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  1. Wish I did at the time as well... Blew the budget for the season. Was a bucket list decision for sure. The car is just amazing and so very inventive for the time. As I understand...most racers took off that front end for the more rigid Cougar setup.
  2. I am very lucky to have one of these in my collection (ReRe). Had to get it dirty! [media]
  3. She will be taking over the channel by summer...lol! Thanks man.
  4. Car is done and part 2 just posted. Thanks for the support all. I don't think I could possibly have more fun with a Tamiya kit. [media]
  5. So...this one has been the best experience ever. I have been trying to think of myself as a kid sitting there with my dad building my 1st Hornet while we are building this. I learned so many things from these little cars over the years...and could not be more proud of her for having the desire to not just enjoy the hobby with me but take it fully on by the reins. Hope you guys like this one...it's my favorite so far. [media]
  6. Did the torch method. You can absolutely see it turn "shiny" then matte. Scuffed it with a scotch bright pad, cleaned with 80% alcohol, hit it with adhesion promoter/plastic primer and automotive primer. Looks like it's sticking just fine...but I am going to let it dry for a few days and test it. No going back now! Thanks for tips guys.
  7. Have any of you painted the re-re H.Buggy yet? I was planning on using Tamiya acrylic model paint but the abs body is way more flexible then say an old Grasshopper or Sand Scorcher body. Should I use Lexan paint and clear over it instead? Worried about it cracking off.
  8. Thanks so much! When we played the Wild One slow motion back we were stoaked. It drifts amazing and if you look close...actually picks up the inside wheel in full drift. Looks so darn scale! It really only needs some shock tweaks and will be perfect. Trying to squeeze a few vids out before snow so tweaks will need to wait.
  9. I am a Huge Wild One fan now and have always loved my Fox. This video was beyond fun to shoot. I just wanted to keep driving them lap after lap. That's a cool story. The days before the rc10 domination were very different times. I recall seeing my 1st race as a kid as well and it was mostly Frogs and a few of the Cox/Kyosho cars. When we went the next year it was all Goldpans...lol.
  10. I put the largest gear in the Wild One (think it was 18t) and matched it in the Fox. Really not sure of internal gear ratio of both cars but top end speed of both cars seemed very close. Wish I had time to really dig deeper with the shootout videos...but it's a crunch to fit everything for a shoot in now that it gets dark sooner.
  11. Posted a new video today. Was VERY excited to pull my Wild One off the shelf and drive it (1st time to ever wheel one). Hope you guys enjoy it. [media]
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