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  1. Well. Customs have a number now, since you sent your Paypal invoice. So make your pro forma invoice matching that number and get your body. That website of L&L is not helping making one. No address, no VAT number, no chamber of commerce number. The logo is can be taken from it though. Is it a real shop or just some guy who somehow can source blobs and print decals?
  2. https://landlmodels.co.uk/collections/renault/products/tc035-1-10-renault-laguna-btcc-190mm-tamiya-tt01-tt02 The "Menu" picture is yours? How good or bad is their body?
  3. Assume German customs just need to tick a box. Rechnung mit Versandkosten und MwSt ist da? Check. Will customs actually cross-check with seller on the accuracy of the paperwork? Doubtfull. With or without support of L&L I would get the customs a document. But of course I'm just a pragmatic Dutch who just sees how to get the system satisfied, might be too pragmatic for other countries;-)
  4. Hi, I bought a Mighty Ballista roller. It is one converted to electro. Just wondering what pinion to use in this car? Internet meanwhile gave me a TNS expert manual but as that of course is with nitro engine it isn't giving info on a pinion. Any tips welcome.
  5. Second part of this one arrived today, 2 dog bones and those 2 U-shaped suspenson arm holders. Let's see how much of that T2M in the background I can transplant to get a running car.
  6. on a postive note. Sport Tuned Included😀. Just wondering. Just remove the front dog-bones and use it as a RWD? Why that plastic part is between motor and motor plate again?
  7. Not so nice as the great Laguna above, Still happy to find a Keen Hawk in the mail already some weeks ago. Only last days could look at it. Some issues. Front drives miss some metal and gear cover does't make contact with motor plate.
  8. Wow, great looking Laguna. And indeed BTCC to me was at its peak during that period.
  9. Think the orignal instruction was to use some kind of loc-tite/glue to seal the covers. Making removal difficult. Happy to hear you had no issues, tried with tape as well but also kept that rubber part that would enclose the top cover at the bottom side at the rear gearbox. Maybe that one was the culprit.
  10. Great this car is re re-ed. Surprised to see no belt cover is added. Even with belt cover my TOMSE bitd suffered from sand in the gearboxes.
  11. Second that, mostly with MTB experience though. Cleaning a muddy JIS also is much easier than doing the same with a tiny hex. Hexes look nicer somehow though.
  12. Off course you can't compare completely, its just to make a point. However a 300 euro bicycle from which the chain falls off while accelerating and not shifting gears is quite comparable with dog bones falling out as the guy describes. Not acceptable for a 300 euro bike. Also not acceptable imho for a 300 euro toy. Both should work. So hope you are right though. And 1 case isnt a case as for the moment it's only this guy in the video stating them falling out with servo limiter in place and shims in place. Looking forward to see more experiences.
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