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  1. Just posted the results. We have had rain the last days, so now the grip on gravel will be much better. But there is no time for more attempts. Not so many attempts this time. I had to use the time for painting the house while the carpenter was here and we had scaffolding.
  2. No flames, but I painted my Nikko Dictator matte black. I liked it dark and mysterious . It got stickered up with stickers from me and a friends sticker bin, so it is "sponsored" by 3 or 4 different oil -companies. I'll post pics of it tonight. It's in it's box down in the basement. Here it is in all it's glory. Apart from cracked wheel adapters in all 4 corners it works just fine.
  3. Not today but on Wednesday I got the TD and a box full of more hop ups for my yet to build M-05 Golf MK1 (which by the time is turning into a money-pit). It's better be fast in the postal.
  4. I would say build the XV first and save the Mid for cosy nights when the winter storms are raging. Then you can enjoy quality-time building the Mid.
  5. Inspired by this thread I bought a ThunderDragoncy Dragon just now. They are so cheap, so there is no reason to thrash the Tomahawk around in the snow during winter. Even though I know that the end solution is to buy a Turbo Optima .
  6. But flowers are luckily not that costy. If you have the space in the garden and the local climate is appropriate then a magnolia-tree is always a certain success. Looks beautyful as well. Even after that there will shurely be some change left to buy hop ups as well .
  7. Thanks for the racing, guys. It was fun as always. And congrats to Ferruz for the win with that amazing Terra (in combination with ditto driving skills).
  8. Well, what about metallic orange (I think I have read that you love that.). Then there must be TS-92 or PS-61 with gloss clear. The work looks wonderful as always.
  9. Yes a bit large. But because of low profile not so notable. Espesially if you turn/screw them down a little in the surface.
  10. Good luck. It's astonishing how much you will improve within let's say a year. If you are driving on loose surface I recomend to use marking paint under the cones (or just marking paint). Then it is quick and easy to mock up the course if you find some free time every now and then. And if a cone moves you now its position. I use Biltema 45-7510 markers. They stay reasonably in place if you clip them with the inner front wheel.
  11. Interesting. Looking forward to pictures of it. LWB Tomahawk is fun .
  12. New attempt today. Now with the wheels from the Grasshornet. It was better in regards of understeer, but the tall tires are very bouncy compared with the 2,2 tires I normally drive. After a powerdrift you offen get a contra wenn you get off the throtle. Either way I have not been able to improve my lapcount since last week. It's simply too dry therefore endless loose debries on the surface already after one stint. Another day with lovely weather here in Skien
  13. Congrats in advance. The Mad Van must be an excellent choice. A modern, faster and more capable take on the Lunchboox-theme. Enjoy!
  14. I have found time for a couple of trips to the minimized Ring. I have used the 23T motor now with adjusted timing. It's a lot faster now (out of the box it's lame compared with the 17T), but runs cool and is relatively nice on the battery. It's been so dry here,so you have 3 attempts on one spot before the surface is completely dug up and you get more and more understeer. Yesterday I tried an old Yokomo I fixed up during the winter. It has some serious grunt, but runs too hot. It also dries out my 4000mAh shorty after one stint and a little random bashing. The front tires are of yellow compound and gives a lot more understeer than the silver I am used to. The Tomahawk looks badass though on the black Scorpion wheels I think. Later today I'll try the wheels from the Grasshornet (Sand super rear, Cut Stagger Silver front), if I'm allowed to play for myself . And a pic of the Tommy in the lovely wether yesterday. Happy holydays to everybody.
  15. Turned 47 at the end of March. Actually I had a chat about this over two years ago with my brother, who was the one of us that had Tamiyas BITD. He could report that most of the guys in the Lego movement not surpricingy are on his age (he is now 45). He still has them all (the Nikkos and the Yankee glow buggy as well) , but is now mainly doing Lego on a let's say it regional level and 1:1 cars.
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