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  1. Hi all, I have a TT-02. Currently set up to run 257 mm wheelbase and standard width front and rear. I have a desire to put a Porsche 911 body on it. I think they are typically 251mm wheel base, which I'm happy to swap to. But, I'm not sure if they all have a wide rear wheel track width? I think the RSR Carrera does, with wide offset wheels. But the GT3 appears not to from images. Can anybody help please? I'll be running mostly on carpet race track, with racing wheels and tyres, which come with no offset, I think, on all four wheels. Would that be better with a 911 GT 3, or the RSR, and longer rear axles. Either way it's going to get a bit beaten up with my driving! Or is there another 911 body that would fit without messing with the suspension? Thanks for any help! Rich
  2. I found the culprit, and it was a result of somebody trying to solve another problem. During last week's racing session, I lost a prop shaft and out drive cup. I managed to collect one from race control, recovered from the track. Without checking it too much, I refitted it for the next race. It turns out, it had an o-ring stuffed in it, which I've been told put there to help stop drive Shaft popping out. A side effect is it caused the shaft to bind during suspension movement at the bottom end of travel. Problem solved, waiting on the solution for drive shafts coming out. UJs on the way.
  3. Hi all! Before I start stripping my TT-02 down, I thought I'd ask here in case there's an obvious place to start My TT-02 front suspension is generally ok. Seems to move freely. BUT, on one side only, the suspension arms seem to bind slightly before dropping to the lowest position under normal damper/spring pressure. But I can move them the rest of the way, just a few mm, easily by hand. This causes the car to sit slightly off level. The suspension is stock TT-02 but with CVA dampers and low friction suspension balls. (Those are not easy to get off the uprights once installed!) I wondered if there's a known place to start my investigation?? The wheel on the same side doesn't have any axial play in it either, like all the others do? If that's related, I'm not sure... Thanks Rich
  4. The TBLE04s in my other son's car seems to be working fine. Has good low speed control. But I did have to return a 04s, as it had some other issues. That's why I have a Hobbywing 1060 in one car now.
  5. Thanks to both of you. My son's ok with it as is for now. I'll swap out properly for a spare Hobbywing when I can, or the Tamiya one fails. Cheers!
  6. To rule out other effects, I swapped the ESC for a hobbywing 1060, and I can then achieve controlled slow speeds. So unless there's a setting or adjustment I've missed, I think it's the nature of that ESC. So far I am more impressed by Hobbywing ESC than Tamiyas.
  7. Hi, Over Xmas, my son's and I built 3 TT-02 cars. For various reasons with different combinations of ESC and radio gear. Two are able to be controlled at low speeds. The third (TBLE-02 and FlySky radio) does not allow very low speed. I have tried setting and resetting high end points. The reverse mode is set up, it's in brushed mode. All 3 cars have stock torque tuned motors. Is there something else I need to adjust or set to fix this? Or is it a characteristic of that ESC? Thanks Rich
  8. Hi. I returned the ESC as faulty and got a refund.
  9. I'm not saying that it is correct, but there is no obvious way to do anything different. And I did have two sons building them with me, who didn't think anything was wrong.
  10. I've just built 3 TT-02, and all mine seem to be same I've used CVA shocks. The rear sits a couple mm lower and has less travel. I assumed that was normal. As far as I can see the rear position and travel are restricted by stops on the arms and uprights. Are your shocks in the correct hole on the top mount?
  11. The annoying thing is, I have loads of Tamiya masking tape. I just thought I'd save some time, and wrap in cling film. Lesson learned.😄
  12. Thanks for all the input on this I used the paint today. It went well, and looked brilliant, until I made a mistake with some cling film. (Another post). The colour change is very effective. Will use again. Rich
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