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  1. That is gorgeous. Excuse my ignorance as I'm just back to Tamiya & RC but what is it?
  2. Yep! It appears a lot of middle aged Lotus enthusiasts are here. Well we all like a small plastic car!
  3. Hi Gil. That's me!
  4. Cheers Lee. Only 5 more years for you. It soon comes round!
  5. Turned out better than I thought. Complete with vintage Beatties bag!
  6. Having been away from RC for 35 years and my 50th birthday this month I decided to get back into Tamiya and all things RC. Decided to purchase a Rere Hotshot while I wait for the Blockhead Wild One release. I first saw a white Hotshot pre release around 1985 driven at Primrose Valley model week in Yorkshire by one of the organisers, a guy called John Bicknell. This thing was white and absolutely blew me away with its performance. When most of the other stuff was Rough Rider based this car was out of this world. In tribute to that car I built a similar one. Not been long finished and not really used it much but I like it!
  7. I've just finished my Hotshot build in similar fashion going against the box art. Really should get pics up here. I'm also in NE , Marske by the Sea near Redcar and also looking for places a middle aged man can use it! I'm loath to use the beach for obvious reasons and would love to get back on a proper outdoor circuit at some point.
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