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  1. Lol at the "pandemic".  Had anyone ever even heard the word "pandemic" before all this nonsense started?  It's time to start holding businesses accountable for bad behavior.  I also remember the "medical experts" screaming, "2 weeks to flatten the curve!"  Whats that all about then? that means.  The goal posts keep shifting and we are left scratching our heads...or our butts.  This hasn't been hard on everyone, however...the medical field is Killing it right now hahaha haha.  Unions here in the States have decided to use their leverage to go on strike for more monies.  It's an exciting time to be alive.

    As far as price gouging, it's out of line.  I've been waiting for one of the larger gundam kits to drop to a decent price for over a year.  Bandai Finally re-releases it as a "premium" kit only for it to be bought up by fans and scalpers in minutes...sigh.  it is what it is...

  2. Just wanted to share my very limited, but very positive experience purchasing a King Yellow (g6-01) from TC member Rush Rebel.  I saw the item on the buy/sell section and inquired about if it was still for sale and it was.  My problem was that I was looking for a new home at the time and the rental I was in was just too small to pack anymore into so I asked Rush Rebel if he could hang onto it for me until I got moved into the new place.  I didn't know how long it would be, but I was hoping for less than 2 months.  

    Fast forward and I got the new place, moved everything out of the rental, and promptly forgot all about Rush Rebel and the King Yellow until he kindly messaged me asking if I was ready to have it delivered.  He paid a hefty fee for shipping, bought a brand new box to ship in, and threw in an extra surprise to top it off!

    All that is just to say that I'm pretty much over the moon with how things went.  Rush Rebel always got back with me when I asked something and was extremely prompt when shipping.

    My other 2 or 3 purchases from members on here have been exceptional as well.  

    Thanks everyone for making this the friendliest forum I've ever been a part of!

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  3. 10 hours ago, El Gecko said:

    Sorry but this is a totally simplistic view of the situation and misattributes the root causes.

    One man did not create an epic storm of cascading problems throughout the entire global supply chain.

    Just a coincidence...nothing to see here.  Now move along.  I wonder what people will say after his 2nd term....

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  4. If this is in the wrong sub-forum, I apologize,  but I wanted the most eyes I could get...

    Anyway, as per the title, has anyone here jumped into the hottest new rc segment, drag racing? Five seven designs has an expensive kit.  Team associated has a reasonably priced kit.  Losi and traxxas have rtr's, I believe. And then there are people turning their old buggies and sct trucks into dragsters.

    It sounds fun in theory, especially if you have a drag scene in your area...

  5. On 1/12/2022 at 10:53 AM, JYCM3 said:

    This looks fantastic and interesting, high speed tracked vehicle. 1/5 scale, 2x hw 2200kw motors 12c lipo and  top speed 56km/h. ,70mm suspensions travel and reasonable price too. From a start up company in UK unfortunately it’s funding project and need backers.




    i've registered to get the kit version of this!  this thing looks suh-weet!!  and, it's not made in china...no offense to any chinese individuals...

  6. 10 minutes ago, Mokei Kagaku said:

    I haven't seen any pics of the King Yellow with combined rear tracks, but the manual for the separate track unit set (54948) shows how to do it on the G6-01 chassis:




    could you turn this into a half-track type vehicle with tires on front, or do you have to use the track units up front as well?

  7. Tamiya-58704-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-40-Pick-Up-Quadtrack-GF-01FT-.jpg


    Haven't seen much talk about this.  Personally, I'm extremely excited for this whole line of tracked vehicles.  I hope to see a comical buggy and 6x6 version released as well.  I'm going to wait to see how this thing behaves in some vids before i rush out and get one, but i've been waiting awhile for this.  Anyone else kind of interested in these things...?

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  8. 6 hours ago, Carmine A said:

    Good News @GeeWings !! 

    Not looking so good for us Yanks.... for more than just RC's... We still have a massive bottleneck in LA, San Francisco and Seattle, due to the huge pileup of Cargo Ships - because of the lack of ground Transportation.  I'm really hoping that ours gets through. 

    def not because of lack of ground transportation...

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