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  1. @TWINSET thanks for the info. It seems it sold for 809 euros. I'll reach out to the seller. @qatmix yes I did Say 'one of the rarest'. I believe the question also comes down to how many of each could still be NIB and how often do they come on the market 😁
  2. Hi guys, I am looking to part with my rarest and some of Tamiyas rarest RC cars, an RA1011 (58011) Ferrari 312T3 from 1979-1983 and an RA1206 (58006) Porsche Martini 936 Turbo from 1978-1982. First one is New In Box, second one is partially built complete in the box. Any idea what type of prices I could get for it?
  3. I am selling the original NIB Kyosho Ultima #3115. Box is opened everything in it is untouched. Sold with everything in the box including manual, stickers and Kyosho Owners Club card. Just like it was brand new in 1986. Product is now in Paris France. Willing to ship worlwide as long as you cover shipping costs. Make an offer >900€
  4. Hi @aynar. Like it says in the post, I've been out of the game for some time, I kind of see what it used to cost in 2010, right now, no idea. Make me an offer ! Have a great day
  5. Selling one of the most special car I own. Gorgeous 1992 Terra Conqueror as found in the box with all its 1992 gear. It's like you just came home from the store. This is the DeLorean of RC Car has not run since that era. Chassis, body, electronics and gear are in excellent working condition. Comes with its box, manual, charger & radio. Since I've had an RC hiatus for a while, please make me an offer. I will ship anywhere as long as you cover shipping costs. (More pictures below)
  6. Just bought this gorgeous Terra Conqueror so I'm now up to 30 Tamiyas
  7. @Willy iine @silvertriple Guys I can't believe this. I am here asking you about the Ultima 3115 and I found the car below unexpectedly : a Vintage Ultima II. I just bought it for what seemed like a small but not ridiculous price of 160 euros. I can't find anything on the Ultima II as far as sales go and prices. Nothing on Ebay or others etc. Do you guys know of this car? Is it worth anything? I'm sure it is worth something but is it a great find or just a bad idea at that price? I just could not let it pass for some reason... Also, it came with 2 vintage Le Mans motors one of which is in its plastic case and never been used so I know it's not a total loss
  8. A few Years back I had the garage sale find of a lifetime. A boxed untouched Kyosho Ultima kit 3115. The first ever original one stored in an attic, found when the grandpa died and put on sale in a garage sale. Since I have been buying so many cars recently, I am thinking of selling it. From eBay and other sites it seems it could fetch up to 700 to 1000$ since it is in excellent conditions. Only the box is a little bit up but no tear. What do you think? Here are the photos: Thanks for your help. Nick
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