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  1. Even way back then, when I started this hobby with my first Tamiya kit (late 1980s), I replaced the MSC with an ESC. Personally, I would never use an MSC ever again. Also I wouldn't voluntarily use any non-2.4GHz radio (I'm way too happy not to have that long antenna on my transmitter) any more. Also NiMH batteries... nah, not if I could fit a LiPo into the car. LiPos are simpyly way too convenient for me. But on the other hand, I'm not all that much into nostalgia in any form., so maybe that's just me.
  2. A little spark is perfectly normal. IIRC it happens because of the capacitors.
  3. Just in time before I caved in and ordered a standard M-08.
  4. When it's just a bronze ring it's not a bearing at all, just a bushing. And ball bearings (even when just a tad loose) will be much better than any bushing on an RC. Also no need to fix anything in its housing. I believe you are way overthinking this (as many people with experience from heavier equipment or real, full size cars tend to do).
  5. I'm not sure if it was a NiCd or a NiMH cell I was close to, when it went bang 20 years ago, but it was nothing like the LiPo fires I've seen videos of, or heard stories of. Not even close. Still I'm not afraid, just respectful when it comes to LiPos and use them pretty much exclusively.
  6. Regardless of what the manual says, the 25T is not really an idler gear in this example. And it does not matter how many teeth true idler gears have, be it 27/27 or 27/54 or 27/100 or whatever. It will not change the final gear ratio. Whatever any idler gear "gains" or "loses" from gears before, it will lose or gain to the gear(s) after. Just imagine, instead of the 25/27/27/50 your example has, the same setup with 10/25/25/100 and calculate what happens if you turn the first gear 10 times: The second will turn 4 times, the third also turn 4 times and the last will turn 1 time. If you change that to 10/25/50/100 and turn the first gear 10 times: The second will turn 4 times, the third will turn 2 times and the last will again only turn 1 time. Or with 10/50/25/100: second will turn 2 times, third 4 times and last again just 1 time. See, it doesn't matter.
  7. Hmm unless there is some linguistic nuances I am missing, due to not being a native speaker, I did not read anything here as "very aggressive" - just the usual... However, back to topic: true idler gears can indeed be ignored (if you calculate ratios step by step they should be canceled out mathematically.)
  8. Wow, that's even more than I had previously seen (not in stock though). But no, that's not even remotely close to what I am ready to pay. When the COVID chaos ends one day, prices will return to normal again - I can wait. Got enough other hobbies that are not as ridiculously expensive as PC gaming hardware is right now.
  9. Oh, a few others... (usually only one at a time, the others kind of hibernate when one is active ). PC Gaming (on and off, sometimes heavily then not at all for months - but my PC is getting too old, so I need to build a new one "soon"... which is a - very occasional - hobby of itself.) Model Railroad (so far mostly acquiring the vehicles I want, not even started with building any real setup yet) Plastic models (very rarely, but still happens sometimes) Airsoft (just recently started, not sure if I will ever go and really play much, just collecting some interesting guns, and target shooting.) and the usual boring stuff like reading books (yes, actual books, printed on real paper, kids ), watching movies and TV shows... So, I have always something to spend my time with and never enough money for everything I want. even though not having a family kind of "helps" with the money and time side of hobbies. But come spring, with better weather I will again enjoy going to our club and drive and race RC cars again.
  10. I lose interest in RC about once a year, usually around winter time. Comes back each spring, so no problem.
  11. Well, it has happened to me that when I let the leaders through (positions 1-3 in close battle) who were lapping me, the guy who was really behind me, took the opportunity and got past me as well. So yes, it can really negatively affect your own race to let people through who are lapping you. I'll still let them through in the future, but that one time really sucked. But I guess that's what happens, when races have way to few participants (there was only an A-final).
  12. Cell count not so much, that's usually mostly a question of scale. 1/12th scale is usually 1S, 1/10th is 2S and 1/8th is 4S (of course there are exceptions). Motor winds and boost limits are used in all kinds of stock / spec race classes, which together are quite a bit more popular than open modified classes.
  13. Maybe not really nobody at all, but sosidge is probably still kinda right: I really think the vast majority of racers is glad that those days are over. Personally, I'd really hate going back to brushed (or NiMH), knowing there is vastly superior (not only in performance but also maintenance-wise) tech available. Sucked badly enough back in the days, but there was nothing better. But today? badword no!
  14. RWD is more difficult to drive than FWD, especially on low grip surfaces. On tracks with enough grip (usually carpet), RWD should be at least equal to, if not better than FWD. On low grip, RWD cars can easily oversteer, so you need to be more careful on throttle.
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