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  1. That's without doubt my Kyosho Burns powered by an O.S. Max 21 EX-B - the heftyest motor that Norwegian Modellers had in stock in 1992.. I ran it last time in 2008 or something like that, so there was no GPS-meter or outdated smartohone to strap on and messure the speed. It is blistering fast, I have nothing comparable to this date and it was exhausting to run. After one tank my head was about to implode. Compared with the nuclear powerplant RTR's of today it is probably pretty lame, though.
  2. Ordered on Friday evening, arrived in Norway on Tuesday and came to my post office yesterday. This must be the fastest normal transfer I have ever experienced by the norwegian post. Well done Tamico, DHL and Posten Norge . Now I can rapair the broken Terra Scorcher tonight. I also got the parts I need to make my Nikko Dictator up and running again :TL-01 axles and Hotshot front wheels. Even though the vintage ones are still rolling even and are soft I don't wanna wear them out. Now the kids can run a Dragon chassis each (with Silvercan and 14T pinion) and I can run the Dictator together with them. Hopefully we won't crash. At least I have parts to keep the Dragons running for a while.
  3. Andreas W

    Carten T410

    Nice (build)/completition. I took a look at the Carten Website and liked their take on an M-chassis. If I want a FWD TC to put let's say a Scirocco MK1-body on they have a competent solution for that as well.
  4. In my case the M-05 was on par with the XV from the first time I tried it. It felt more erratic though. I have not fitted the Shimizu tyres yet, as I don't want to wear them out in low, incompetetive temperatures, so kit tyres and Sunday driving-style is the rule. But when it dried up and I took off the slicks on the XV the M-05 could not cope. Given how good the feel of the XV was by 10C temperature on slicks this can be nice when the summer comes.
  5. Like others have said I also just go on if I miss a marker. When that happens it is early in the round, so I will probably improve anyway. Or if I push too hard later it can happen. These are not the fastest stints either. Then I am probably breaking too hard too late on other places on the course and waste away time there as well. That said I have found that the best way to improve is not making mistakes. When I push so hard that I come too late to a corner I take a step back, slow down and try to go consistent. That is when the best lapcounts come.
  6. @Ferruz. Congrats with the maiden-run with the Mid. I hope it filled your expectations. It is a beauty for sure. Looking forward to see how well it will do in the Postal Racing.
  7. Happy birthday. Yup, this forum is something for itself.
  8. Just before bedtime yesterday I placed an order for the parts needed to rapair the Terra Scorcher at Tamico. Now the package is on the way. Way to go, Tamico !
  9. The gun metal version is still at 84€ at Tamico (like it was in the black month sale). This is with at TT and ESC. It should be hard to beat that price when you include shipping from the other side of the world. Actually I thought about buiing one of those for the kids, but when the price was dropped for an almost unused Terra Scorcher in the classifieds I got that instead. It's good to have a more uniform fleet, when it comes to parts. BTW the Dragons are a superb chassis. The Thunder Dragon and Fire Dragon comes in a litte higher in price than the Plasma Edge. They are also worh a concideration.
  10. Last weekend we got 18 cm of wet snow and it did not clear up before Wednesday. Then we had 5C and sun. My usual spot had been scraped, so all the sand and small stones were gone leaving only small dust back. This done good for my lapcount. I knew this probably was my last chance to run in dry conditions and to improve, so I brought 3 packs and left earlier from work. I did two stints each with the Golf and the Delta before I got interrupted by vehicles and they brought water and snow onto my course. Luckily both had improved before that hoppene - with a whopping 10 and 12 laps. I had swapped back to the rally blocks on the Delta. Even though the feel of the car was good on slicks (by 10C air temp) the surface temp is not there now by 5C in the air. Given that this course is so short I think we will see some pretty hefty lapcounts this time. With an inboard made by a friend of mine in the Audi A4 STW of a clubcollege I wish you all a superb weekend and good luck racing. This is on Våler. From 6 min and on it's running properly. The intakesound of the Lehmann-engine and the screaming sequental transmission is so beautyful. I almost get a little tear in my eye.
  11. I cannot say anything about UK taxes, but regarding tre seriousness and reliability of Tamico I can say they are top notch.
  12. wtcc5's fred of the Thunder Shot family will give you a lot of answers. The whole thing is enjoyable from the very beginning, actually. Fill a cup of your favorite coffee, lean back and take your time : https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/98384-wtcc5s-thunder-shot-buggy-family/&do=findComment&comment=861718
  13. Looks promising. I will follow this build with interest. I thought about getting one of these carbon chassis before I built my Thunder Dragon, but did not do it in the end. Would have been awesome to have, though. Is this a chassis from wtcc5?
  14. I never had a Tamiya as a youngster. The first RC I got was a Nikko Malibu. Later I got a Nikko Dictator and then it really began. I still have them both and they are working as near as that all four wheel adapters on the Dictator are cracked. I ran it last year, but now it needs the TL-01 axle mod. The first kit I got was this Burns DX 4WD. I was fed up with the constant running to charge the 1200 mah NiCad. Even with an automotive charger it was much running for little driving. After I tried the Yankee Europa Racing of I classmate it was done. It had to be an 1:8 glowbuggy. It was so facinating to have so much revs and power and I remember it was exhausting to run it, even randomly around a schoolyard or a football pitch. I still have it as well, but I have not run it for at least 15 years. It was working fine then, but I took out the radiogear to mount it in the Grasshornet when I got that in 2020. If I am going to run it again it would definately not be with the vintage (but working) Sanwa 27 MHz gear from 1992. It's not hard to unterstand why I like the Turbo Optima so much.
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