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  1. Wow mate, this is amazing!!😎
  2. My first and longest watched RC YouTuber is Glenn from Tamiya Legends and more recently RC Legends. The latter being a channel which now looks like it's closing down. Not sure how many others have noticed, but Glenn's enthusiasm seems to be thinning out. Not that I'm criticising him, it must be a hard gig to keep up. However, it's a shame to see what appears to be a bit of a continuous and mounting tiring of the hobby and a less engaged and enthusiastic Glenn. I know we all have times when we fall out of love with the hobby for a while and then get back into it again. I think though that given the longevity I've seen this veil of tiredness endure I think we may be witnessing the start of a permanent wind down on the amount of content we'll see and his general involvement in the hobby. I could well be wrong of course and I hope I am. Time will tell...
  3. Nice one mate, this one is cool and amusing at the same time. He loves a Scandi flick!...
  4. Thanks for the translation @Willy iine, appreciated mateπŸ‘ I hadn't noticed the change to the shocks @Snappy1, I'm really not a fan of the ribbed design on these types of shocks. The finer sort of knurled finish on the original style caps are way nicer. One more reason that my original restoration will stay set apart from the rere😁 Word is that the body shell will be precut and prepainted, that's fine for me as I'll be going box art, but hope the outline for the resistor is still there in the shell. Already being advertised around the Β£220 mark in the UK, with an expected date of 1st Dec '23
  5. Awesome stuff @Sgt.Speirs! So great to see you guys keeping these old beauties alive, and running and racing!!😎😎😎
  6. Amazing work @wtcc5! I've seen the race footage on YouTube 😎 Look forward to seeing the build got this one mate. Will parts be available for those of us who wish to follow suit?πŸ™‚
  7. Indeed, nice list there mate. Best to state where you're from too buddy, is it the US?
  8. I like that it's a channel on UK soil and he's pretty down to earth overall, but oh my god, I'm glad it's not just me that gets frustrated with the TV presenter style of talking he's adopted. He didn't used to talk like that in his early videos, and he sounds odd these days, like some sort of poor man's Jeremy Clarkson!🀦🏻
  9. Great post, as always @Saito2 Glad to hear the love is shared and that this is a particular special one for you, one that's close to your heart. They say that the strongest memories, in particular from childhood, are imprinted so strongly due to the strength of the emotions created at the time of the event/s. So I am excited for you to run one and relive the feelings associated with this classic car from back in the day buddyπŸ€— And @GToddC5...
  10. So lads, last night Tamiya presented a Super Sabre on their show - link below, forward to about 2hrs 25mins or so to see them bring it out... from under the table. The only word I could understand is 'Prototype', said a couple of times as if covering themselves for the moment, but it seems like a ReRe is coming, and no huge surprise considering the re-release of its brother the Boomerang. Anyone able to tell us the gist of what they're saying? Link to vid... Screenshots... To me this has always been a bit of a classic and has quite a unique, space age look to it in the Tamiya world. I have a used model to restore, with new og chassis etc. to build it proper. It looks like I'll hopefully be able to pick up a proper Tamiya shell for my restoration, albeit in a thicker modern polycarbonate, which I actually prefer as they are waaaaay more durable. I already have a set of original stickers - need to get them out and compare to the model they displayed in the vid to see if, as with many rere's, they've changed certain stickers due to brands and sponsorship shizz etc. How many others share the love for this space craft of a buggy?
  11. How does this promo work buddy? Whenever I click on one of their many, many coupon promo offer things it's always limited to certain items or brands etc.🀦🏻
  12. Wow mate, so so sorry to read this and hear your news. As others have said, your forum input has been stellar and in the years I've been on here it's always been nice following your mad adventures, thank you. I wish you and your family the all the strength to get through this most difficult of times and I am sure that the love you have for each other will give you all that you need to take the next steps. See you in the next life Tamiya Brother. I salute you sir.
  13. I can return the 'info favour' now @toyolienπŸ˜‚... He's become a very popular British RC Youtuber over the last couple of years...
  14. Kol__

    Kol's Dyna Storm

    Cheers @Collin, I always appreciate the input mate, that way we can all learn from each others experiences. Very interesting to hear your view about the potential weak points of FDM for RC applications. I know next to nothing about 3D printing, but tbh I'd imagine it'll likely be fine for the sort of mild bashing I will be using the buggy for. The Additive RC parts are being tested in racing and to date I think a broken rear hub is the only casualty, which is resulting in a redesign of the part to improve rigidity. However, given that Xtra-Speed are now doing alloy rear hubs for the Super Astute, I'll probably got those if the standard Tamiya hubs fail. I'll keep this thread updated on the durability of the parts and the success/failures of my approach to the rebuild. What are your thoughts on my previous commentary regarding the slipper clutch assembly buddy?
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