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  1. I'm similar. The Egress is perhaps the vintage Tamiya buggy that appeals to me above all others, but I'm late to the party and I haven't got one. So original colour version beats the "black" derivative - I'd pay more for a stock re-re than a black, if I was buying. But then also I'm not a collector of shelf cars, so although I bought the Optima Mid it's my only example of doing this sort of thing, and I haven't decided whether that'll be a regular runner or mostly ornament, and then how I feel about that and whether that's "me" - I don't have any other rc cars on display and I'm not one for ornamental stuff generally. It's not a straight "no" though and I'd consider a killer deal for the pleasure of the build.
  2. I think this is a nice car to teach me a bit more about setup. I'm a real novice - I understand the basic science but relatively little about the application, if that makes sense. I have changed the damping to 900 front, 600 rear (from 600/300), stock pistons. No other change (science!). Dropping the car there is still an oscillation, rather than the slow return to ride height of eg my B64, so perhaps it's still under damped but it drives better I think. Before, it felt more skittish. I could compensate from a slide but it was very likely to lose the back end on subsequent acceleration. Like maybe it would regain rear grip too aggressively? Now it feels like the slide is a bit more controlled and easier to transition into a straight acceleration. However, this flies in the face of what I read: less damping = more grip, right? Or could it be the case that while less damping generates more grip, this is only up to a point and reducing damping further could lose grip again? As I said - proper novice still! Also, much colder morning, and actually I think the cold ground might (counterintuitively) offer more grip that the sliminess of yesterday's warmer winter morning. So I've not truly isolated one variable. Then there's diffs - stock 900 oil in there but I have bought 3k, 10k and 20k. I may go to the extreme at 20k in the front in an effort to learn about the impact on handling, before trying a middle ground. Or (just because honestly the change looks time consuming and this is only one of many variables) I may just go for 10k for now and work on suspension.
  3. Went out, got home, missed deal. This may not be a bad thing. A TD2 I did not need. However I have other good things in my Tamico basket now so another belter of a deal could tip me over the edge. So please do let me know when the Egress is €200 or they find a stash of Mini Coopers round the back.
  4. Does it *need* much in the way of hop ups? From a cursory glance at the TD2 thread it's hard to home in on the top few in terms of performance/resilience impact.
  5. Hmmm. For reasons unknown, the TD2 interests me where the TD4 doesn't. But I've just bought 2 kits, so I really ought to stop there!
  6. Thank you. That sounds ideal for me. As a rule, my use would be just the same.
  7. Went for a dawn test drive. It's hard to find the time in daylight otherwise, but a nice way to spend half an hour in the early am. Although dog disagrees. Car is already great fun to drive even though I still haven't adjusted camber etc and damping. Can be a bit of a handful to keep straight after a corner, but the surface is pretty slimy. I will also try a range of motors. With this 17.5t (and I think a 25 tooth pinion) it is quite driveable already. I will test up to 10.5 (Tamiya, which is apparently slow for the turns) after improving set up. Must learn how to put a video together 🤣
  8. Another great build @Mad Ax. Love all the little details like his magazines. quick question if I may - what sticker base product do you use to put in a laser printer? Looks like you've found a nice balance between not too fragile and not too thick.
  9. Yes. These are those. Both a fitting design and a low price. I stuck an order in last night for more, and some Optima Mid ones too so I've got some running wheels for that, when I get round to building it.
  10. Yeah with the layout as it is (motor) there's no getting away from the need for a bumper out there and this shell just doesn't go there! I'm cool with it - it's a runner. When I do the Lancia I will cut the bumper and hopefully find there's enough left to be useful (not sure). Have the same hope with the Porsche (got another bumper foam coming). I can see myself lowering the body at the same time as I raise the ride height, so body stays same height off the floor at rest. This would see further cutting on the front of the shell but probably nowhere else.
  11. Finished Escort shell and XV-01 electrics. Which wheels? I reckon gold mini ones with rally tyres, ideally a bit higher profile even than the rally blocks. And I finally finished building my workbench (well, except a sand and a varnish). I'm way more excited about my new proper made in Sheffield vise than I should be.
  12. I found this pic on the Web, after painting... https://www.carthrottle.com/post/amp/you-can-now-buy-a-brand-new-mk1-ford-escort-for-85k/ That also makes me think maybe I won't cut the rear arches away further.
  13. Was worth an ask! Look forward to seeing your build. I've the same shell but for an XV-01. Not going to do the Martini livery either, trying to find a rally/Safari colour that inspires me. Possibly a pale blue, for some reason.
  14. Escort shell came out OK, nothing flash but a good runner. PS-34 bright red backed with PS-63 bright gunmetal (because I had half a can) then black. There's a certain 70s feel about the colour I think. It reminds me of tomato soup. It's not what I expected but I really like it. I should maybe cut out the wheel arches more and lower it a notch. As it is it would take more travel so there may be room for the long damper kit, but the flip side is I'm tempted to increase chassis ride height first/as well. Kamtec front grille sticker was not really flexible enough to go round the contours of the headlights but with water and a hairdryer I got something reasonable in the end. Didn't really fancy the other stickers that came with the shell. I think "less is more" here although maybe some of those panel gap lines would be good. The bumper weirdness is a necessary evil and the bumper will stay whole until I choose to cut it for whichever shell accommodates more of it. I think the gold mini-a-like wheels I bought for this shell will go nicely with some rally tyres. They could even be a sort of semi period correct Porsche option. Maybe even with some higher profile tyres? And they're £3.20 a set. £3.20! I'm going shopping. Cheap Chinese 300mm sensor cables arrived. Lucky they come in threes - quality is terrible. But it's nice to experiement for perfect length - I think for a neat cable run 350mm would be better .
  15. The whole thing looks like a work of art. The bodies too. Killer deal especially for someone wanting that step up in quality. And they do say they ship worldwide, UK buyers just need to factor in import duty and vat on top, I guess. Its not for me though - I'm already in deeper than I thought I was going!
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