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  1. Update: On the advice from this forum I bought: 2.4ghz MTX 249 transmitter MRSR 249 2 in 1 ESC & Receiver Sport tuned motor .........and I still only get about 5 minutes of full control from the car, though the speed is noticably better! I assume that points to the batteries? They do seem to retain voltage on the multimeter though.....
  2. They are just Hai Bo Xing 1800MAH 7.2v.......Probably not the best?
  3. Probably the best option. Its the only original part. I'll try a new one. Thanks
  4. I think i did. I disconnected the rods and centered it. Is there a proper procedure?
  5. I dont think so. It worked fine yesterday. Its an MTX-249 controller......
  6. Hi, The servo on my TL-01 is moving but not enough to move the wheels to full lock. I have a full battery in the transmitter and the car. It does this when disconnected from the arms too. It seems to be set centrally on the cog. It was working fine yesterday. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance Jez
  7. They are generic NICD batteries. Probably a few years old, should they work for more than 5-10 minutes?
  8. It’s the stock servo and a LM-406 ESC which isn’t the best. I have another one ordered after advice from this forum. there is very little information about programming it.…..though it behaves fine for a while.
  9. That could be the case, it is old equipment. The batteries were fully charged but could be running low quickly. I’ll test them later. I assume that fully charged batteries should function for more than 10 minutes? Thanks Jez
  10. Thanks again for the info..... I'll look on ebay now.
  11. Brilliant thank you. Any recomendations ?
  12. Do I need new transmitters, Crystals and receivers? Thanks Jez
  13. One is an Acoms Techniplus AP-202 27Mhz with a 27.225 AM Crystal Other A Futaba Bionic Gold FP-T2NCR with a 27.125 AM Crystal. Sorry for the initial lack of info.......New to this! Thanks Jez
  14. Hi I have 2 x TL-01s and I had them both out running tonight. Both ran fine (seperately) for 5 minutes then started to do random turns and ignore the controllers. They were both running one at a time using seperate transmitters and behaved perfectly for a while then were possessed by the devil. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.... Jez
  15. These are the 2 I have. As far as I can see the chassis are identical, only the wheels are different. It was suggested that they are TL01 copies? I had trouble programming the ESC so I was thinking I should buy that and the motor together to ensuring compatability? Thanks Jez
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