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  1. Thought you guys would find this interesting. I was super shocked with what they were allowed to copy. [media]
  2. I have had little time for RC unfortunately this year...but did manage to run a few cars. I am absolutely in love with this buggy. It does everything right. Need some oil tweaks and it's good to go . Hope you guys like seeing it make a few laps. [media]
  3. Same...I don't like beating up on them either. Parts are already on the way. Was worth it :-) Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks!
  4. Thanks so much! The kid and I really enjoy doing these. Finding new ways to stand out among other incredible RC channels has been interesting to say the least. It was a slightly hard decision to run these cars. We broke C parts and F parts (and put some scratches on bits) but I am glad I got to actually enjoy them again as I did when I was young. In hindsight I would have not built so many large jumps...but now we are fairly committed because of the Top Gear style time attack deal. All good fun and I appreciate the positive feedback guys. Thanks again.
  5. Great to be back on the track filming old R/C cars. I really hope you guys like this one (took a bit to get finished). Two incredible cars that had been sitting as a display for too long. [media]
  6. Forgot to share this with you all. T.S. build is finished...went with non box art (thanks to my daughters suggestion) . I was so very impressed with the build quality of this kit and the packaging. Hope you all enjoy. [media]
  7. Going to pick up one of these for the channel for sure. Never had the pleasure of driving one.
  8. Wish I did at the time as well... Blew the budget for the season. Was a bucket list decision for sure. The car is just amazing and so very inventive for the time. As I understand...most racers took off that front end for the more rigid Cougar setup.
  9. I am very lucky to have one of these in my collection (ReRe). Had to get it dirty! [media]
  10. She will be taking over the channel by summer...lol! Thanks man.
  11. Car is done and part 2 just posted. Thanks for the support all. I don't think I could possibly have more fun with a Tamiya kit. [media]
  12. So...this one has been the best experience ever. I have been trying to think of myself as a kid sitting there with my dad building my 1st Hornet while we are building this. I learned so many things from these little cars over the years...and could not be more proud of her for having the desire to not just enjoy the hobby with me but take it fully on by the reins. Hope you guys like this one...it's my favorite so far. [media]
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