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  1. Seems he refuses to ship abroad in general, so also not EU countries . Claims all kind local requirements of each country he needs to set up. Things Tamico, Bike24, whatever don't have either, still it doesnt prevent them from selling outside of Germany. No clue why he insists on this position, costs him quite some business. He had a great Super Avante offer last year.
  2. Thanks Collin. I'm in NL so guess would be similar then.
  3. Thanks Collin! Must be in here I assume: https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/tech/rc-cars?q=wrenchdog What would a 1992 one with broken uprights and a missing pink actopower be worth? (just got a PM inquiry if I would sell for 150 canadian. I'm looking for one, not selling one I'm afraid)
  4. Just stumbled upon this topic while looking for some Dyna Storm backgrounds. Dyna Storm front uprights, how easy are they to find? Just ordering at Tamico seems not to be an option, not unexpected btw. Or any alternative from a current car that could fit?
  5. what a difference colour makes
  6. What is the thread of the nut I wonder. M3, M2, M2.6?
  7. Slowly collecting parts. The magazine isn't up to not exsiting anymore AMT standard, not to imprressed by the article on the SA.
  8. Nice vid! How you think it compares to other cars you know on this track?
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fk54E4kMAS8 if you can't wait for the TD2 to arrive, make one yourself...
  10. Brilliant to see Ayrton as a driver
  11. And the specific question is, is this the best Tamiya off-road one to go brushless without needing to do a zillion upgrades. Thinks for all feedback so far. Seems got a slight confirmation on it. Steel pinion of course needed, that is generic for every car though I think. There is a ZX5 in the house as well, I'm just interested in the particular Tamiya case. (Trying to justify to buy a Terra Scorcher, to put a Boomerang body on it and pretend I'm in my teens again. However if eg Grasshopper type drivetrain is more sturdy I'm happy to learn)
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