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  1. @Nikko85 is the beetle body and tyres still available please?
  2. @Nobbi1977 thank you very much received today. 😀
  3. I had to do it, purchased the neo fighter buggy from Amazon. Ordered it last Thursday arrived today. The sticker on the box says tble-02s ESC but has the tble-04s inside
  4. I am interested in taking all 4.... What would be the postage for all 4 please?
  5. @Kol__Thank you. Wow that's quick without doing prime. I am shocked at that price it comes with the CVA's and the torque tuned motor. I might have to order one for myself
  6. How long has it taken to be delivered from Amazon EU?
  7. Thank you @FuzzyFlynn , @TurnipJF and @hIghQ for your help.
  8. I have had a Google and search on TV but have had no luck. Could anyone help with what the weight of the M07 M08 chassis are please. I am looking at joining my local club and the do a m-chassis series but one of the rules is minimum weight is 1250g. Thank you
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