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  1. Certainly "of its time" but then so's a Lunchbox! 😉
  2. On the vinyl roof I'm a bit torn now. I really want to do the vinyl roof because it's what these cars are for me. But I know looking at the shell it doesn't really suit, because although this shell has the grille and bonnet of the old cars it has the all round aesthetic of a wider stanced muscular coupe that feels later. However, I also didn't properly spray the roof orange, because the plan was to go over it. So my plan remains to do the vinyl roof and detail chrome around with the acrylic pen, even though I think it could make the thing worse.
  3. Yeah I thought along the way that I should next time try using normal tape and cutting, but I wasn't sure. The white tape conforms but it maintains its stretchiness so it wants to return to shape. No issue on gentle bends but tends to want to lift on tighter inside bends. I had mostly realised this though, so only a couple of those spots and they're small. Where I succumbed to the temptation to try to get away with it just that little bit. Generally it was ok, and it left a clean line, so I can see it being useful too. Other than that I found the Tamiya yellow tape and wide blue 3m tape both to be excellent at their respective jobs. Lot of tape required when you're painting a small bit of a 1/8 shell! I think my bigger mistakes were in ending with a sharp corner from where tapes cross. Like that headlight detail right in the foreground. Should've cut that but I feared a bit both getting the line wrong freehand and damaging the existing paint with my knife. I could alternatively have brush painted the black on grille and lights, but I fancied the smooth finish of spray. The other issue I had is finding a way to hold the shell in the right position to work on it comfortably and patiently. Never got satisfied with that.
  4. Ouch! You got me pretty focused on tea and hot crossed buns, and keeping an eye on the hammer at the bottom of the screen in the secret hope that you'd use it 😁 Tell me that cuppa was stone cold by the time you finished it. You got a lot done on one cup! With that soundtrack I wondered whether you'd sign off with the lunchbox chasing girls round the garden.
  5. Testing from Flickr It works! 😁 Not very tech savvy, me...
  6. Thanks! The tyres and wheels are both from JC Racing. I intend to use these wheels as beach etc runners - they're cheap, have no drain holes for sand to get in and with the open design should clean easily, although I don't much like the look. This car needs black wheels. The lights are quite effective; I've never experienced any other rc lights so I've nothing to compare them with but they do illuminate the ground in front for a little way, they're quite bright. Like they might actually enable a bit of night time running. 18mm diameter. It feels risky cutting 2 holes this big so close together but I'm thinking of trying to fit 2 pairs of them to this shell.
  7. Kind of why I thought of silicone Sealant. If you could get a really really thin bead on there then it might be near enough invisible. And I think it would dismantle pretty easily, it's not much of an adhesive.
  8. Not a great masking job. Found it particularly hard to define an edge to the windscreen which has no molded line. And the flexible white Tamiya tape lifted at its edge in places. But I think both of these issues should be disguisable with chrome lines in most spots, assuming I can do an OK job of those. Meanwhile, couldn't resist a quick run in the dark to try my new lights out. Enough to confirm that these tyres are plenty grippy enough to roll a bit too easily on dry tarmac.
  9. Mostly the means to expand my somewhat ghetto modding habit into carbon fibre board, which could be a fool's errand. But also XV-01 Escort wheels that might not be very "scale" but will take normal tyres, and DT-03 shonky Capri ones. Oh, and the means to attempt homemade waterslide decals. Cue quite a lot of swearing...
  10. That looks like it really means business with all the machined aluminum etc. Would a tiny bead of transparent silicone or similar (or just grease?) achieve a dust seal where you'll have a close fit in places and a gap in others? A gasket might stretch the polycarbonate and risk cracking it if it isn't sized to take one.
  11. Shame. I guess that's why there are some cheap motors but limited range. Interesting they're in the shops as much as they are, 4+ years after stopping trading.
  12. (Although it must be confusing in a race where everyone's number 32) 😜
  13. 🍆 😉 Kidding. They are gorgeous!
  14. Is eggplant green to green what battleship red is to red?
  15. SP has gone out of business? Is that why their motors are so cheap? Or perhaps the cause and effect is other other way around?
  16. It's OK. He can always make another one. There's no way he's got enough of them yet.
  17. I haven't tried adjusting the timing on mine. I'll give it a go. On their MMM series ones, the adjustment doesn't go down to zero. I think it starts at 11, kind of reverse Spinal Tap.
  18. Please tell us you've done these in red, white and blue, a la Italian Job, and run them down a concrete pipe.
  19. I've picked up a new 5.5t Speed Passion, a lightly used 17.5t Speed Passion and some heavily used 7.5t thing each for £25 or under. And the SP 10.5t ones are only about £35 I think. I don't think it has to be expensive.
  20. If that motor isn't damaged then no harm done, right? If it is then why not grab a cheap faster BL and swap in like for like. You might get a whole lot of extra performance. I've been swapping between 3 different Speed Passion motors like that just to try stuff out. It's nice they've got the bullet connectors. Annoyingly, when I thought I'd stuffed a sensor board I found out the part number but they're a right pain to get hold of. There was one shop in Cyprus or somewhere doing the part though. If you think that needs replacing I'll look up the link. It wasn't expensive.
  21. This is true for sensorless but is it for sensored? In sensored the esc receives a signal from a separate sensor and will act on it powering up the respective pole, so surely they'll need to be in the right order unless the esc is intelligent enough to recalibrate itself according to what's going on.
  22. Can't help but wonder whether the motor was not right from the day you got it, given your comments as to how weak it is. I would say our speed passion 17.5t motor, which looking at the pic might be exactly the same model, is more powerful than the torque tuned it replaced, although it wasn't dramatically different and has now been replaced with something else.
  23. Might not be much help in getting you to a AW grease equivalent but I can tell you that when I was looking for similar I followed a recommendation somewhere and bought some Lucas Oil "Red 'n Tacky" and I don't believe that is equivalent to AW grease. It's thicker than RC transmission grease but only as much as pretty normal grease used for everyday applications like bike maintenance.
  24. They come up at 114x61mm. Where I measure Schumacher Mini Spikes at 101x52.5 and Stagger Rib at 103x50mm. Which I think is going to be great for my use. Yeah I now realise it says 110mm in the description but it's a while ago I ordered! 😂
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