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  1. I have a DT03 and it's a great car. Upgrades are carbon front shock mount waiting on the rear as out of stock. I have changed the rears of the aqroshot wheels and tyres for on road. Has the torque tuned motor and can 🍩 easy.
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice, it has given me direction at what to look at. Not just surface controllers, but also flight ones. It's a shame that there is not many stick surface transmitters for us oldies 🤣 Thank you @Mad Ax I like the many functions and being able to name the model. As I would like something I can use for buggys and then use the same controller on my trucks and have the extra channels. Wow the price of the flysky very good.
  3. Hi all, I am after peoples recommendations on stick radios please? I would like to buy a stick radio that has a multi model function. I would rather have one radio transmitter that I can bind to all my car's. I prefer stick to a wheel. I did try to do a search 1st but no luck. TIA
  4. Dark impact arrived today. Well packaged. Great communication throughout the sale. A pleasure to do business with you @mrbiccies Very happy thank you.
  5. Parts arrived safely Thank you very much @matisse
  6. Do you have any photos of the dark impact please as I am interested Thanks
  7. Morning I am interested in these bits if they are still available please DT02/DT03 F+R Arms - £5 Is that these in the image? DT02/DT03 Sealed Bearings (14x1150) - £5 53301 TL01 stainless steel suspension pins (great for DT02/DT03) - £7
  8. Hi all, I have got some aqroshot rear wheels and tyres for my neo fighter for on road use. I was wondering if anyone has fitted tyre inserts into the tyres or just left them as is. If you have what make/type have you used please? Thanks
  9. I did find on their website that they have a m-chassis class and for newbies they have a m05 you can borrow
  10. Thank you for the advice @TurnipJF and @BuggyGuy I will be looking to race at the Carlisle Race Club. Thank you for the link. I will wait to 1st race before going shopping
  11. Morning, I am a newbie to m-chassis's and have a M05. I am looking at racing and it wil be on tarmac. What tyres and foams/ sponges would folk recommend please? Thank you
  12. Thank you very much @TurnipJF I will get one ordered.
  13. Has anyone got a M05 steering rod for sale please? The tamiya hop up and Yeah Racing are out of stock everywhere. Part number for the kit one is12500016 bag number BC9. The length of the rod is 3x89mm. Thank you
  14. Like Nikko85 I have gone monster trucks but I very much like stadium trucks. To me stadium trucks are the best of both for some fun. My 1st tamiya kit was Vanessas Lunchbox, seeing that was what got me into the hobby.
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