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  1. Great build @GTodd, looking very nice😎 Ingenious little mod with the gearbox too. Hopefully she's a good runner, let us know how you get on👍👍 I went with the Custom RC alloy parts and the big bores on my build too, such high quality pieces, nothing less for the legendary DS. Might be worth replacing the arms with 3D printed versions, those originals are likely to be mighty brittle by now and are mighty hard to come by🫣
  2. Ah yes, using the 3mm bearing could help with both the extra length of the TF UJ shaft and the axle, without it you can't get the far enough through to get the 2x10mm hex pin into the axle. However, it seems from @Juhunio's thread that even with the 3mm bearing there are clearance issues at the drive cup end. Running without a rubber o-ring or foam insert in the drive cups wouldn't hurt though I reckon Indeed it does look pretty decent and you're right a bit more weight over the front end could be a good thing. It would be interesting to know how much it weighs. For my Madcap/Astute mongrel I'm running the Madcap bulk head and front bumper, fitted to an original FRP Astute deck, with the Super Astute steering (now upgraded to alloy) - which was tricky to set up with the Madcap cap bulk head due to clearance issues. The Madcap bulk head brace doesn't work with the SA steering, so I plan to make a custom brace out of 3mm ally sheet to better support the front end. Xtra Speed do them for the Super Astute, nothing that fits the Madcap though I believe.
  3. Probably a good idea to say where in the world you're based buddy👍
  4. I believe it is mate. The BZ motor that used to be £17-18 prior to them adding the UK Vat to their items is indeed now £30!! I've sent them an email to ask about why their prices have increased so much. I believe they are going to lose a badword of a lot of customers now and I for one will be one of them.
  5. Hey @BuggyDad mate, I'm not around much lately as taking another hiatus from the hobby currently. I am rekindling the love of late a little though. Started buying some bits from Buyee this week, so the fire must be starting up again😂 Re your purchase, nice one mate, welcome to the world of the Madcap!😎 Has it arrived yet? I would suggest that if the one you have is in good nick, then pick up some used spares such as chassis, shock towers etc., even some arms maybe and run it with those so it doesn't matter about damage (I have loads of spares of all of those in various used states, so just ket me know what you need). Then once you've experienced running one and having some fun with it, you can put it back together with the original parts for the shelf. As tbh mate, it's not worth doing anything to a Madcap mod wise. Tamiya did it for you, the Super Astute is the ultimate iteration of this platform. My Madcap mongrel is more Super Astute than anything now and all the better for it as a runner. You could go down a similar road to me. However, I will warn that it's pricey. The 2018 TTC gearbox is the really killer, expensive and rare. Xtra Speed make some good parts for the Super Astute, and some fit the Madcap - UJ's for example. I have a set of their hardened drive shafts and axles with the pin fit hexes (oh Madcap is circlip and spline) somewhere if you want them. Hey @jonboy1 bud, hope you're well. I don't believe thats correct. The shafts overall are different lengths iirc and the axles are a different design and length so don't fit the hubs. I think I put some comparison pictures of the differences between the two in my Top Force build thread, but can't remember for sure. I don't think the inner drive cups for the gearbox will work either, as they are shorter both in overall length and drive cup depth, but I could be wrong there.
  6. These arrived today, thanks @Aerobert and @naturbo2000 for the info on slimmer hexes... Does anyone know of a slimmer profile flanged nyloc wheel nut than the standard Tamiya size? I know you can get slimmer nuts which have the serrations on the back, as a way of locking the nut on, but I'd like to stick with nyloc and also blue if possible.
  7. Nice one mate. I went with the 1.6mm and 400 weight standard yellow Tamiya oil in the big bores on the rear of my Dyna Storm. On the front (shorter shock bodies) I went 1.7mm and 100 weight, due to the very light 2WD front end, but I think I'm going to change out to 400. I'm still undecided on whether to go with the big bores on my EVO. Need to run it a bit as it is first once the better weather is here and decide after that. Let us know how you get on with them please mate👍👍
  8. Amazing stuff!!! To track progress and record in one place, I'd suggest creating a build thread in the builds section buddy!👍😎 Oh, and a spray can of brake cleaner to clean the grease off gears will clean if off in seconds. A bit of agitation with an old tooth brush will remove an stubborn stuff. Some have said it could damage the plastics, but I have never found any evidence to that end🙂
  9. Nice one mate😎 I've also toyed with the idea of fitting a set of the PJ sourced🇯🇵(and temptingly priced🤩) big bores to my EVO too. And I've also considered fitting the taller shocks bodied rear set to the front, with an internal spacer perhaps, just like the stock hicaps setup. Have you fitted a taller front shock tower? And did you go with the internal spacer? Also, a bit of oven cleaner will remove that blue in no time and leave you with a dull grey finish which could look pretty cool.
  10. Looks like it might be a little press fit protection cap? Can you lever that off with a small screwdriver?
  11. Looks like an excellent result @Ferruz😎👍👍 Painting is certainly the most challenging part of most builds imo, in particular the masking element. That polycarbonate cleaner is a total life saver isn't it!! What happend with the paint reaction between black and red coats? I haven't head of that before, was it not leaving the black for long enough before applying the red or something? Seems weird that it waited until the 3rd coat to spring it's nasty surprise on you!🥲 Sounds like you recovered it well though. Anyway, you can relax now and enjoy the rest of the build🙂 Look forward to seeing the finished car buddy👍
  12. Yeah they look good mate, I think Mark Bryan has run one a green one on his channel. Tamiya also did a Racing Fighter with red wheels. The only time they've ever done the star dish wheels in red I believe, so they're very rare.
  13. @wintersdawn just seen this back in stock... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/296245058318?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=RPYY7N2XTou&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=tZpl78SaSly&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  14. This arrived today... The body shell will be used for an original restoration for the shelf, and a Penguin shell will be chucked on this 2023 rere to make for a custom design runner. Couldn't resist this at £160 delivered (using code 'feb' at checkout) - https://www.align-trex.co.uk/tamiya-tamiya-super-sabre-2023-58728.html?gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiArLyuBhA7EiwA-qo80EoftOXE_BCGQMxYXLzb1GOwT0KFw0cMyJDy17n_suMyqmYZr3JpTBoC600QAvD_BwE
  15. As you know I like a good gunmetal and yellow combo too, I'm sure either will look cool mate👍
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