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  1. I'm another very new re-entrant. My aims were also around kids and bashing a car. I went DT-03 and am only about 2 months in. I had 80s Tamiya but wanting something from then wasn't a part of my criteria. Rather, I was after today's version of a similar experience. If you're OK with a 2wd buggy then a DT-02/3 (they've got largely same front and rear including most of suspension and drive train, but different chassis mid sections) gives, I think, great value. Much better layout/height/suspension layout and durability than my experience of buggies from back in the day and is cheaper than almost all re-releases. It's essentially a minimum cost entry level 2wd that can be quite easily upgraded to somewhat better performance. Not amazing performance but tremendous vs an 80s 2wd Tamiya, if you ask me. And of these the £72 Amazon one is absolutely killer value, so much so that I bought a kit just for spares. The build experience is almost exactly what I remember. The Neo Fighter doesn't look anywhere near as cool as a proper retro Fox though 😉.
  2. I saw a YouTube video where a chap glued some thin foam into a tube, around a loo roll. It appealed to the Blue Peter fan in me, plus I reckon it wants to be as thin and porous as possible, only enough really to keep solids from flying in. So if I can find a suitable material I'll have a go at that.
  3. Cleaned the motor, just air, no fluid cleaners, and reassembled as was. Surprisingly (to me) it's so far running OK again. Not certain it's up to full power but it's somewhere near and functionally right otherwise. And it might just be my expectations are out. There was perhaps some grit or something interrupting a sensor signal. I did remove a fair amount. Yesterday it gave the error with 2 ESCs, now both run it OK. I think I'll still experiment with sealing circuit boards, just for learning reasons. And to see if we can get more resilience to beach running and the like, that kind of thing is a lot of fun for us.
  4. Although I meant a simpler question (worded badly - was just looking for tips for easy and safe cleaning of a dirty rc car there) I'm intending to follow your good advice on the motor. My plan was to disassemble as you say and then blow it out and maybe brush with some isopropyl alcohol where needed, which most brake cleaners are also a version of. On further research, I think I will also try to use a spray pcb sealer on the sensor board ("conformal coating"). Would be interested to hear anyone's experiences there. Got that from a handful of YouTube vids. RCMart also suggest Sugru around cable plugs. I've got some of that in the shed. Whether I'll do this with it I'm not sure but it surely has some good rc applications. Amazing stuff.
  5. And linked to the above, any tips on cleaning gratefully received? I have just given them a scrub avoiding electronics as best I can, but splashes have been inevitable. Only done it a couple of times. It would be a pain to have to remove a motor for a clean.
  6. A new problem... We have grit entering motor vent holes. From its location I think it may be coming off the diff cup. It's gradual but consistent on both cars, and one is now giving a sensor error. So I'm not very hopeful for its future. That motor was 2nd hand. I assume the sensor problem to be linked to stuff getting in there, although it may not be of course, but regardless I think I need to solve the dirt problem. Realistically, we're always going to be getting our cars dirty, and sometimes we'll take them to the beach (although neither of these motors had been so far). I'll strip and clean that motor and if I get on OK do the other one too, but long term I guess this is going to keep happening. So I'm mulling over longer term options/factors as follows: 1. I could move to a waterproof sensorless system. I'd reuse one existing motor on my next build, softening the cost blow to just ESC, but the second one is to buy both, so a chunk of cash. Or there are one or two cheaper sensored motors that claim to be waterproof and would at least resist dust well. Might try one. 2. I've seen filters, kind of like bags encasing the whole motor, or DIY foam tubes doing similar. Uneasy about either for heat reasons but I might be able to position a smaller bit of foam. I do quite like the idea of a DIY ring of foam though, being cheap and practical. 3. I've a cheap aluminium heat sink coming. I'll see if I can position that, or modify it, to cover the offending holes, but I don't think it'll get in front and beneath the motor well. 4. I'm about to change the cups for much smaller steel ones, maybe they'll throw off less cr4p. Doubt it's really about them though, TBH. 5. I could try to make up a little "mudguard" to shield the motor in front/beneath without affecting it getting its heat away. 6. I could tape up the 2 worst affected holes, hoping if I do just a couple heat will not get out of hand.
  7. RCMart is a new one to me and they have in stock the handful of other XV-01 bits I was after so in goes another little order. Thanks! What's PJ?
  8. DT-03 turnbuckle kit, the last bits I need for steel drive shafts, stainless shafts - all arrived the last couple of days. Back orders from a few weeks ago. So I just await spacers to fit all that lot and engage in an endless cycle of suspension/geometry fettling. I'll probably wait and do it at the same time as converting to hex though, which awaits TRF201 C hubs. With which will arrive some other wildly unnecessary little hop ups because of the application of advanced man maths to rcjaz's combination of low prices and high postage costs.
  9. Got it. It's a Health and Safety sign. Wise indeed. I may follow suit. I'm sure I have some "fragile roof" signs knocking about.
  10. I'm going to persist with the idea that this is cheating. Until I don't. Which could be imminent.
  11. Nice! Is Joe planning to pull the bar down with that ironmongery on the front? Has he thought about getting some help with his anger management?
  12. I angled the photos to avoid the bad bits but yeah, you're right I know. I do think it's a lovely colour. I backed it in silver then black. I suspect that has darkened it a bit, but not to its detriment. P.S. Budget? Surely no one here succeeds in keeping to a budget! 😂
  13. I am constantly amazed by craftsmanship on this forum, in ways I never expected from radio controlled cars. Having built a number of bicycle wheels myself, this example is right up there. Is gobsmacked.
  14. Can't quite get my head around these. They're not built out of hubs, tensioned spokes and rims as they would be at full scale are they?
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