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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this writeup. It's been nice to follow what have happened there over the weekend.
  2. Given I would run NiHm I would use Deans on both battery and ESC. If I wanted to not cut the tub I would cut off the connector and solder the new one in the car. Then you have the option to match the cable lengths, so you don't have a snakes nest in the compartment. Besides Deans takes up less space, if you at some point get a 8,4V pack, which really wakes up the motor and fits like a glove in the compartment, as long as cables and connectors don't take up too much space.
  3. That's a gorgeous Boomerang. I like metallic colors best, but I prefer the simplicity of a solid color. For one they cover a lot better, so far less effort to get en even color.
  4. The trailer and CRX are smashing. Looks like you have wonderful weather. Good luck racing.
  5. Things went my way and I got the first attempt in this friendly competition in lovely sunshine and 18C. It was lovely to let the car stretch its legs. The track gets so open when enlarged and the flow is so nice. As TurnipJF found out it is hard to keep the consentration for such a long time I decided to make the pit stop on a round lapcount. I sadly misunderstood my countdown, so I did not realize that it wes 12 min left and not that it has only gone 12 min and went out fir a few more laps to reach what I thought was the magical 15 min mark. The rythm was not that great afterwards. After the pit stop I had problems with the left rear tire beading off. In normal Postal Racing I have found out that the tyres can stay unglued. Here the S grips get si soft that they get loose on the inside. The laps after the pit stop was therefore more frustration than fun. When I walked the dog DHL turned up with the new rims for the Ride slicks. I have glued a set, so next time I hope to have better tyres. Plenty of dust dispite cleaning the area with leafblower. The tyrewear is as expected. They have gone many laps now.
  6. I got inspired by Pylon80 . But it was relatively cheap and since there will be no new kit this year it's nice to get the best out of what I already have.
  7. Just got back from picking up this second hand setup station. It is nice to finally end guestimating and eyeballing.
  8. I have ran this track 3 times this week. On Monday I ran both the Carten M210R (to get to know it again and adapt to the changes) and the XV-01. The Carten has stagnated and all lapcounts are now within 2 laps. Yesterday the XV-01 got on par with the best lapcount of the Carten. Not bad on rally blocks. Today the weather was brilliant and I swapped for the Ride slicks and reduced the rear droop. The weight transfer is pretty hefty on an XV-01 while braking and the rear gets unstable. Now it's a lot better and the driver is now the limitation: Remember to brake when the car goes straight and not turn in while braking. The result: 3 more laps improvement directly. I now need to go up a pinion size or two, since the TC tyres are smaller. If I have forgot over the winter: These tyres are sticky .
  9. I'm hoping the stars allign and I get the time to test the enlarged track tomorrow. I have now a leafblower and chalk spray in the car. It would be with the Carten with the blue Porsche RSR body. The new one which will have a correct livery is on it's way, but it's no way I will make to finish this shell within this round. I have gone up two pinion-sizes since last year, adjusted the initial punch a lot down and given more drag brake. Together with 60D tyres (S grip rear, kit hard with sauce in front) it's now super predictable compared with last year, even though it was nice then, but a lot wilder. I am waiting for new rims fitting the Ride slicks in 60D i have bought, since they turned out to be 47mm instead of the normal 42mm. If they are anywhere near as good as the Ride slicks I have on the XV-01 this will be a ton of fun. I struggle with Laptrax on the current phone. It is impossible pr now to make it count, even when I pass within 10 cm of it. The old phone worked fine regardless of front or rear camera. I prefer to use the front camera and place the tripod on the inside. The temps today reached 18 degrees. Hope there is less wind tomorrow, so new debries from the surroundings don't come into the surface after I have made it as clean as I can.
  10. I think it looks really, really good and it's a brilliant example of alternative coloring and decoring for this lovely car. The chosen wheels and their color go hand in hand with the color on the body and the stripes. That said it would probably also have looked nice with the original stripes, but of course not anywhere near so individual as your version is.
  11. That's a seriously good looking body. Not that the Lancia was that much less good looking, but it must be nice to have the opportunity to switch between two nice rally classics on that competent chassis. PS: Which tyres are you on?
  12. I feel your pain. I think it's time to take the lovely XV-01 out of the box and put away the TT-02 stuff for a while. Stick a ST with 21t pinion in it and start enjoying. Save yourself the painting and stickering and get a pre-painted Killerbody for it. I was so happy that I chose to get a Killerbody instead of still having the bodywork left by now (the rebuild took far more time than I thought). I ran the current Postal racing-track on Monday. I ran the Carten first and finished the pack with one stint with the XV-01. On that first attempt the XV-01 was on the same lapcount as the first stint with the Carten (2 laps behind the best run). That's on rally blocks. The Carten ran on Tamiya radials for the first time. With risk of hijacking the thread: What's not to love about this?. Do as me: Get it out in the sun and feel how good it is.
  13. Hehe. Since the tyre-sources tend to dry out when the season starts I have stocked up on Shimizu tyres and also got 4 sets of Ride 60D. Wanted to mount a set yesterday in preparance for the Endurance Postal Racing: Bummer. Ride tyres are Ø47mm (and I have almost all the M-Chassis rims in the world - in 42mm). Nothing other to do than place an order to get the fitting wheels (utilize what you already have, we call it). There's a discount on the normal Carten wheels, so well why not get a set for the M-08 as well. Let's try a set of 40 shore Ride on the front of the Carten M210R when summer temps come. And that's how it goes .
  14. I think that looks ace and is a brilliant alternative to the FD box art.
  15. Good to see problem solved. Spacers in the shocks are also good in my book, as long as you don't need all the travel. My Thunder Dragon never griprolls and it's on 2,2 Schumacher full spikes.
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