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  1. I wanted to design an axle-mounted steering rig for the CC-02 to eliminate the more inefficient chassis-mounted steering, but standard servos are too large for these axles. I figured a mini servo (larger than micro, sub-micro, but smaller than standard) would work best. I grabbed a Savox SW-1250MG which puts out 111.1 oz-in torque at 7.4v which should be good for even 1.55" steel beadlocks. I created a mockup of the axle and servo in Solidworks, giving myself only the important dimensions. My plan was to design ears that bolt onto the upper link mounts as shown in the screenshot. By the time I got my 3D printer going again, it was time to begin prototyping. The current version is printed in NylonX, a super strong, super stiff material developed by MatterHackers which uses a blend of nylon and carbon fibers. I haven't taken it on the trail yet, but I will be reporting on the performance once I do. I'm sure this will work well
  2. Almost! I made sure there wasn't any tire rub with my custom fender flares. Tucks real nice though It doesn't have the same level of articulation as an SCX10 even with new shocks, and it's a bit more top-heavy even with steel beadlocks. The steering also isn't very strong being chassis-mounted and has a short steering rod at a high angle.
  3. Seriously love this thing. It's nowhere near something like an SCX10 or a TRX4 in terms of performance, but it has what those lack, which is an abundance of realism. Drove over these rocks very much like a real overlanding truck
  4. @Only4Fun Pro-Line 90-95mm scaler shocks with 35wt oil, RC4WD 1.55" steel beadlocks with Pitbull Growler tires. I had to cut the wheel arches to fit the tires, then I designed and 3D printed some wider wheel arches. Also designed and printed a new front bumper to give me more approach angle. You can check it out here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/99765-my-cc-02-build/
  5. Happy late birthday I have the G500 version and I love it. With a few mods it turned out to be a pretty capable trail rig. Whole build felt quintessential Tamiya but with an oddly modern feeling
  6. @sosidge Man you're right it really does look like the Hobao! I didn't know that existed to be honest with you. The wheels are 1.55" and the tires are 4.19" tall. Not huge so they fit the scale of the CC-02, but larger than the stock tires which prompted me to cut out the arches and make the fender flares. The front bumper was mostly for looks but it also improves the approach angle a good amount
  7. Thanks! I haven't thought about putting a driver in it yet. I've kind of wanted an interior piece first but none exist to my knowledge...
  8. @Willy iine The bump steer is pretty bad on this kit. It's caused by the fact that the steering servo is chassis mounted, and the steering pushrod comes down at an extreme angle. An axle-mounted servo would eliminate bump steer and use its torque more efficiently, but standard servos are too large for these axles. I'm working on an axle-mounted servo system that uses a Savox SW-1250MG mini servo that puts out 111 oz-in at 7.4v. The mount will be 3D printable. When I get my printer back up and running I'll begin prototyping
  9. Finished my CC-02 build. Ready to take it out for some scale overlanding. Aside from a couple of flaws like the steering, it's a fantastic kit, and that's coming from someone who has had Axials, Cross RCs, and Gmades
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