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  1. On race weekends, I would charge my batteries at 5 amps and they would finish around 9.1 volts. I'd try to get the battery to peak as close to race time so the battery would stay that high at the start of the race. You're totally fine.
  2. My LHS stopped dealing with Traxxas and went over to Arrma. I've heard of a few other shops doing the same thing. A lot of Arrma cars will share parts, or have parts interchange. In some cases, the chassis itself is different, but the gear cases are the same. Or, they will be mostly the same chassis, but with different arms and bumpers. You can use various parts to widen and narrow, or lengthen, or grab parts from the brushless models to upgrade your brushed models. I have a few Traxxas products, and wish I got Arrma sooner.
  3. I was looking into the Gorgon myself. It looks like it shares most of its suspension with the Granite. Arrma is good with using interchangeable parts across platforms. It's likely control arms could be swapped with the Typhon and widen track width pretty cheaply.
  4. This is the majority of what I use regularly. In another tool box is the hobby knife, ball cup tools, body reamer etc. A lot of those weren't magnetic. I've also misplaced my body scissors somehow.
  5. I haven't been messing with RC stuff much lately. I've been preparing an aquarium and that has taken most of my focus lately. I have made some attempts to get my girlfriend into RC here and there, and one of her biggest issues is that she's left handed. I had bought her a Remo Hobby crawler, which is a knockoff of an Axial. It had a neat transmitter that could convert to left handed. The issue was the lack of receivers available. After a bunch of Google-Fu, I found a now-discontinued transmitter called the Ikonnik ET4, which can be converted to left handed. I found a used on with 4 receivers on eBay so I gave it a shot. It works surprisingly well! I had a 1060 esc kicking around that was missing the jumper for the brake mode which is exactly what I needed for a crawler. Next, I get to do this to her Traxxas rally.
  6. Years back, I got into 3d printing. After much frustration, I finally got it figured out and had a decent bit of success. I had so much stuff I wanted to print that it was torture waiting for prints to finish to start the next. I did what many people do: I bought a second printer. That was great for a little while until I ended up with two printers that were down. That was the case until today. My CR10 had a wiring issue with the Z-axis limit switch. It's currently printing a stand for my Losi Mini-T's. My Ender 3 is still not working properly, but it's working well enough. That one is occupied by prints that I promised the significant other about a year ago. The dice tower and tray both came off of the printer today. The mug was a little while ago. Currently, the lid for the mug is bring printed.
  7. I've wanted a boat for many years. It definitely scratched the itch. I'm not sure if I'll get more into them or not. If anything, I might get some cool scale looking stuff so if it sits for a few years, it's still a cool display item.
  8. I have been living in my house for almost 7 years now. I live right by the water and my neighborhood has a beach. About 2 years ago, I bought a Banggood special boat but never ran the thing, until today.
  9. Team BlueGroove also has a bunch of bodies with no wheel well markings so you can adjust the wheelbase to your liking. Check out their 1/12 section.
  10. I have a Jumpshot V1 and a Stampede. Both are brushed and I run them both on a 2s lipo. All I've done is add bearings and a wheelie bar to the Stampede. The Jumpshot handles far better than the Stampede. It doesn't wheelie nearly as much, and doesn't roll over half as easily as the Stampede. If you were willing to go to a 4wd monster truck, I'd suggest an Arrma Granite Mega. I have one that's brushed. It was a little top heavy feeling but not nearly as bad as the Stampede. I ended up smoking the slipper clutch (didn't check the adjustment before running) so I did a slipper eliminator, used Jato gears, and the Granite BLX motor mount and heat sink. I widened it with Typhon arms and not it never rolls over. It's not crazy fast but it's perfect for my small yard.
  11. I've been using the Flysky GT3C. They are mediocre as far as quality and latency, but they can be reflashed to have more channels, or something like 60 model memory. The reflash also fixes the wonky menus and controls. The main reason I stick with the GT3C is the cheap receivers and the rechargeable battery in the transmitter. I use mine for bashers and vintage runners. I wouldn't use it for any level of competitive racing.
  12. I jumped on the Buyee bandwagon and in an RC lot, a wild Kyosho F-Ten proto appeared. This thing has had a rough life and a lot of parts are missing. I still have a bunch of misc parts in the box to go through so some parts may be in there. I would love to get this thing back together. Finding parts is already difficult, but what is more difficult is finding documentation. I have found some partial parts lists, but I can't find any manuals or exploded views of these things. Would any of you gents be able to help me find some resources on getting this thing back together?
  13. I finished one of my Mini-T projects. Found an appropriate sized heat shrink for the LiPo. The battery modifications were a lot of work for not a huge result. These things need bearings badly. It ends up being a much bigger upgrade than I realized it would be. It eliminated a huge amount of slop. And the completed chassis. Fun story. I eliminate the switches on a lot of my builds to clean up the appearance and encourage me to disconnect the batteries. For the picture, I plugged the battery in and started to arrange the shot. It decided to go full throttle and launch off of my table and go across the room. Completed and bound to the GT3C. It's significantly faster than It was with the stock 4xAA battery setup. It's pretty much too fast for the indoor garage track I'm planning.
  14. When I raced touring cars in the early 2000's, my buddy and I would go to a track which had a slot car track. Another friend had a slot car he would bring with him. He put it on the track and was running it. I asked if I could try it out. He wouldn't let me. I pointed out that I was faster than him with our touring cars. He told me "give me a few minutes" and once the tires warmed up and he was warmed up, that slot car was moving at warp speed. I never asked to play with it after that. When I was house shopping in 2016, there was a slot car track near the house I bought. I was excited to move in and at least try real slot car racing. The track closed the month before I moved in. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
  15. I jumped on the Buyee bandwagon. The prices for the items are pretty cheap. The shipping will certainly get you. It's quite the laundry list. -M01 complete minus body. It's nearly perfect. Full Sanwa electronics and a Tamiya battery. -Used Tamiya 1700 battery pack. -Two CPR160's. One needs a switch and included a servo. -TA02 rear swaybar setup. -HPI shock towers and turnbuckles for a TA02. -TA03 steering with carbon bridge. -TA03 diff with aftermarket diff gear. One of my other TA03's have the full set of gears, I just can't remember who made them at this point. -M04. Its very clean but does show some scrapes on the bottom. Also has bearings and sway bar set. -5 little pull back cars. I'm very happy with this haul.
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