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  1. Sorry, as his might be going off topic. But I an getting back into R/C’ing after mucking about in the late 80’s , back yard bashing. I have recently stocked up on kits, an Avante, a buggy champ, a block head wild one and re re Hotshot. I have purchased a Futaba 4grs digital transmitter and want to use the kits for..backyard bashing again, so not racing or anything flash. I’d like recommendations for servos and ERC’s that will match the transmitter/ receiver (. Have R304sb receivers to go in the cars). What are your expert opinions on the best esc’ and servos for a project like this please..Thanks in advance.
  2. So, reading about it….does the SRB chassis fit the body shells for the Sand Scorcher, the Buggy Champ, and the F150. I know the front body pillar is a different size between the SS and the BC. That seems the only difference. Does that also aply to the F150 shell? Means I can principally have 3 cars on one body ??
  3. I’m re instigating the hobby that I left in the late 80’s. I have tried the trigger type and really didn’t get “the feel”, so I thought it strange there weren’t many stick TX’s around. Glad I’ve found a good’un tho.
  4. I was thinking of using the R304SB-E in all four of my upcoming builds, so that’s good. Thanks for the reassurance;)
  5. Being a novice at all this (,Well since my stint of owning a monster beetle in 1985). I was wondering if most ERC’s and receivers are pretty similar in size. If I buy the Futaba that comes with a receiver…. Is that guaranteed to fit into the car..?? Thanks
  6. @one_hit money is kind of an object...in these cost of living times...however, if this controller can handle multiple vehicles, has spring loaded sticks, and the receivers aren't too exorbitant then you may have hit the nail on the head...Thanks :)
  7. Thanks @Jonathon Gillham…. Sorry I have edited the post now. I’m old school and am looking to use the two stick style transmitters rather than the wheel type. I just can’t get used to them. Don’t spose you have any recommendations for the stick type do you..? ( sorry I wasn’t specific initially!!)
  8. Hi all, So I have 4 unbuilt kits in the loft and an old school Monster beetle with a Acoms ( crystal) transmitter from 1985. What I want to do is to be able to control the new 4 unbuilt kits through 1 transmitter. I assume things are digital these days rather than analog. I need your recommendations as to how to do this and what is the best kit to buy. I’ve heard that this can be done.. just don’t know where to start. I can’t use the wheel style transmitters, so am only after the 2stick type transmitter. Based in the UK and getting back into RC’ing after a 38 yr hiatus!! My unbuilt kits are Wild One ( blockhead), 2011Avante, re re Hotshot and rere Sand Scorcher. I’ve also got the front body pillar that I can swap out and put the racing buggy body onto that chassis too.
  9. Hi @Problemchild, Do you still fabricate these strengtheners for the Monster beetle clicking gearbox? If so, I’d like 2 sets please. thanks, Wranger
  10. @Frog Jumper yes some deeper research required I think. I took the old gearbox apart, regressed etc etc and put it back together….now it’s clicking, so something needs to be tightened, hence my thought of replacing it with the MIP.
  11. @Frog JumperThanks for the responseI was …..also wondering if I could swap out the “pretty poor” hex axels with the dog bone ones (I assume thes are used in the re re version)?
  12. Hi Legends, Is there a MIP Super Ball diff available for the original Monster Beetle? I understand the MIP that you can find online is only for the re re MB..? cheers all
  13. Hi Mike, Sorry this has taken so long. Just to be sure this is a new unused 58060 Original part, where the widow is front sides...and back. There are parts that don't have the rear portion. If it is then I think will be willing to buy and pay the postage all the way from Oz to the UK.. cheers, Tom
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