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  1. How much taxes are built in to these prices in the UK? £279 is about $352 USD. And per above, Horizon is showing it at $238 USD. $114 in taxes for what most would consider a toy car?
  2. Looks great for a10th paint job let alone your first! Good luck with your window smoke. Here's three steps for window smoke: 1- Spray VERY light coats 2- Spray VERY light coats 3- Repeat steps 2 and 3.......
  3. If the specs of the servo are capable of handling the maximum voltage from the battery, then the motor should be able to handle it on it's own. For a science project, Nikko could just find a battery with the appropriate voltage. Great idea on the servo tester @divot27 !
  4. If you get into the servo and pretty much remove the electronic, you could just run the "+" and "-" battery current directly to servo's motor.
  5. Just thinking about this the other day when emptying the trash can in my workshop after a recent build. I recall a lot of folks asking for more kits where the parts are packaged as blister packs. I recently finished up my Buggy Champ and I really don't care for them. Substantially more work than cutting open a couple bags of parts and dumping them into a container. Is it just for the nostalgia part that some prefer? Perhaps I could see this if the plastic formed parts blisters "easily" pulled off the cardboard......but the DON"T . Every one of them you have to get in there with an X-acto and carefully cut what appears to be a very robust plastic and try to cut it without cutting the part inside or the blade slipping and cutting yourself.
  6. Did you fabricate those from suspension arms? They look fantastic!
  7. Yeah, I probably should just mod the servo like you did or what I did on my SS. All my electronics are waterproof so that shouldn't be an issue. I think I was waiting for the BC for so long, I just wanted to get it built. Should be an easy enough mod though even after the fact.
  8. My beloved 2S shorty pack isn't performing well as of lately so I need to purchase some new lipos. Any recommendation for what lipo fits in the SRB? The servo placement makes it an odd fit. A hard case shorty is even pretty tough to fit due to the overall height where the wire exit the hard case. I don't plan to do any racing with either of my SRBs so I guess I really don't need a hard pack at all.
  9. .....and a few seconds with one curb to destroy....
  10. Maybe they figured with both hex and JIS, it would be easier to remove them when caked up with dirt, mud at the track?
  11. I did this on an ABS hard body for my Sand Scorcher and it worked very well in my opinion. Heck I might have watched the same YT video as you as that's where I learned it. Not a single case of paint seeping under the mask. Even where the tape seams over itself (usually the seep culprits for me).
  12. Okay, what am I missing here? I've got 15 types of glue in my basement that should be fine for gluing two pieces of plastic together that will never see a significant amount of stress. Aren't we over thinking this?
  13. Do you have access to the Yeah Racing shocks? I have several sets of the YR and several Tamiya mini and super mini and in my opinion, the YR shocks are much better. I'm going to be ordering a set of them for my upcoming TT02 build.
  14. Finished the Buggy Champ this evening.
  15. Maybe their wives told them they have too many RC cars and they need to sell some of them. "Okay, Honey. Got a lot of them for sale on eBay, hope they sell!"
  16. The Flysky GT5 is actually a six channel transmitter (one of those channels is only on/off and another is limited to three positions) but it has a 20 model memory. Very good value and the receivers are very inexpensive too. Edit: Just noticed the i6 is a stick transmitter so the GT5 may not be what you're looking for.
  17. Got the chassis for the Buggy Champ mostly complete. Now on to the body. Not sure how I missed it but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the decal sheet for the BC just a little while ago. You can basically paint the body one color and the decals will give you the white part. I didn't notice that on when I opened the box yesterday so that means I don't have to mask off the body.
  18. I also think they're either for anit-sway bars or for shock mounting if that particular arm is a common part used on other chassis. My XV-01 has two of them as well.
  19. Building it mostly stock and box art with the decals but probably do it in blue. I did get a ball diff for it (...because....well, you have to. ). I've been wanting a Buggy Champ for some time now (although not enough to pay eBay prices before the recent rerelease) and have even gone on record hoping Tamiya would rerelease this nostalgic kit. Mainly the reason I wanted it was, in my mind, the Buggy Champ and the Sand Scorcher started it all with the hobby grade RC cars. This will get "gently run" but will mainly sit on the shelf in my office with the SS. As for the Fighting Buggy, I tried my best to like it but I just can't wrap my head around a mono-shock that's used for two opposing sides of a car. Just a physics thing in my head.
  20. Had the Buggy Champ on order for a while. The 911 GT3 didn't take too long. Both of these and most of these odd bits I picked up from my LHS today. The TT02 bearings and prop joints came from Amazon.
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