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  1. Dear @Juhunio Thank you for the suggestion ! Very kind of you. I have never used buyee, just placed the order for the M05 Tamiya 47308 kit Thank you for your suggestion and kindness. Cheers
  2. Hi All, I am building an M Chassis car and would like to use a VW Golf Mk I body shell. I love, love the looks of @maquettedecox Golf Mki Street, I believe he used a Tamiya body which is crazy expensive ($200+ for body) if you can find one. I have only been able to find a few options and I would appreciate any feedback or guidance. Thank you ! Carten Golf MK1 Body Shell, not sure if polycarbonate, does not look to include front bumpers ARION Golf GTI MK1 BODY 210mm, said to be polycarbonate, does not include front bumpers Colt 1:12 VW Golf Mk1, said to be Lexan
  3. Today I was ordering shock oil and found this chart helpful; How to Convert CST to WT https://www.teknorc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Oil_Spring_Conversions_Chart.pdf WT to CST Silicone Oil Conversion Chart 10wt = 100cst 15wt = 150cst 20wt = 200cst 25wt = 275cst 30wt = 350cst 35wt = 425cst 40wt = 500cst 45wt = 575cst 50wt = 650cst 55wt = 725cst 60wt = 800cst 70wt = 900cst 80wt = 1000cst
  4. Hi @Carmine A Great idea using the Permatex Anti-Seize in the differential. How are the gears holds up ? Thank you ! Cheers
  5. Great video; Neo Fighter Buggy
  6. Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03) Kit #58587 ($116 with shipping) (20) TRB RC 5 x 11 x 4mm ABEC 3 Ball Bearings blue (DT-03 requires (14) bearings) ($26.55 with shipping) Steel Pinion Gear 19T #54629 ($9 with shipping) Total $151 Notes: Servo Brushless Motor ESC Receiver Shocks Tires and Tires Rear Wing
  7. Love the @stew_mac videos ! So impressivee what he has accomplished with the TT-02 and DT-03, I am definitely a fan. He is running a 19T pinion.
  8. Hi @TurnipJF Thank you for all of your support with my first build the TT-02, you have been great ! Is TRD considered one of the best for bearings ? Cheers
  9. Thank you @mastino ! I can say that I already love the TT-02 and many people seem to compare the TT-02 and the DT-03. Any suggestions for tires and wheels that can be used for both street and dirt ? Cheers
  10. Hi All, For the TT-02 I used TRB Ball Bearing. This is for my own education, trying to learning about bearings and TRB seems to be one of the best. Is there a company that is considered better than TRB ? Thank you ! DT-03 Instructions PDF
  11. Hi All, Just clicked "Confirm" on the purchase of a Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03) Kit #58587 ($116 with shipping). I loved building my first RC car the TT-02 Subaru 99' Monte Carlo, Advice for First Time RC Car thread and now that I am finishing up that build want to start the next. I am curious about 2WD off road buggies and thought the Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03) would be a good way to try out 2WD. The kit already comes with CVA shocks and I already have an ESC, battery, servo, and receiver. Are there any other "must have" hop ups for the Neo Fighter Buggy (DT-03) Build ? Thank you all ! The Tamiya Club was great and very supportive for the TT-02 build, cheers. See below a specific question about bearings. Notes: Servo Brushless Motor ESC Receiver Shocks Tires and Tires Rear Wing
  12. Dear @alvinlwh Thank you for message and the additional information, very much appreciated ! Is the front and rear suspension adjustable on the 3Racing MG Evo ? It is difficult to tell from the photographs. Thank you !
  13. Dear @alvinlwh Thank you for the feedback, very much appreciated ! Yes, I am curious about FWD and was planning to get a M07 until I found the 3Racing MG Evo ($72 plus shipping) seems to be an inexpensive way to try out FWD. Any suggestions for additional parts to purchase for the 3Racing MG Evo ? How does the 3Racing MG Evo compare to the M05 ? to the M07 ? Thank you ! Cheers
  14. Great suggestions @M 800STD Thank you; Yokomo Chassis Protective Sheet (Yokomo Logo) YOKZC-002P ($12.99 plus shipping) ToniSport: Shock Position Cheers
  15. @Nikko85 There is always a way to justify the next RC purchase !
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