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  1. REX RC's made it look easy on Youtube. Sorry I dont know how to post a link here yet but it appears a straight swap.
  2. I'm starting a Rough Rider replica from a DT-02 Holiday Buggy. Obviously the dampers need upgrading. Any suggestions as to whats best? e.g. These any good? RC Aluminium Oil Front/Rear Damper Shocks Absorber for Tamiya DT-...
  3. Thanks guys. No racing for this one but just wanted to try something thicker to compare to my other builds. Cheers!
  4. Heard thick grease in the standard Tamiya geared diffs are a good improvement. Starting a DT 02 Rough Rider replica over Christmas and wanted to try a thicker grease. Whats best?
  5. LEE71


    Dare I say, I prefer the look of the original Hotshot? Any excuse.
  6. Yes, that's my fear. A middle aged bloke turning up with a rere vintage Tamiya. I do miss the old days of racing on grass/mud/dust. BITD it seemed that every other town had some sort of club!
  7. I see your just up the coast. I'm only newly back to this. Where do you run RC in the NE? I've not been on track since'88 and would love to get a bit of casual track time in!
  8. Yes they do now. Not ran it properly yet but am confident that it was loose ball diffs. I just had not tightened them up sufficiently.
  9. I've lost mine. Before I spend 15 quid on a new D parts set is there any hop up available? Maybe alloy or something. I've fabricated something in the mean time but want something right. Not sure whether something of another chassis might work.
  10. I'm ashamed to say that I've just come back to finishing this build due to other issues and having too much fun with the Blitzer and Hotshot. I've checked the one way and its right its just nothing else is consistent to the drive to the wheels. On the ground it just like a slipping clutch on a 1/1. I'm convinced I've built the diffs correctly. Is there an idiots guide somewhere on how tight to build the ball diffs?
  11. Just seen this thread. Absolutely brilliant all round. Thanks!!
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