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  1. Hello All I have my unbuilt M05 NSU Jagermeister 58648-60A for sale. Includes the motor and ESC. Outer box has some marks / creases. £100 including postage and PayPal fees. Can be collected from Penrith Cumbria for £90 It will only let me uploaded one photo but can send more images.
  2. I know. I want some for my DT03 but struggled to find any in the UK and I have given up.
  3. There are some on eBay item id 404077953483 (from Germany) part number 54395.
  4. For years I had a fL#£&r account, which I didn't have to pay for it was unlimited photos and now the same charging and now you limited private photos. Which does help when you don't want to share with the world friends and family get-togethers. Thank you I will join TC.
  5. Thank you. I am going to give it a good clean look at the gearbox and if it need it's some bearing to start. I would like to put the behind the axle steering on in. No I am not supporter I will look into that
  6. these links are for images on Pinterest I have taken. https://pin.it/kY6ExJW https://pin.it/1cY91Qb https://pin.it/65cGVt4 https://pin.it/7kfXhZi https://pin.it/o5siYaJ https://pin.it/3ojvux8 https://pin.it/61uOLbs https://pin.it/4XsE5HR
  7. I tried to up load another picture but it TC wouldn't let me due to size limit. Need to find a picture upload website. The body is in painted, it's got the copyright 1987 printed in side. I will see if I can upload some more images or links to a website
  8. Ah I see. I will have to put one on my list at some point. I haven't driven it yet. Just started to dismantle it to give it a clean.
  9. Stunning. The grey and yellow work so well together.
  10. I picked up a Clod yesterday. Had a bit of a road trip to get it an original with the Chevrolet badges.
  11. Is that because the TXT is just so much more superior?
  12. The DS3218 Pro are a very good price. I am not sure how the et2070 will hold up in a clod, it might be easier to go with the DS3218 Pro as they have been tried and tested.
  13. @Mad Ax the DS3218 is that one on each axle? Thank you I will have a look at those. What is the lowest kg servo would you use? I do have a few etronix et2070
  14. It's a shame Tamiya don't continue with the trend they started and push it forward.
  15. @87lc2 and @Mad Ax thank you for advice. I am very much Tamiya I have had the odd other make over the years but it's Tamiya for me. Just had a look at the LMT Grave Digger I could be swayed at some point. I think part of it is watching Monster Jam, still amazed at what they can do with those trucks. @87lc2 you mention about, "the cantilevers are cool, you need a serious sway bar setup to get rid of the chassis twist" Is that with the TXT-1? Are the wheels interchangeable between the TXT and the Clod or do you need different adapters? IE if you broke a TXT wheel could you put a set of Clod wheels on the TXT.
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