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  1. New in Box , complete Tamiya Porsche GT2 TA02SW Make me a decent offer, is located in the Netherlands, can ship at buyers cost
  2. still a lot to do... here some more work in progress pics
  3. Fitted the GT2 lightbuckets... still waiting for my 3dwrapup to do the headlights and the rearlights... Also ordered a cockpit, need to make a rollcage and do some decals like windowtrim,sunvisor, porsche logos etc.. Also have bronze wheels for this one.. but still havent come in..... Will update next week when the parts arrive and i can finish this one..
  4. Had a black Taisan GT2 spoiler and black mirrors laying around and quickly fitted them... still undecided what to do.... keep them black or paint them in color...
  5. Handrilled the body for the 1.2mm body screws... and started with bodylining......
  6. Decided to go with PS23 on this one.. Gunmetal.... really happy with the color... Here it is just painted...
  7. Kit came in today.... so i put the TA02SW chassis together and made the body ready for paint.. .. My order from Tamico also came in along with the paint etc.. Painted the GT2 lightbuckets chrome....
  8. Well happy days as yesterday DHL decided to bring me my lost body after 2 weeks of M.I.A Didnt have my lexan scissors available so i decided to use a precision knife...which went ok ( think i prefer the small scissors ) Hit out any problemareas with some grit paper,will do it once more with the dremel before paint. As i am still waiting for my tamico order to show up with the paint and lightbuckets etc...im stuck to watching this. Just quickly put it on the display chassis,will be setup when everything is finished. 2nd one will be on the TA02SW chassis
  9. 2 of these babies incoming
  10. Hi no theyre just DS drifttires,no slots or anything in them, just flat on the inside. They just slide on after you put the tires for a minute or 2 into boiling water ( tip ) since i went for the widest offset in the rear , the wheel is wider then the 26mm tire... so i wil try some Tamiya 30mm tires on them soon, got a extra bronze set incoming soon...
  11. Hi guys, its been over 25 years that i made my last Tamiya kit ( yes im getting old! ) As i watch a lot of random youtube clips i stumpled on the clip from Tamiya Legends on his Cobalt Green GT2, and after that i knew i needed to do something similair., the pics of the KUHFARBEN ones and the topic of GermanTA03GUY didnt do any good either i just needed to have a go at this myself after all of those years.. IMHO 993 GT2 is one of the sexiest models Tamiya has ever made.. I started looking around for a complete Tamiya Porsche GT2 kit or body... complete was not easy and i found a unpainted gt2 body from Tamiya from a guy from Germany, bought it.. but still havent recieved it as its M.I.A ( big thx for the fkcup @ DHL ) In the mean time i had bought a Pandora chassis display as i dont have the intention on driving it anyways , just fiddling around with it, painting it... doing some mods on it.. etc... Bought some DS racing DE 5 spoke wheels with the adjustable offsets in gumetal... as i was and still am waiting for the body to show up.. i kept on buying some stuff like.. tamiya cockpit.. styrene stuff for the rollcage, 3dwrapup for the lights, tamiya light kit etc etc etc.. But still no body.... so bought from the same guy a NIB TA02SW GT2 complete kit... asked him to send this one with another shippingcompany and while im still waiting on that to arrive uhmm i literally just bought another NIB complete GT2 kit.. Ordered some different wheels for that one... paint , mods , parts etc all is on its way and ill make a build topic on this here.. Ill start this one of with just 2 simple pics of the pandora display chassis, very simple concept.. will take any 1/10 body, you can change width, length, wheelbase etc etc... quickly mounted my first set of DS Racing gunmetal wheels. A lot more to come very soon!!!! and while it wont be anything new ill try to document this bodybuild for the people who are interested, The GT2 will be a hybrid RWB / trackday kinda style GT2.... For now im just waiting on parts Cya soon!!
  12. only one of 12 in the world...... F81 M3 touring
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