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  1. Thanks for the rundown, much appreciated. I have a basic build list now and will kick this one off in the new year hopefully! Thanks
  2. Solid advice thanks very much both. Had wondered if it was worth the effort or if it was a "because I can" or a vanity project. I only considered the upgrade project really, because while the Super Sabre does work, was getting skittish behaviour from the controller. When driving around at a medium kind of speed, pulling the trigger to go flat out intermittently sends it into reverse.. Wasn't sure what would cause this and once I looked into replacing the radio gear, became obvious I would have to go the whole hog if I didn't want to be soldering or frankensteining anything.. Cheers!
  3. Need some advice from those with far more experience than me please! 😊 My six year old lad has recently shown an interest in RC cars and we had a chat about the first one I had as a kid, the QD Super Sabre. His enthusiasm led me to start scouring fleabay and today I got a QD Super Sabre delivered for £34, which I thought was a bargain. Was advertised as untested and no crystals, so bought crystals for a few quid, chucked some batteries in it, it's alive! I want to bring it up to date, so my lad can enjoy it as much as I did (assuming I let him have a go!) but the world has moved on since I last dabbled with Tamiya kit! I've ordered some new wheels and a new chassis to plonk everything in as I strip it down. I assume I will need the following but don't know what's good and what's crap to be honest: New transmitter & receiver, ESC, battery, servo... if I can get away with using the existing motor that would be good, unless there are better motors I can drop in as a like for like without drilling or soldering.. Can someone help me with a parts list to fit the bill please? Doesn't need to be insanely quick just slightly more future proof than it is now! Thanks in advance Sam
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