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  1. Thanks @Re-Bugged that’s good news. I just picked up smallish Lipo soft packs and I was hoping that they would fit. They are 135*45*25mm. Could you please check if they will fit? I wonder if the 25mm thickness is an issue. Thank you!
  2. Hi Gang. Thinking of ordering this! Actually found a few in stock 20min drive from my place. I have a few questions: 1) what’s the story with the battery fit? Can I use standard size Tamiya Batteries with this. Will a Shorty Lipo pack fit? Or am I stuck buying a special battery just for this model. 2) Steering rods look very very weak. Any availability of upgrades to the steering mechanism? 3) It looks absolutely stunning. It will be a shame to smash the body. Any available Lexan bodies I can use for bashing? Links to recommend products will be appreciated :-) Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers from Canada, Tal
  3. Hi. I could use some advice. I want more ground clearance so I ordered 70mm shocks and adjustable carbon shock towers. See pictures below. I also intend on using sway bars to compensate a bit. What shock oil do you think I should use with them. I’m not sure if I have different hole options. But they do come with three springs. Which springs should I use to drive around a grassy park and bumpy parking lots? Thanks a bunch for your advice. Cheers from Canada, Tal
  4. Thanks guys. 1) I don’t think there should be a serious issue using 2S Lipos with the MFU because the voltage is very close. I’m definitely going to install of them with an alarm! I don’t wanna ruin my Lipos even though they were not very expensive. And the Gardpot batteries [look at point number 2] were very very overpriced… 2) those batteries are sold out everywhere. I’ve tried ordering them and the order went through and then the seller canceled it. There aren’t many options because it’s difficult to ship Lipos across international borders. 3) The batteries that I did get, despite not having rounded corners are very very close in size only a few millimeters off. I’m considering using a heat gun and stretching the plastic a bit. Anybody knows anything about this idea? 4) before spending all the time modifying the battery compartment I’m going to try and use this Lipo with the MFU by zip tying it somewhere just to see that it’s not an issue before I spent all my time modifying this kit.
  5. Hello. I could use some advice. I have a High-Lift Hilux with the multifunction unit. The rig is very heavy and I feel it is underpowered and could benefit from some 2S Lipos. So I ordered the most compatible Lipo batteries I could find on Amazon. They fit my Lunchbox with no issue as well as an old Nikko dune buggy. But it’s just slightly too large to fit into the Hilux. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Has anyone had any success modifying the battery compartment without destroying it? Thanks in advance for the advice. Cheers from Canada, Tal
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