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  1. Sorry man, not sure why my comments are permanently quoting you... Finally got out for a little shakedown run this weekend, what a blast. Handles like butter, stock suspension is very smooth. Ground clearance is pretty low so any offroading will need to be on well prepared surface- the grass at the neighborhood school was pretty long and a lot of divots so made from some rough going. Otherwise, performed great. Anyone able to recommend some tires for parking lot bashing?
  2. Just got this wrapped up. Took me a while to get the electronics planned out, not a whole lot of room in there. Turned out good though, body just barely clears. Went with box art for paint, had a few bits of overspray due to some careless masking but otherwise happy with results. Box art seems to be very polarizing- I like it though, reminds me of Subi rally livery. Overall a fun build, if a bit finicky at times. This was my first build in nearly two decades!
  3. Yeah shims are in. It's the weirdest thing. There's not much to that step so really scratching my head. Once the diff is together it's just the bearing and two shims on each side that locate the diff in the housing.
  4. Finally got mine and started assembly today. Was your rear diff loose in the housing? Finding that mine has some play both side to side and a tiny bit front to back. Not sure if this is normal or not?
  5. After sitting for three days in the warehouse a few miles from me with no update, status has now moved from pending to delayed.
  6. Mine shipped Fedex, arrived in my state yesterday. Arrived in a town about 5 miles away from me last night been sitting there since with no update. Delivery date was originally 12/1, now has been deleted and just says pending. I paid Horizon 5.99 extra for the quick shipping, but looks like it's going to take longer than usual.
  7. did you order yours from Tamiya? I ordered a few parts from them and received all but the slipper.
  8. Just got shipping notification from Horizon, should be delivered on Wednesday
  9. Horizon shows in stock now, but my order details still show backordered edit: spoke with Horizon, mine should ship this week. Warehouse has received but hasn't been processed due to holiday
  10. I've got my Avante on order from Horizon. Order placed when status was still "pre-order", has since changed to backordered. Guessing they're sitting on one of those ships off the coast of CA. This is my entry back in to RC, last one that I built was an HPI RS4 about 20 years ago, before that a Kyosho Outlaw Raider. I've got a Super Stock BZ, HW 1060 ESC, and a few hop up parts waiting- universal shafts, slipper, and aluminum servo mounts. All but the slipper clutch have arrived, no explanation from Tamiya where that is.
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