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  1. The Scorpion wheels use a serrated friction hub instead of the Tamiya one. I got one with my Tomahawk and drilled it to fit. The neater solution is to get the Ampro part from Shapeways though. That looks like the Tamiya part, but fits the Scorpion wheels like a glowe. In my answer I assumed that you were going to keep the solid rear axle. If you are going the ThunderDragoncy-route with Dragon rear suspension things change a little. Then you do'nt need the balloon rear tires, because now you got a proper working rear suspension. You also got an adjustable motor mount, so you can choose different pinion-sizes according to what you want to acchieve. For the proper looks I then would have got the 2,2 Wild One wheels from JC Racing Products (like Cy is riding) and some Schumacher tires according to preference. The endbell is where the motor axle and axle bushing is attached (and the wires, yes). It's fully correct that larger diameter will decrease the torque towards the surface. In your case (given that you run the solid rear axle) i think the BZ has so much torque that you end up with even more top speed and lots of heat. As I said earlier: The Sport Tuned is the sweet spot for a solid axle car according to my experience. Powerful enough to be entertaining and fast enough so you need to practise throtle control. Already on NIHM it is too fast to be driven with digital throtle, like we did in the childhood with Nicads and standard silvercan. In my head perfect for grownups, who want it faster and a little more challenging than bitd. Stick the control in the hands of an unexperienced child and you are garanteed endless rolling. With a Dragon rear suspension the BZ should be fine for grownups.
  2. The car looks superb. Espesially with the gold wheels in Minilite-design. Reminds me of the legendary MK1 of Holm Jacob Matheson here in Norway. You probably already know, but JC Racing Products has rims in that design in different colours and 2 offsets.
  3. Wow. That went better than expected. I have never in my life had such a good flow as I had in that single stint. I hadde good feeling on wet the day before, as I suffered a dnf after 4 min. When the surface was dry the next day the car gave a superb confidence and just was flying. The same goes for me atm. I can make the next track, but will need over the weekend to finish it.
  4. Thanks for your throughly race report. Shurely you had fun. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. My mother in law passed away in April and for my wife it's still hard.
  5. Just submitted the best results. I had a superb RC-experience today. Yesterday I had the XV on the bench. I had a mishap during driving earlier. I had a flying stint, but one of the dampers got loose after 4 min. With 1 min left I was only 2 laps behind the previous best, so that sucked. I have now gone over even more metal to metal connections with threadlock. I also shimmed out the rear wheels a little and moved some of the foams in the battery compartment, so I could place the shorty a little furher back. That made wonders. Today the commuter parking was dry, the temperature was 0C and the good thing was flying. I broke the next personal barrier with regards to lapcount and got so happy. Man, I love that XV! I also drove the Thunder Dragon, but that was after work and it got dark. I still managed to squeeze one more lap out than before. The new Lipos were superb. Even after 3 stints and some bashing there was no cut off. All in all probably my best RC-experience this year, together with when I got second with the Golf this summer.
  6. These are often the normal conditions for me during the winter. Dry and not so deep snow is huge fun, but of course you know that . No conditions for the big numbers lapcount though. The biggest challenge now is to find a spot where the snow get moved away, but not salted and there is illumination. That is like hens teeth to begin with, and with the current energyprices more and more places are left dark now. Good conditions for mobile criminals from the continent, but bad for nice and humble men in the late 40's, who just want to run their not toys after work.
  7. My suggestion for front tires are Schumacher cut Stagger low profile on 2" wheels (Kyosho Scorpion wheels with 850 bearings). Yellow compound for allround. I mostly run silver on mine and on the Tomahawk, but the Grasshornet will just griproll on astro or tarmac with silver, so for those conditions yellow are fine. I tried various 2,2 on the front, but it got so high then so it rolled a lot and was just frustrating. With the 2" low profiles everything suddenly went just fine. I have not tried it, but the Hornet rear wheels have the same diameter as the Scorpion, so you should be able to work a set of Scorpion tires on the Hornet rims when the spikes are worn down. That should not take long . These tires in medium compound grip really well on loose surface. That should in my opinion be a good performing and good looking solution. I would not use larger diameter than that on a chassis like this. It is already high geared and you only have the 18t pinion to choose. With that nuclear powerplant Lipo you have looooooong runtime. You should check the temperature on the endbell let's say every 5 minutes to start with. 600$ on this is... a lot. You could have got a Kyosho Turbo Scorpion with all carbon parts in the world for that and could have enjoyed the performance of the BZ straight away. But this is the hobby and part of the maturing process for body and mind .
  8. Good idea. I'm buiing wheels from JC Racing Products later for the tarmac season. They are 5mm offset. It must be said that the surface is soft and soaked, so when you go sideways the outer wheels just dig into the surface. I tried it again today. This time on wet tarmac. Now we are talking! I now officially love this car. No more rolling. Just concentrate on throtle control and keeping the line. There was no recordbreaking lapcount, but in my book decent given it was wet and I drove it for the first time 2 stints yesterday.
  9. Looking good, Willy. For those of you finding the grey wheels dull and cheap looking I can give you a tip: JC Racing are now doing the Egress wheels in chrome silver. They would look superb on it. I have to say I like the grey ones in the kit as well, but it's nice to have options and a more common diameter.
  10. Interesting project. I stopped modifiing my Grasshornet before I went into the aftermarket 3D print world and got a Tomahawk instead. I still love the Grasshornet though. I would save the nice BZ for the next project. As long as you are keeping the solid rear axle you will still have the caracteristic hopping and non existing gearing options. I dare to say it will be uncontrolable and the possibility to wreck it at an early point is good. With a Sport Tuned you are within sensible speeds. It's got enough power to drift and do donuts on oversteer and you need to practise throtle control in corners, so still challenging but on a realistic level. I run Kyosho Scorpion rear wheels on mine. On loose surface they are superb and they give extra damping because they are so soft. Check out ThunderDragoncy 's threads about his Ultra Hornet and Ultra G for good tips if you want to go IRS at the rear or simply modifiing to the next Level of the good old Hopper. His threads about modifiing the Thunder Dragon is also useful, if you are going that route later. One of the Dragons would be a good choice for your BZ BTW. Good luck .
  11. On the way to work I took the time to let the second hand XV-01 make it's debut in the Postal Racing. It was wet and raining and the commuter parking was full, so no tarmac run. Then I was stuck with the usual spot with gravel. After the snow last week it has been raining non stop, so the ground is swamp like. What about the XV? I must say it's not an immideate struck of love - but it was like that with the Golf as well in the beginning. The XV is quiet, responsive and behaves much like I'm used to after hundreds of laps on ice tracks in 1:1 Audi quattro. But I do not like that it griprolls so easy when I get in the flow. It might be that I am better off changing the BZ for a Torque Tuned for now. Still it made it only 4 laps short of the Thunder Dragon already on the first stint (with rolls). Not bad, but room for more. On Thursday the temperature is creeping below 0 C, so then the conditions will improve I hope.
  12. It's nice to see a price tag in the good old D Mark again . A true signum of the age of this.
  13. Congrats and enjoy. This is the SRB done right and the best suited for modern use of the Scorpion-based chassis. Some wheelweights on the front crossmember and you get rid of 80% of the understeer.
  14. Hehe. I just translated the price, since NOK probably is less current for the majority here.
  15. Løten RC-Shop here in Norway. I see they are already back to normal price by now, which should be 38,25£.
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