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  1. 54735 Mud Blocks, typically bundled in CC-01&2 kits, could look good on a buggy. At ~86mm, they are a tad smaller than Rock Blocks (~94mm).
  2. Chevron tires perform a lot better on sand (and I guess therefore also on snow) if fitted backwards, i.e. with the "V" of the chevron facing to the front instead of rear. The inverted chevron results in something akin to paddle tires and helps with traction on loose sand. On snow, unless the chevron gets packed with snow, it should help in a similar way.
  3. Tamiya hop-up 53831 improves (solves?) this issue on the DT-02 and DT-03 by adding a motor mount spacer that allows the pinion to be mounted from its opposite end. The result seems to increase engagement length of the pinion with the motor shaft. Has anybody tried this hop-up?
  4. @twaleta Another option could be to convert a XV-01 to FWD by removing the belt, resulting in a forward-motor FWD configuration just like an FF-03. The weight balance even seems to be close to the FF-03, with around 63% front and 37% rear. Perhaps all that is needed for a carpet FWD XV-01 conversion is to remove the belt, lower the suspension a bit (maybe also change shocks), and perhaps add stabilizers to reduce body roll. You could also keep the rear diff, which would add tuning options no other dedicated FF car would have. Some interesting info: Re-Build Complete: Tamiya XV-01 FF - R/C Tech Forums (rctech.net) With the XV-01 being more plentiful both in kit and spare parts, it could be a viable option.
  5. The DT-03 using a Super Storm Dragon body and transforming it into a "Deserto Turismo Omologato" is one of the coolest DT-03 cars I've seen. It was made by @SlideWRX More pictures on @SlideWRX's showroom: 58587: Neo Fighter Buggy from SlideWRX showroom, My DT-03 becomes a DTO #3 - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars (tamiyaclub.com)
  6. For me it's my Comical Hornet. It puts a smile on my face just by thinking about it.
  7. Thank you, my friend! Slowly going through my backlog of spare bodies. Right now it's mounted on a trusty TT-02 but, given the real Porsche RSR is RWD, I am contemplating yet another RWD conversion. This classic RSR had a rear-engine (unlike the contemporary RSR which is mid-engine), and therefore the best way to reflect this is to do the following conversion: MF-01X + TL-01 arms + 254mm (or 249mm) wheelbase, without the need of extending the propeller shaft since its RWD.
  8. @IXLR8 You can get 2deg rear toe uprights for the TT-01 with part 53673. Toe-In Rear Upright (TT-01, TGS) (tamiya.com)
  9. Both the TT-01E and TT-02 make great RWD cars, even with only minimal tweaking. I've made several conversions, and documented these two: TT-02 RWD Datsun 240Z Rally - Tamiyaclub.com TT-01E RWD Ford Capri Zakspeed Turbo - Tamiyaclub.com EDIT: On my waiting list I've got a TA-03RS and a TA-06 that will both get built as RWD. They have rear mid-ship motor which should make them even more planted than the RWD TT-01&2.
  10. A M06 with the M05Ra/MF-01X uprights works great. Tweaked CVDs were used on my conversion. More info: M06Ra Mazda Miata
  11. I think it's aiming for maximizing profits from an existing investment (MB-01), although IMHO scale drivetrain (plus performance) could have been achieved going an alternate route.
  12. Interesting observations and perhaps makes the BT-01, since it's based on the MB-01, less attractive. I recently made a "wide" conversion for my M-06, where I used TL-01 arms to bring it to TT-02 width (albeit still maintaining a 239mm wheelbase). The car performs miraculously better than when it was stock, and this is even using 50524 low-grip touring slicks instead of the earlier rear S-grip. It is still inferior to a TT-01/2 RWD conversion, if anything for the lack of front diff, but it should be miles better than the BT-01 because it has significant rear weight balance. I'll write something about it on my project thread once I get some free time.
  13. This would be a great approach indeed. In my case, I normally tend to enjoy more obscure liveries over the more common/famous ones (e.g. Martini, Castrol, etc). A white car with trim-only stickers would still work for me, as I would then try to replicate a lesser-known livery. For example, on the GT-Four: Sad thing is, I think I've reached my limit on RC car ownership (55) and will probably stop buying anything for the foreseeable future...Tamiya re-released the GT-Four too late!
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