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  1. Aaaand it’s on backorder! Guess I missed out this time. Mainly bummed I didn’t get to take advantage of the coupon. Been wanting to scratch a rear motor 2WD itch anyways. Just gotta find an assembly kit.
  2. If you go with a driver, you could mod one of these and go totally meta:
  3. Oh man, it is. A couple of Insider articles quoted experts as believing it will last well into 2023. The TD2 is probably anchored off the port of LA/Long Beach right now! I’ve considered buying a cheap kit just to satisfy my build itch.
  4. CARtoons imprinted on me pretty significantly as a kid. I even subscribed. Then it was gone, and Peterson Publishing replaced it with Car Craft. Oh well. So your build is hitting all the right feels for me. It's gonna look great, I hope you've started the new RC trend. Maybe a CARtoons class for No Prep? Concours awards could be awarded for best Trosley, best Kerri...
  5. Apologies, should clarify: Not my car, not my video.
  6. It's known as "Buy Nothing Day" up here in Portland. I've been practicing it for a couple of decades now. What amazes me is that "black friday" used to be jargon between businesses, spoken of in hushed tones. Now, just broadcast it from the rooftops why don't ya?
  7. That comes up as more than the TD4 in USD. Bummer.
  8. My Cougar KC’s front shock tower is held on by just two screws, and I’ve driven it into plenty of walls. Not to worrisome for me. I noticed that Tamiya USA is listing the TD4 as “sold out,” so I hope Tower has enough to fill every order.
  9. At this point, I look for YR parts before Tamiya. YR quality is good, and the parts are at least available. Finding Tamiya spares in the states is slim to nil, because the American RC market is overrun with RTR monster trucks. And crawlers. Lots of crawlers.
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