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  1. The terms and conditions don’t make any sense (some parts talk about no returns of miscolored parts due to production errors), there’s no imprint or anything that fits the legal requirement in the EU, Google Maps can‘t find the address they claim to be at, the prices are too good to be true, the whois information on the domain is restricted … it’s definitely a scam.
  2. Painting the car red can increase the chance of a malfunction, and your subsequent decision making will also be negatively affected.
  3. Fun topic! Best: TA-07MS This kit merges the flexibility of the TA07 with the racing pedigree of the TRF series. Adjusting weight balance with the three motor positions has a drastic impact on setup, and it's easy and quickly done. The two vertical top decks offer the ability to adjust the flex/rigidity of the car very quickly with aluminium posts. In general, maintenance and setup on this car is straightforward and easy. You can argue the TA-07MSX that came out afterwards might have more potential, but the MS uses the same belt and other parts as the "normal" TA07 making it very easy to get spares and increases the longevity of the platform. Upgrades are available that make sense and actually improve the car, for example adjustable suspension mounts or the TRF420 suspension upgrade set It handles really well and I find it easy to adjust the setup to each track/condition. I love the unique top-deck and single-belt drive, it's just the right amount of Tamiya quirkiness. Worst: TC-01 I bought this kit while getting back into the hobby, I was enticed by the prospect of having a low profile touring car that could run the Toyota TS050 body. There is so little space to fit electronics, apart from the necessity to use a low-profile servo, the chassis requires a very small ESC and receiver. Using a fan on the ESC is close to impossible. Building is finicky, you need to pay a lot of attention to some steps f.e. you can end up with too many shims in the differential assembly which can lock it under load. Setup is just horrible. Adjusting camber will affect the whole suspension geometry, in fact almost every adjustment you do will impact something else. Maintenance is a nightmare. Not only will you have to unscrew half of the chassis to get access to something, and mostly you're fiddling around with the pushrods, outdrives and kardans/dogbones all at the same time. Some Hop-Ups are making the car worse. For example the aluminium steering bridge is so brittle that it will bend on impacts, and you're much better off using the stock plastic part. Due to its weight the TC-01 is just not competitive with other touring cars, it can only run in it's own class. What disappoints me the most however that Tamiya doesn't do more with it. Despite all the downsides and quirks it's still a fun car with fascinating engineering, and offers the ability to use a wide variety of bodies. But apart from the Formula-E and the TS050 there's just nothing special on shelves. Why not do more prototype bodies? Heck, Tamiya even sponsored and put their logo on a LMP2 car at last years Le Mans 24h race – I was sure that would end up as a TC-01 kit. No, after more than 2 years there's nothing new.
  4. There are many, many things competing for the attention of people growing up – it's easy to pass the blame on something new that hasn't been there when you weren't young. But even though RC cars have been more popular when I was young, anything above toy-grade was always a somewhat obscure and niche hobby. Truth be told I suspect the common puberty to be the single biggest contributor to people loosing interest in RC That being said if I had to choose a single new thing to bark at, I would point to racing simulators. The technology has made staggering advances and playing a modern sim game with a force feedback wheel is a fascinating experience, with or without VR. And it's comparatively affordable, too – if I would have had access to something like that as a kid I don't know if I would have gotten interested in RC at all. We can safely rule out that theory – If there would be an appropriate public awareness about the environmental impact of cars we wouldn't see SUVs and trucks being the fastest growing sales category pretty much everywhere. And what is the "supposedly" supposed to mean? As much as I admire cars for their technology, and am fascinated by their design – the profound negative effects they have on the environment and our health are undeniable.
  5. Thanks, I will have to try it out – I got a couple of those Stabilisers flying around in my touring cars. It's a shame really, I think the FF-03 is a great car and could still be raced competitively – but with the limited parts availability I wouldn't dare. Tamiya should send some product managers over to Europe, FWD classes are very popular at the moment and I am confident a FF-03 successor would sell and perform well.
  6. I have seen a two shops in eastern Europe that still have single units of the TRF103 in stock. Communication might be difficult and I don't know if they ship overseas though. How adventurous do you feel?
  7. Salut Laurent, Si vous avez des difficultés à communiquer, vous pouvez utiliser le traducteur DeepL: https://www.deepl.com/translator That being said, it's not only about the width but also the wheelbase and the tire diameter. While the F103GT from the Toyota Gazoo TS050 would fit the width requirement I don't know if the wheelbase is correct, even though I suspect the body allows the wheel arches to be cut in a variety of different positions. And the touring car tires have a larger diameter which can be troublesome for mounting the body. The LMP-style bodies are designed for modern F1 cars with a longer wheelbase and small diameter tires. My advice is to look for a 200mm pan car body like this: https://www.rc-kleinkram.de/en/pole-position-78221-groupc-1992-wgt-pancar-pro10s-body-200mm That would fit the f103RS chassis without any adjustments required.
  8. I have a question for you @wtcc5 – and I might as well ask here. I am looking to upgrade my FF-03 with stabilisers and the 54230 set you got your hands on is impossible to find. Do you think the 42281 set would work on the FF-03 as well? The arms are the same as the TRF418 anyway and the shape of the sway bars themselves look identical to me as well. Thanks in advance!
  9. As much as I want to see some F1 re-releases as well – with Formula One especially the situation is complicated and convoluted: You have multiple parties involved into each single car that all might (depending on contract) have a stake in the merchandise and licensing revenues: Teams, engine manufacturers, sponsors, the FIA, drivers (when they are popular enough to have their own brand), other particular individuals and of course the organising body: the formula one group. Once a licensing deal runs out, it's extremely hard to re-negotiate a new one unless you are willing to put a lot of money on the table. Liberty media, the company that owns the marketing since 2016 is rumoured to be extremely strict regarding merchandising to protect the exclusive deals some companies pay a lot of money for.
  10. Highly likely this is a scam site. Here's what I wrote about them on reddit a couple of months ago:
  11. Get a Spring Set or two, that will allow you to set up the car for the grip levels you experience! Also the list you linked is not complete anymore, Tamiya's release list for September features also these items: 22055 XV-02 Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount (XH) 22056 XV-02 Aluminum Damper Stay Mount 22057 XV-02 Carbon Damper Stay (Front) 22058 XV-02 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
  12. I have finished mine as well! Apart from ordering bearings for the front axle (4x 1150) and differential (3x 1280) the chassis is stock. I made a small modification to the body however: While preordering the kit I noticed the box art features side mirrors that aren't included in the build – but in my eyes they add a lot to the look of the car. I have the 84228 FF-03 Vectra and figured the mirror and their mounting with screws would match the C11 as well. So I ordered the 9005468 HKS Vectra H-Parts, painted the mirrors with X7 Red and … had them mounted too high on the first try. Due to the curvature of the cockpit they pointed upwards and looked like bunny ears Mounted them further down and am now happy with the look, but you can see the original drill hole above the mirrors. Haven't finished the electronics – and honestly don't know yet if it will be a runner.
  13. Great kit – and great choice of color as well! As others have already mentioned, ball bearings are a necessity with that kit. I would also upgrade to the hi-torque servo saver (#51000) or use a direct servo horn. A couple of other tips to set up the car: If you want to bring the ride height down while using the CVA dampers you can add the V11 spacer on all four dampers (in the rear in addition to the V3 part) You can also use heavier damper oil to stiffen the car, I am currently using 3000 CST in front and 5000 in the back If you don't run a super powerful motor you can safely remove the center belt tensioner. It saves a little bit of weight and the drivetrain will run a bit more freely
  14. Hey, I got the 51413 TRF201 M-Parts new here, but I am currently trying to sell them along with a DN-01 and a whole bunch of other spares and hop-ups. Full list and pictures: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/tamiya-dn-01-zahhak-neu-ovp-mit-viel-tuning-und-zubehoer/2123431838-249-1589 Feel free to contact me if you're interested.
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