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  1. Could you add the chassis extender for the M-03 chassis and make it longer? The width looks about right.
  2. It's a perfect alternative to the Kyosho line tape which is great but can be hard to get a straight line in some cases. With this you use a metal ruler and scalpel to trim each line close to the edge, quick & easy. One long line across the top and bottom of the sheet and then it's only two cuts for each strip. Guaranteed to stay straight and glossy to boot! Happy days! If they were pre-cut the lines would be too wide, I guarantee it!
  3. Great advice from the guys above. I do use superglue for Photoetched parts but never from the nozzle. I always dispense it onto a dish and use a toothpick to apply it. Finally I use Kristal Klear or canopy glue for clear parts. It's a water based, really clean glue that can takes ages to dry, but dries clear and works great.
  4. Welcome to the club and especially from myself who is a big Mini fan! I see you found my thread but glad you started your own here: CC's Feeding my Mini Cooper Obsession! (Tamiya Monte Carlo Mini)) - The Builds - Tamiyaclub.com What you have there is very rare and very valuable. I've restored and sold a few of these now for around £350 each. I currently have one which is a NIB and the shell hasn't been painted yet, all the chrome is new etc. I'm waiting until I've done enough lexan shells to be sure I won't make any mistakes. Pretty much everything for these is very expensive, especially that decal sheet, so don't waste it on a non original shell. Either restore that one or ideally get your hands on another for about £100. It'll be worth it as you can see by what they sell for. It's great that you haven't added the stickers yet. You can put those on the shell when you have sorted one. I've posted a picture of a few of mine just to keep you motivated for what is a great little project!
  5. Here's another one added to the collection! It's been mated to an M-03 chassis which seems to give a wider track than the M-01. I just love the way the wheels stick out from under the arches! I had some spotlights in the spares box which came with the perfect bracket to mount behind the Minis bumper. I've not cut the body posts yet as I might mount this to another M-01 chassis if I can find one.
  6. Couldn't agree more! I'm enjoying snapping up anything I can to do with these little Minis, even the used stuff!
  7. Started on the NIB electric one. It's gonna look great!
  8. I started by cutting the body to shape. I've found myself damaging the paint if I try and cut it our after spraying it. The masking was successful so we have nice clear lines between the roof and body. I'll be spraying the mudguard extensions externally, I couldn't get my head around masking more than two colours today!!!
  9. So I've caved in and started the Kyosho Electric MK1 Monte Carlo Mini Cooper! It was this picture I found online that fired me up! I'll 3d print a roof rack & extra tyres as well as a sump guard just like this one. I fancy an interior for it too.
  10. I've found Modelsport good for PS stock levels.
  11. Just to mix it up a bit I built an NSU TT on an M-06 chassis. It fits perfectly!
  12. It was PS-62 Pure Orange with no backing colour. You could back it in white but don't use black or any other dark colour
  13. Batteries for my Caliper so I can CAD Design an exhaust and light buckets for my NSU TT
  14. I've a Jägermeister NSU TT Shell just waiting on my building an M-06 chassis over the Xmas break and by adding 3d printed wheels I'm hoping to build it just as Tamiya should have! An M-06 NSU TT with correct wheels!
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