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  1. When I saw people were getting their C11's delivered, I got the itch to try to order one. Earlier in the day I saw Tower still had their pre-order open. Wheb I was ready to pull the trigger, it was on backorder. I backordered it and just hoped for the best. Today, I got an email saying it just shipped. Their site says their next shipment will be in September. I was under the impression that they did one run and were finished. I'm glad that wasn't the case.
  2. There seemed to be more interest in Falcon based cars than there was for the Falcon.
  3. I use both Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is cool once you get it figure out and tailored to what you want to see. You can scroll mindlessly and find some inspiration and ideas. Facebook is the same way but is a little more discussion oriented. You have a decent bit of control over what you want to see on both of those sites, but you'll always be dealing with a much larger demographic of people. Forums like these are much more focused and have a more dedicated user base.
  4. This is very true. I'm 37 years old. My first car was a Bear Hawk which I received in 1996. Once the nostalgia hit me, I've chased down M01, M02, TA01, TA02, Group C and DF01 cars. Those were all the cars I wanted in my youth, but couldn't afford. I did pursue TA03 cars, but that is primarily due to me getting started in racing in the late 90's and early 2000's. While I appreciate the previous cars and do have a desire for them; it's not because of the nostalgia.
  5. I was browsing eBay and realized that the GT3c is becoming slightly more expensive and less abundant. It's still in the affordable realm but about twice the price I paid 4 or 5 years ago. The receivers are still in the 7 dollar range. I did forget to mention that you can flash the firmware to add more channels, and/or add more model memory. I know you said you'd prefer Futaba which I cannot blame you for, but I wanted to toss that out there in case other people are reading and are exploring options the way you are.
  6. This is a pretty interesting topic, and very relevant. I'm from the United States. I've never seen the climate here so divided. I've been very fortunate to surround myself with people who can separate their political views from most other aspects of life. My upbringing, hardships and life experience molded me to lean one way, while theirs have molded them to lean the other. We have had some decent discussions, but at the end of those discussions, neither of our minds were changed. Since then, we hardly talk politics. For public situations, sometimes you really have to come off as a Richard and tell people that you're not interested in the topic. If they persist, it shows that they don't respect your wishes, or you as a person. Those are people you don't need in your life. I have lost many long time friends, not because we disagreed on a topic, but because they were disrespectful and malicious. I don't regret cutting those people out even in the slightest. Two friends of mine for 20+ years were talking about wishing half of the population would die because of their political beliefs. They are no longer my friends.
  7. I love older electronics. I love the look and feel of a lot of the older transmitters. I have a small collection of various transmitters from various eras. To me, they are great for seldom run cars. I have a handful of reasons. Crystals. The problem of people being on the same frequency as you are pretty much long gone. The problem now is with crystals being less obtainable, it is far more difficult to find crystals matching your current set, or even new sets. The 2.4 negates that need. Batteries. All of my older transmitters use 8 AA batteries. I did convert one to use an 8-cell NIMH pack, but even still, it's heavy. I currently use a GT3C and it has a rechargeable lithium battery in it. Plug it in via USB and it's good to go. Interference. This isn't as big of an issue as it once was back in the day since many devices have moved off of the AM and FM bands. The biggest thing that is nice is that the newer transmitters have a system where it does a quick search over the frequency band and picks out a band that no one is currently using. In general, it makes it very easy if you are out where people are racing or getting together to bash. Size. This really is my favorite benefit. The transmitters tend to be smaller and lighter, which is nice. The receivers are typically tiny. With that, higher end radio setups will have antenna-less receivers. This shows the size difference between the Flysky receiver and an older Futaba receiver. This shows how well you can tuck one of those receivers in an older chassis like this TA02T. I have them in various cars like Losi Mini-Ts and some more modern chassis. They are awesome for clean electronic installs. This Futaba is my favorite older transmitter in my collection. It has the 8-rechargeable battery in it and it's with the GT3C that I use. The GT3C is more ergonomic and significantly lighter.
  8. Giving this one a bump. Still on the hunt!
  9. Well, that escalated quickly. I preordered the kit, and ordered some servos and other parts so I could make use of the coupon codes a little more. This will likely be my first and only clod, so I might as well make it a limited edition kit.
  10. Our age gap is certainly going to show here. I'm 37 years old. Yorktown closed not long after I moved to Cockeysville. The other two I had never heard of. In the early 2000's, I spent most of my time at Hobby Works in Laurel, Hobby Town USA in Glen Burnie, RC Outfitters in York and made a trip to The Track when it used to be called Mimis and once to Hobby Town in Frederick. Hobby Works in Laurel is still alive and kicking. I haven't been in probably 15 years now, but they used to specialize in Tamiya. It's neat to find a local on a forum where the majority of the members aren't in the United States.
  11. I just recently told myself I need to stop buying RC stuff so I can focus on other projects. This may have broken that.
  12. And for the first time in my forum career, I double posted. I had a 24 year streak going.
  13. Which hobby shop? I used to live down in Cockeysville. I visited Remote Control Hobbies. The guys there were okay. I moved down to Pasadena and live by Bay Area Computer and Hobbies. The location looks "less appealing" than up in Timonium, but they have an indoor track and the staff and customers are good people. They don't carry much Tamiya stuff, but they did just start doing a box stock TT02 class. They have an indoor carpet track they race on. It's worth swinging down 695 to check out.
  14. I know you didn't ask me specifically, but I am also very unhappy with Traxxas as a company as well. I have three main issues. My biggest issue is how they are very litigious. They filed lawsuits against multiple companies for patent infringement when other companies had been using the designs longer. They currently have a lawsuit against HBO for their HBO Max streaming service. They are claiming that it may get confused with their Maxx line. The next issue I have is that they like to strong-arm small hobby shops into selling more of their products. My local hobby shop avoids selling Traxxas batteries and chargers are they're borderline junk. Traxxas revoked my LHS's corporate discount in retaliation. My final issue is that they sell 30 year old designs at premium prices. I do own 5 Traxxas products: 3 I won in raffles, one was a gift from a friend, and one I actually purchased as a gift. The electronics are all mediocre at best and the durability is meh... Now, to the actual topic. I got my start with Tamiya. I owned a TRC Spec 10 for a little while and then went back to Tamiya. Once I started racing stock class touring cars in the early 2000's, there wasn't an affordable option from Tamiya that was competitive. I ended up with a Yokomo MR4TC Pro. I loved that thing. I did very well with it with low end electronics for the time. I own a handful of other brands, but end up gravitating to Tamiya.
  15. Ever have a week where nothing wants to go your way? That's been my week. My camera has decided to not take the pictures I expect it to, the new SD cards have made things more difficult, lighting has disagreed and my patience has been very thin. Anyways, I did get a lot of stuff over the past week or so. So much that I am now out of room for more toys. I need to start hammering out projects to free up some space, and possibly sell a handful of projects as well. I love these Futaba ESCs. Some work, and some don't. I can't remember which ones are which at this point. This is a batch of parts for a few of my Mini-T projects. Parts are getting a bit more difficult to find these days. I was looking at the Dirt Thrasher I currently have and realized that nearly every part on it has to be replaced. I was a little heart broken after that realization, and then I came across this one on the infamous auction site. It's not perfect, but it's very nice. The lesser Dirt Thrasher may get cleaned up, stuffed in a bin and go in the attic for a future generation Something similar happened with these Kyosho Outrages. I purchased the purple one, and it's in okay shape. It needed a front bulkhead and front bumper upon initial inspection. I found a bulkhead and ordered that. In the meantime, I found the yellow one which is more complete, but slightly more rough. The plan is to tear them both completely down, make one nice one and one meh one and stuff the meh one away for a rainy day. You ever have a piece of equipment that you adore, and are terrified of it failing, or don't want to modify it and ruin it? That's exactly why I purchased this. My original one is still alive and well. I bought it in maybe 2001 and used it in my days of racing. It has constantly given me better results with NiMH and NiCAD batteries over more modern chargers. I purchased this one so I can adapt it to a tabletop power supply and shorten the power cable with no risk of destroying my original.
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