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  1. Only driven once but I wanted to make it look a bit different. Need to get working on the body though. Not sure if I go box art or not...
  2. AFAIK the shocks are not supposed to extend by themselves as it has a spring effect different on all corners....
  3. "Finished" my bluild yesterday. Went a lot fast than expected. Problem with one shock though. It keeps automatically extending without rh esprijg attached. Is this a case of to much oil or is there air trappen inside? Tried redoing it 5x but nog luck. On the the cutting and painting. Can't cut though lol...
  4. Excellent thread. Just received my what I thought were aluminum DF-03 dampers, but seems it's the aeration set. I was planning on using these for my Egress ReRe which I'm building, but now I am not sure if I go ahead with these or if it is better to order the "correct" set of DF-03 dampers... Choices choices...
  5. Received my 2013rere last Saturday and as I still have my 89 Egress I want to make it look it slightly different. Wondering if those aluminium DF3 shocks will fit?
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