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  1. Thank you They are a mix of Re Re, Baja sponsor decals and some from my parts bin! The Head light covers are from a wild Willy sprue, that I bought to convert a Kyosho RC speed boat into a 'Wet Willy Custom'' that's still in the works.... I looked at full on early race Baja Bugs and went with the pillar box front screen, to try to get it a bit period correct The mirrors are from an HPI and are rubber, as it was built as a runner and these are the first to go
  2. Gotta think that these Sheiks have more time/money on their hands! Wake up in the morning and think, what toy do I want today!
  3. That Fall Guy Version is truly epic...
  4. Thanks Guys It really has been a labour of love
  5. So I'm going to call this one done. You know how it is when you just can't help doing more and more.. It has had a ton of mods done to it and a lot of hours put in to get it where it is. It was built as a runner, but I'm at the point I don't want to ****** it up by rolling it, so I'm having to weigh up my options.. Still I'd always wanted one and the build has been fantastic. Cheers Daz
  6. Just tried going on RC Channel's website and it says it's suspended?
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