something that hasnt been ReRe'd but the kits that are readily available, what gives?
  6. Sorry maybe it is Rustoleum. No idea on chipping havent run it on a chassis yet.
  7. Its called French Blue. Krylon makes it.
  8. Finished this up today. Its a perfect wheelbase for ORVs and im thinking of buying another Brat for a Ranger type build.
  9. Good info. I had to source a set of these to use aluminum wheels from a Blackfoot to use on a Super Blackfoot.
  10. Rears are 12mm hex front are standard bearing style like BF.
  11. I just got my first Brat. Wanted one since the 80s. Its a blast to drive. Agreed the monster tires on these chassis's are much more forgivable but overall this thing handles pretty good. Also added the transmission brace. The stock motor and NiMh battery still goes pretty good. Fast enough to be fun. And it comes with 2 bodies!
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