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  1. Thanks. Yes, it's quite an undertaking to restore it, as I need to make the stickers from scratch for it, due to the "spit-on" layout the previous owner did on this cool body... Ah, lucky you!! If you ever consider selling it, I'd give it a pampered life, as I crave to have that body in my collection.
  2. I recently scored an FF02 with the LA arms (and a Pug 306 beat body). Unfortunately, no sign of the rare now stabis (aware these were only to work on the TL01 LA), or if they were even ever a part of the LA arms set fitted to this FF02. So either way, I decided to ask Google about those interesting LA arms, and after a few forum threads, I ended up here. Loving the build(s)! Looking forward to more updates, as I also recently made the MCI Castrol Supra out of a TT02 shell and then put on a TT02 Type S with a sensored brushless setup... and, funny coincidence, I run yesterday into a mint built BNR34 GT500 Calsonic (shell only) to put it up against the Supra, probably on a shell-less TT02R I got.
  3. Hi Quincy. Huge fan of you and Kevin's FF01 collection both here and in other similar forums. I've recently acquired a Laguna shell that I want to restore to full 1997 glory. I've been literally years looking at pics of it online, and only yesterday I was able to get this one. It has seen better days, but I think it could be a solid base to work on. I'll need to carefully remove the paint, as well as try to save and put properly as many stickers as possible. But not sure how realistic it'll be at this point to remove the ones that are not correctly placed and be able to fit them again. I wonder if you still had some of the stickers left from your build, so I had a bit of them in reserve. Thanks in advance! Edit: if this is not appropriate to put in here, lmk and I´ll erase it to not spoil your thread.
  4. Came back to this topic as I've been eyeing out the Peugeot 406 with this livery to try to fit it to an FF0x chassis. If only mine looked half as nice as Kevin's, wow! I'm always inspired when I visit this thread. My enthusiast heart says thanks,... but my wallet is NOT happy!
  5. Hi, is the Renault one still available?
  6. I've been for years now looking for the blue-yellow liveried one. I believe this one is also the Kyosho body, with your own livery to make the 1999 car, right? looks gorg!
  7. Very nice! Been eyeing out the DB01 (nearly impossible to find these days) and DB02 (didn´t look as much, but I think similarly hard to find BNIB?). What plans do you have for it?
  8. I'm aware. I've considered doing the WRC, but I just can´t leave that Cossie spoiler alone now.. so I´ll have to get a body and stickers for it... what livery with it? who knows... I'm not such a fan of the Escort outside of the Repsol livery, really...
  9. Ahh, I was loooking at that ebay auction for the same reason. LOVE that Escort livery. I actually bought the "Custom" body recently to try to replicate it, and even an L&L Cossie spoiler, but realized the front end of the car wouldn´t match and now started a rabbithole in which I need an actual Group A Escort body for it to be correct. Also want those rims badly, as they´re the same ones the Clio used to have, which is another of my favorite kits (also, my first Tamiya RC kit I built when I was nine...)
  10. Looks great on those jumps! Been following your build closely. Love it! Alwasy wanted to paint Alen´s similar Swedish rally (no green, only white/blue/pink) livery. What rear lamps are those off of, please?
  11. I can add also that on the 80+ CAD sticker set for the Castrol Supra GT500 a couple of small sponsors were omitted, and the exhaust area had a red bit from a Castrol sticker instead of black underneath. Other than that, great, but these little details are a bit of a letdown. Especially if not corrected for future orders.
  12. And a super nice guy to talk to. I try to use a translator and give the courtesy of writing to him in Japanese. He tends to reply in English and has recently been adding his titles and banners in the video in Enlgish for us nippon illiterates!
  13. Correct! That´s the one, Mighty Nokkey
  14. Hey, this is in the Philippines, right? A Japanese RC Youtuber is there all the time! Mr Nokkey. Maybe you´ve seen one of his vids.
  15. So jealous! one of each, although a bit less keen on FF02... but wouldn´t kick any out of my shelf! Still, can't understand why FF03 is still not sold, nor why FF01 isn't rere'd... I guess BT01 will suffice, if they start rere'ing their old plethora of FF01 bodies... and a Renault Clio one, with a 237mm wb conversion (only 251 and 257mm for now...)
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