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  1. Nice paintjobs guys that green and black one is so cool 😎 Will take the advice and get an esc. When I get chance to strip and rebuild I’ll fit it and some bearings and grease it all up again. Perhaps treat myself to some oil shocks, what would be a good “standard” oil to put in them? I don’t see this ever being driven hard will likely get something else for that, it will be more to mess around with for nostalgia reasons!
  2. Yes a manual controller and a 27mhz radio. What’s the advantage of a new radio or is it just that that’s what works with an esc?
  3. View without the body. Safe to say things have moved on a bit when I look at what you can buy these days!!
  4. Dug my old TL-01B out of the attic, been up there gathering dust for 15 years! Popped a new nimh in and she still runs 🤭 Suspension is… unresponsive and I need to sort out the calibration of the speed controller because the wheels went mental when I connected the battery! Any tips and pitfalls to avoid greatly appreciated as I get back into this 😎
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