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  1. Just seen this thread. Absolutely brilliant all round. Thanks!!
  2. I probably am in the Iconic group but, to be honest, I use FB that infrequently I havn't checked. Will have a look. Showing my age now!!
  3. A large part of my RC journey was an annual weeks holiday over the Mayday Bank Holiday at Primrose Valley, Filey, North Yorkshire when I was a kid. I believe it was organised by MAP (Model & Allied Publications) who produced Model Cars magazine and the car racing side ran by employees Bill Burkinshaw, John Bicknell and Richard, whos surname escapes me. I attended from around '83 to '88 for a weeks holiday with my parents for racing RC and drinking copious amounts of full fat coke. I have some great memories especially since I lost my dad in '95 to cancer. I'm aware there's a Facebook group but it appears more recent than my attendance from when I was 11 plus. Does anyone else have similar memories? We used to race off road in the grass gardens next to the swimming pool catering for 1/10th electric and 1/8th I.C. I used to race electric starting with a Rough Rider, a Mardave Maurauder, an Associated RC10 & finally a PB Mini Mustang which I still have. I remember one year the weather was so bad that the swimming pool garden was waterlogged so we had to use an adjacent patch of grass next to some chalets. Another year I got a *****ing off the caretaker for getting in the swimming pool outside paddling pool with my wellies on! All sorts of modelling and RC was catered for and there was even a temporary modelshop in a chalet opposite the reception. Happy days!
  4. I have absolutely no idea to be honest. I only got back into RC at the end of last year. Tamiya Junkies is looking interesting for me but not been back on track since around '88! Luckily I'm 2 mins from the beach so just finishing a Blitzer Beetle for beach bashing. I didn't really want to use HS (or Top Force Evo ReRe I've recently finished) on beach.
  5. Well it was meant to be a runner but it hasn't done many miles over the winter! I just wish there were more places for a middle-aged bloke to run them round here!
  6. Any excuse to post a pic of my ReRe HS and genuine vintage Beatties bag!
  7. Love a HS thread. Its what got me back into the hobby. I got my original from P&S models in Scarborough August 1985. Wish I still had it but at least have an ReRe now.
  8. I kept my Mini Mustang that I got around 87/88 which I've stripped ready for a refurb.
  9. Not yet, no. Need to finish RC gear fitting and set up ESC for brushless. I agree. It really doesn't need decals at all!
  10. I went non box art. Not even ran it yet!
  11. Looking to buy a blue bottle but unsure which to choose on Ebay. All appear to possibly takes months to arrive from China. Which did you get?
  12. Thank you. I was searching but, being new assumed Traxxas and so on would be unsuitable. Go for a 13t?
  13. Just building my Blitzer. Going with a similar brushless. Am I right thinking you can only use a 13t pinion and if so should we be getting a steel one? Not much choice in Tamiya 13t steel pinions from what I can see.
  14. I was thinking that but being a newbie felt daft asking!
  15. Cheers guys. Dare I say it, but I wasn't a fan of the box art so wanted to do something a bit different. Original was after a left the hobby so knew nothing about it. I'm happy with it. Wasn't sure what to do with the TRF decals but it seems to work.
  16. Just finished my Christmas present
  17. Cheers bud. Looks like 4 quid in UK!
  18. Can anyone recommend a fan for the Tamiya TBLE 04 ESC for a TFE with Hobbywing 17.5t brushless motor?
  19. Cheers Alan will have a look. Yes fitted the one way. I didn't realise that it could go in the wrong way round!
  20. Cars coming on well. Had a look at Matisse's build post and at his and Alan's advice have bought some shims. Hobbywing Xerun 17.5t motor fitted. Newby advice though please. When I turn the rear wheels (by hand) the motor or front axle does not turn with the rear axle. Have I not tightened the ball diffs enough? Sorry for daft Q!
  21. Still building the TFE from Christmas. So far I only have the alloy motor mount and pinion. Not decide on motor yet. Interesting about slop. Where do the shims fit Alan?
  22. Built my first TFE ball diff. They are quite tricky. Can anyone give any advice on how tight MA3 step bolt should be and the whole tightening process?
  23. I got the kit for Christmas. Not started it yet but confused as what to use. Was about to use Loctite thread lock stuff. Any better suggestions? (UK)
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