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  1. The other left field option is to part out the kit? What do u reckon....£250 for the body? £250 for the technigold?......£200 for plastic R parts....the rear wishbones omg... I think I replaced these a 100 times on my original runner. I had Beatties spare parts telephone number on speed dial lol, showing my age abit there. Only kidding..I don't think I'd ever do that 😁 Totally agree...plus with the new payment system they've gone full on mafia. Sold afew things before xmas....the first few items going through ok but then they suddenly decided to keep hold of my money for 45 days for "security reasons" despite the amount being less than £10.... But it's not like a piece of art or a classic car that you can get enjoyment of looking at...its a box that sat in a cupboard in my house for the last 15 years. So if not now when....another 10 years....20? Afriad it was always purchased as an investment but yes I can vividly remember building my first kit with technical detail being such a step up from my previous builds...particularly enjoyed the building/painting of the body with the level of detail for the time being awesome...absolutely loved the 2 tone blue and white... As its stands I probably won't sell because I wouldn't know where to...I definitely wouldn't be using Ebay. I've have a look for specific vintage toy auctions but I dont really know much about these....
  2. Thanks for the quick replies.....sorry I didn't make it very clear, the first kits I had were purchased in my childhood/teens and always built and ran and then sold to go towards the purchase of the next. Unfortunately I only have the one NIB kit... I do keep an eye on ebay and 15 years ago I use to buy/sell alot on there. Not quite so happy about using it nowadays...seems a very different place than I remembered.
  3. Hello all....thank you for reading my post. Long term tamiya enthusiast...first kit being a Clod Buster in the late 80s followed by a Porsche 959, Avante 2001, Nitro Force and a couple of tractor units over the years... Around 15 years ago I purchased a 2nd NIB Porcshe 959 kit as an investment....not really for any logical reason other than out of all the kits I've had it was always the one I have the fondest memories of. Over the years I've also managed to acquire a Rothmans decal set, a new set of slick tyres and light bulb flashing unit. Not sure why now but I've been considering what todo with these items in the future....keep them longer....start to looking at selling? I've no idea what the current market for vintage tamiya kits and specifically for the Porsche. I've seen that the number of items available on Ebay have got smaller over the years as you'd imagine with its age....but I dont know if this is also a reflection of a low market? Ofcouse there is another option and that is to build the kit but I've kind of moved in custom drones now so isn't really an option for me.
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