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  1. Thanks all, appreciate the input👍🙂
  2. Kol__

    Kyosho NSR500

    I love how you're flying a bit blind on this one @alvinlwh👍😂 I also like how you started off this thread saying you were buying hopups as you go and then I scroll down a little bit further to find a photo with like 6 Hopups in it acquired already!😄 I have been very tempted by one of these myself tbh, so I'll be interested to see what you make of the build and your thoughts on how it runs as well bud🙂
  3. Cool, nice one that you have a 3D printer..I've thought about one, what sort of cost am I looking at to get set up with one mate? 'nuff said😂
  4. Thanks, good to see it next to a Hotshot for a size comparison. I can really see myself getting one of these and just going totally custom on it, with paint job, sticker design and different wheels and tyres. However, at £300 it's a touch too much imo. A 2021 Top Force EVO is only £50 more and that's a way, way higher spec car. I know the two buggies are completely different and made for different purposes, and one being a much older design, but from a value perspective I think it's an interesting point to make.
  5. Any more tinkerings or running of these badboys mate?😎
  6. Awesome mate! Great to see another update, you have been busy👍 Is that the bits that butt up against the big ol' 1680 bearings and holds them in place? It looks so cool mate👍How come very thin around the edges of the countersunk screw holes? Guess the stronger material can take it.
  7. Rumour has it that the driver of the blue car in the Kyosho vid is actually this kid all grown up... ...and that his hair is whiter than the sun... it blinded the red car driver on the penultimate corner, leading to a win for ol' Milky there. Judges still deliberating the result apparently.
  8. Awesome mate, that is a very, very similar to the G2 purchase I made a little over a year ago. Restored it for my son, as he was only 4 at the time. See the thread for how I fix the A pillars🙂
  9. You read my mind @toyolien😂
  10. The hardware is pretty straight forward, mostly shared amongst other kits, so it is findable. There are a few screws that are this model only, which I might have some of. And there are some that are shared with the King Cab. You look to have most parts there, so I wouldn't think you'll need to spend a fortune. The only parts I think I can see that you don't have are the gearbox drive cups, and they are quite rare. I know a few places to source some of the parts, if you decide to go ahead and build it, let me know mate. Totally agree, this is sound advice from my good friend here. Plus there is the thrill of the hunt, and you will find the parts eventually. Sometimes, to acquire a particularly rare part you have to buy more than needed to get the part and then sell on the rest to end up having paid a fair amount, or sometimes nothing, for the part you needed🙂 No such thing on here bud, most of us have these kinds of thoughts going round our heads 24/7😂
  11. OMG @bavee, don't run it mate! These kits are so rare, I've one seen one complete for sale (for like £600-700) in the past 18months and one incomplete kit. Of course bud, it's yours so do as you wish, but a new chassis is particularly rare, so I really wouldn't run it if avoidable, as you have a runner anyway I mean. Oh yes, I wouldn't run those tyres either, a new pair is £90-100 and a used pair with glue damage sold for £42 on eBay UK this week. These Madcap parts in new condition are very rare and imo should be cherished if possible. Then again I'm a bit of a Madcap nut, its become my speciality😂
  12. I can confirm that the Madcap/Saint Dragon/Bear Hawk front wheels are significantly smaller and the Super Astute/Dyne Storm front tyres are too large unfortunately. The only viable options are to run GH2 front tyres as you suggest @bavee (possibly some other tyres will fit, such as Wild One tyres) or switch out to the 60mm front Star Dish type wheels which will enable you to run a variety of different front tyres. But yeah, you lose the originality there by not running the OG wheels. I run some 60mm/2.2" Schumacher pin spikes on my Madcap/Astute mongrel on a set of yellow Star Dish wheels and they have a real look of the OG Madcap tyres about them.
  13. New track run vid released😎 Certainly seems to handle jumps pretty well 👍
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