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  1. I have an 8x10' shed/workshop out in the garden, which has been used to work on and store motorcycles and even a mini gym in the past. I ran power and lighting out there when it went up, but it's not insulated and gets below freezing in there at times during the UK winter months and pretty hot in high summer. I have a couple of greenhouse tube heaters to take the edge off the frost, but they're not the most effective tbh. When I'm out there in the winter I use a decent oil heater, which I have on WiFi so can turn it on remotely a half hour before I got our there and it makes things very comfortable. However, what's the consensus on this being a suitable place to store RC cars and kit? I would think that the varying temps throughout the seasons (down to maybe -3 degrees C in coldest winter period and maybe 35 degrees C in peak summer) will have a detrimental effect on the plastics? Cheers
  2. Hey mate, having been in the same situation as you only weeks ago, there are people on here with vast amounts of knowledge and experience that can offer far more useful tit bits than I. However, I will say that it's good to make sure you have a good space to build and trays, pots, bowls, whatever to keep things organised when you build. And layout out everything from the box at the start is my preference. Study the instructions and have a look at the back pages which list all the parts. Regarding the actual build, it's good to make sure have the tight tools to hand, I think No.2 posidrive screw driver was my most commonly used item. Also, screws do not need to be really tightened up, just snug them up and leave it at that, do not go back to them to torque them up like in wood or wall plugs at home, you risk stripping the threads in the soft plastic. Other than that just enjoy it mate!! And if you can, then consider documenting the build with photos and start a build thread in the dedicated 'Builds' section
  3. badword @Willy iine and @Xeostar, those are some pretty impeccable workshop/showroom spaces, do I need to plan to either a) put in planning permission for an extension, or b ) just buy a new (bigger) house! Some well planned shelf space looks to be the way to go as well, so many of you look to have put a lot of thought into how the space can be best utilised, something I am always keen on. @Zealot where did you get that orange parts organiser storage unit on your desk? Looks very handy!
  4. Great to see so many have these dedicated areas, some tidier than others, but all your own and all tell a story. I bet everyone has good memories of tinkering away in these spaces. I think I'd be on the dining room table tbh, but young kids would make short work of destroying any and all progress on builds!
  5. Looks great mate, how awesome it would be to have a whole basement. Liking the Decepticons badge on the bench. Question: when the the truck is cleared off, is the above where you dismember your victims? (sorry I think it's just the moody lighting!)
  6. Awesome mate. I do like a bit of orange and when mixed with black (much like yellow and black) it looks great and proper mean. Bung in the gold and it's just class mate, top job!! I wouldn't have trimmed the black either, a really well balanced colour scheme on this one. Err... And the next build is?...
  7. Brilliant space, so much room there! Right that's it, I'm adding to the first post that an additional goal of this thread should be to upload a shot of your own space with as many of our other build spaces within it!
  8. Awesome @Juhunio, loving the order and neatness, fits in nicely with my perfectionism thread the other day!
  9. @Goudar..my workspace, within your workspace, within my workspace... Yeah the Madcap is my favourite model Tamiya from my childhood, in the past 4wks Ive gathered the modified one pictured above, two stock ones, one chassis with arms and two bare chassis, plus a load of spares. Once I've built a shelf queen I'll be selling off the others.
  10. That looks great @Goudar, a nice big desk space and areas for storage, plus all the forum, research and YouTube you could ever need at your finger tips! I see you, like everyone else it's seems, has that little Tamiya tool kit, how good is it? Also, love the fact that you can see my makeshift build space on your screen there!
  11. Hi guys, As some of you may know, although like many of us I was a Tamiya fan back in the 90's, I'm new to the hobby after decades away from it and it's taken me, my wife and my finances by surprise since it cropped up out of the blue about 4 weeks ago. I've amassed quite a few cars already, only one new and the rest for restoration. Boxes were piling up around the house and little build stations on kitchen trays and chopping boards were dotted about as well. I decided that I needed to set up some sort of temp build station, and my wife is not best pleased that this is now in our master bedroom (not least because it covers up the Victorian fireplace I installed a couple of years ago when restoring the house)... Just a basic wallpaper pasting table I had out in the shed and pulled my desk chair over from the bay window where I have my work from home station. Far from ideal, but it'll do for now to try to contain the spread! I've seen some pretty awesome shots of RC build spaces and workshops so far, post yours on here? Perhaps there is already a thread on this, but I'd really appreciate the inspiration for solutioning against this seemly ever encroaching hobby/obsession! Edit: additional aim of this thread, take a shot of your build space as it sits today with someone else's build space within it, as in in screen
  12. Added a new set of Grasshopper 2 tyres to the front, not my fav tyre but in light of limited options and the rarity of the OG fronts, these will do fine. Installed a new low profile servo to make room for the new Super Astute battery front mount and will use the old one in my ORV chassis. Also fitted a servo saver and turnbuckle steering rod from a donor car.
  13. Cheers @Frog Jumper, thanks for the advice on mods, very much appreciated. I had the ally drive hubs on order already and they've arrived now What's the deal with the CRP tower braces and Kimbrough parts? And are 50520 shocks a bit short for the ORV chassis? Cheers
  14. Yes JJ, I'd actually seen your vid the other day prior to picking up my MB! Man that thing is quick!!! Did you have any problems with keeping it under control? I saw Mateo RC's vid where he did something similar after fitting the MIP diff and he cracked the shell front and back on the test run! Was also a great vid though
  15. So wasn't planning to do much yet, but found time to service the shocks First time I've tinkered with oil filled shocks and now I know what those little holes in my RC car stand are for! Left them sitting for quite some time to let all the air bubbles out, activating the rods up and down here and there and they seem spot on now.
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