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  1. Thank you! I collect and restore vintage arcade games. This is Gottlieb's 300, I traded my Williams Triple Strike for it, I also have an original Rampage, Pole Position, a Rygar that I completely restored, Galaga that needs to be restored, an Asteroids Cocktail table and a 60 in 1 cocktail table!
  2. Well, the kit is complete! Just finished up the decals and now she's ready to rip. It's been snowy and rainy here for the past week so it'll be a bit before it dries up and I can get you guys some videos of me blowing up my Top Force Evo. What's the best way to post a video here, just upload to YouTube and add a link? Also, how do I increase my attachment limit? I'm sure I'll be breaking parts left and right on this thing so you haven't heard the last of me! Also found that slipper pinion and how to fit it in the gearbox so once I find out how to get one to Canada I'll post that as well! Thanks for all your help guys!
  3. I used some contact cement I had lying around but I've got tons of shoe goo or JB weld to try if that doesn't work out!
  4. Perfect, I'll remove the suspension arms and do that tomorrow! Thanks for the tip
  5. It's definitely bulky but a very nice ESC, you get a free Castle Link with it so you can tune it on your computer! The fan is removable also so you could probably slide it under the upper chassis piece. I fit one in my re re Hotshot and that was a real challenge, had to drill holes for the motor wires lol
  6. Awesome, that's great news! Thanks for the info sir, I'm throwing those slicks back on right now lol Please let me know if you know anything about the rubber cement on the gearbox joints, not sure what to do.
  7. Also, I did not put synthetic rubber cement on the gearbox joints because I didn't have any and I thought it was just to hold them for ease of assembly. Now I notice they move in and out a little bit, should I disassemble and apply the cement or is it not necessary?
  8. Got all the electronics fit in and man was it tight but with a little trimming of the under cowl I managed to make it work! It's freezing outside and the roads are salty so I can't really get it to hook up but man is this thing deadly! Now all that's left are the decals and some maybe 3" wheels as I don't like how small the 2.2's look on it I have one question though, I chose to use the one way gear instead of the counter gear. Is this why the front wheels continue to spin when the rear wheels are stopped even with the brakes applied? It also looks as if one of the front wheels does not get as much power as the other. Thanks guys!
  9. Oops, just did some reading and because it doesn't have a center diff then running on pavement can actually be worse for it! Well that's a bummer
  10. Oh yeah, big time lol They're drag slicks which I believe are meant for a RWD car. This is 4WD so they may cause issues but I just put them on for fun, I'd like to do a few runs just on the street to see how fast I can get this thing to go, won't be doing many jumps.
  11. Thank you sir, gotta say this is definitely my favourite car of all time and I'm happy to finally own one! My motor was delivered today so after work I should be able to get everything hooked up for a test run
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