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  1. Even though the gsnss isn't enough to prove anything. Here's a couple runs https://youtube.com/shorts/SUZITF9zSJ8?feature=share Second run the parking lot was way to bumpy to get any real speed https://youtube.com/shorts/uezh0yrgu-A?feature=share Enjoy
  2. I'll try to record it through the phone.. because with the gps box. Obviously can't show anything since it is linked to the Bluetooth.. sorry about that.. hopefully soon !
  3. Tt02. 66 mph. Gearing 66 spur and 36 pinion 3s mmx 4600kv. With video Link 1 Link 2
  4. I work on Classic and Exotic cars. Anything from a 50s Rolls-Royce to current. Along with classic American and British cars.
  5. Just seems like there's more travel in the front than the rear
  6. Who's done it. I bought a set a while back. Seems like the front has more travel than the rear.... but wondering who has done the same setup. Not a huge deal if no one has or anything. Recommendations would be great too.
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