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  1. If this is in the wrong sub-forum, I apologize, but I wanted the most eyes I could get... Anyway, as per the title, has anyone here jumped into the hottest new rc segment, drag racing? Five seven designs has an expensive kit. Team associated has a reasonably priced kit. Losi and traxxas have rtr's, I believe. And then there are people turning their old buggies and sct trucks into dragsters. It sounds fun in theory, especially if you have a drag scene in your area...
  2. Lastly, the Estonia Rally Truck
  3. Kaiser M715 PLEASE!!! And not with the rolled over fenders!
  4. i've registered to get the kit version of this! this thing looks suh-weet!! and, it's not made in china...no offense to any chinese individuals...
  5. could you turn this into a half-track type vehicle with tires on front, or do you have to use the track units up front as well?
  6. I regret starting this thread lol...can we delete it and forget I asked
  7. Haven't seen much talk about this. Personally, I'm extremely excited for this whole line of tracked vehicles. I hope to see a comical buggy and 6x6 version released as well. I'm going to wait to see how this thing behaves in some vids before i rush out and get one, but i've been waiting awhile for this. Anyone else kind of interested in these things...?
  8. LC Racing came out with the PTG-2 this year, I believe...you can find them much cheaper on places like banggood compared to the lc racing website
  9. looks crazy similar to the td4 body...or is it just me...
  10. def not because of lack of ground transportation...
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