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  1. I'm building mine completely stock. Hope that center prop shaft holds up. Honestly, though, this is more about the build and finishing than actually driving. Mine will be mostly on the shelf- fun to look at!
  2. Ya, I really like Tamiya's unusual designs. I'm building a Euro racing truck right now. Not sure who else would produce a kit like that!
  3. Thank you everyone. I appreciate all the feedback.
  4. I've ordered the Super Avante because I want a Tamiya model, but how do models like this compare with similar designs by the other big name brands that sell roller chassis kits for racing?
  5. Thanks. Actually, I understand the problem involves side tabs versus Tamiya's motors with wires out the back - which apparently fit better. I'll take a look at those blue bottle motors.
  6. What is a bluebottle motor? Are you concerned about the side motor tabs?
  7. What is a bluebottle motor? Are you concerned about the side motor tabs?
  8. Yes, I heard that, too. Tamiya motors have the wires exiting the rear of the motor can. I don't want a brushed motor in a nice car like this, though. I how there's a good alternative.
  9. I've pre-ordereded a Super Avante and need a brushless motor and ESC combo. The model will be a shelf queen for the most part, but I want it to have decent performance for an occasional run. I was told that 2-pole motors are best for Tamiyas, but there seem to be few available. I've been looking at an Onyx 3000kv combo for a modest price that seems suitable. Would this be a good choice?
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