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  1. I was thinking a wing would look/work a lot better than a spare wheel for rear traction!
  2. XV-01. Just couldn’t get past the battery access. Avante. All the nostalgia feels, but no parts. Sand Viper. Proper rear motor 2WD, but shiny plastics. And no parts.
  3. So I decided to spray my TRF shell. The idea was to empty a can of lamé flake for a bass boat effect. I shortened the side windows for more color.
  4. So naturally, I hopped over to a DT03 manual, thinking that this might be their evolution of that chassis, but it’s different enough that it doesn’t seem to be the case. But now I’m studying the BBX manual to figure out how to mod it. I’m thinking omitting the cage, adapting a new rear damper stay, and a full polycarbonate body shell.
  5. As threatened, here’s the Big Idea I had: mount a Dirtmaster body on my TD4. That’s it. It’s still not a perfect fit, but it is a total improvement over the stock shell (for me). There's definitely some good paint schemes on the stock shell, but I just can’t get into the bubble canopy look.
  6. I lapped the plastic hex drives on sandpaper, and switched to serrated nuts. I was already over budget for the month, so I had to improvise. Back on topic, I also fitted a TRF body to the chassis, but it definitely is a sloppier fit. Never bothered to paint it, even. I’ve got a cab-back idea in progress, so I’ll post that up when I can.
  7. This is the Raw Speed RC “Prototype” body I fitted to my TD4. Does it fit perfectly? No. Do I like it more than the stock shell? You bet!
  8. They’ve mentioned in social media that they’re “over” running a bike company. Perhaps this is the release from that. Bikes and RC seem to go hand-in-hand for some. Seth of YT channel Berm Peak has been into RC for awhile, and integrated it into his content.
  9. Not a lot in their store right now, but I check it regularly and I’ve only noticed it this week. https://crustbikes.com/pages/heaps-good The Kyosho cars and Blockhead Motors shirts are good signs of what to expect if they choose to grow this. Crust Bikes have been described as the “chaotic good” of the bike industry, so that’ll be good energy for RC retailing. Their bikes are worth a look as well.
  10. You work for Specialized Bicycles?
  11. I’ve distilled it down to: 1. Assembly kit. RTR, GTFO! 2. Under $300, whether through MAP, sale, or coupon. 3. Reinforced plastics. 4. Bearings in kit. The TD4 hit all four with Tower’s coupon, but I probably won’t get another one. The BBX or the Dirtmaster will likely qualify, depending on which one I like. The LC EMB1 qualified, but proved too fragile. ABS plastics disqualifies the Sand Viper (parts discontinued doesn’t help). Most Kyosho Legends are over my dollar limit, and parts seem spotty. Most rally cars are over the dollar limit, and the ones that aren’t? RTR. Meh.
  12. I feel nothing for the old models. The Avante was fascinating in ‘88, but the Optima Mid was better. And I don’t feel anything for that one, either. I’m here for the TD4, and maybe the BBX. Other than that, I don’t pay much attention. I have one TT02, which is the last one I’ll own. Lipo batteries are a PITA, and affect how frequently I drive my cars. Which is infrequently. They are fun, though. I have two brushless motors, and it’s probably brushed from here on out. I just like waterproof motors/escs that drive well.
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