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  1. What a post @GeeWings mate, great stuff!!🙌 You must have joined a few weeks before I did last year and my Tamiya RC hobby shares many similarities to yours it would seem Agree with the above, the builds have been exceptional and you and many others make this forum a great place to be part of mate👍
  2. Who doesn't love an MB!!!👏🙌 Sounds exciting👍 Almost nothing of real value in life is achieved without risk... Edit: oh and happy 50th mate and hope the Covid has passed now🙂
  3. Just a further word of advice on this, certain areas of the Blitzer Beetle stickers, such as the where they meet the chassis rails and the wings, require there to be no clear whatsoever (as in literally nothing) to allow the orange areas to snug up fully against the body lines and in some cases match into another orange sticker coming down to join on to them. I would literally cut off all the clear all the way round, that's what I did and it worked out fine bud. For the stickers with multiple long blobs, just take the backing off one or two blobs at a time to make the application slower and easier to control
  4. Yes!😎 That does look brilliant @Willy iine! It would look great in a light metallic blue, that seems to be a classic colour for a vice, my 1:1 is the same. And let's keep the habit of self-deprecation to a minimum please, not a particularly attractive quality and clearly quite unnecessary in relation to your craftsmanship!👍
  5. That looks badass Jeff! Is it the box art design layout with different colours yeah?
  6. Yes @Aerobert! Finally a TD4 I can get on with 👍 It looks very grown up and refined, with real racing vibe, nice work!!! More pics are required
  7. Oh nice, looks pretty premium I need to get a new one at some point to upgrade from my el'cheapo one - it does the job, but I'm concerned about investing too much more now in receivers and then not needing them in the future as I'll have upgraded my radio system!
  8. Received Top Force EVO front and rear shock towers from a seller that breaks new kits on eBay This is the last of the parts needed to convert my DF-01 to a Top Force Evo type spec. The car will be a basher, as my NIB EVO will go on the shelf when built at some point in the future. I'm sticking with the gear diffs from the DF-01, at least for now anyway, but am changing out the ally gears from the rear gearbox for plastic ones.
  9. Nice Willy, which particular transmitter do you use with those receivers?
  10. Kol__

    The "KRF" Build

    Sounds like an exciting build mate. A bit in the dark about what this KRv4.1 is though and what @wtcc5 Kevin's involvement is, some sort of build created previously?
  11. Yep! F@#*ing badword @Willy iine, that's epic mate! Edit: can we have a pic of Willy laying on it in a pose like the drawing scene out or Titanic please😉
  12. Interesting, so what was special about this one? The box art there looks like the standard Pumpkin in black with yellow wheels, or are they gold wheels maybe?
  13. Awesome, need more pics of the newly finished yellow Optima SE please🙂
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