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  1. Has anyone received a TAM47496A with the pre-painted body yet? If so, can anyone confirm how much of the body set is "pre-painted"? I know the body is but how about the mirrors, wheels, wing etc? I'm hopefully picking mine up tomorrow and want to make sure I have what I need to finish it up so just wondering if I'll need to pick up any paint while I'm there.
  2. Got the light kits in the Fiat this evening.
  3. I did the Fiat 131 in PS Dark Blue. I was able to get if from my LHS.
  4. Two. One for the front gear box (Step 2 of the manual) and one for the rear (step 8).
  5. If both (front and rear) idle gears were replaced with this new steel one, do you still need to replace the NN4 plastic shims? In other words was the shims and the original plastic idle a combined issue that played on each other? With the new Idler being steel, I can't imagine the shim material having an effect either way? Or am I not thinking this through...???
  6. Funny you mentioned that. Once I make a 1/10 airplane transmitter, I was thinking I need to find small models of RC cars to put in the garage. I've seen a few on here but didn't know what size they'd scale down to. That Grasshopper is so cool. Would love to find a Sand Scorcher that fits the scale of the garage. HO train scale (1:87) may be close so I may take a peak there.
  7. Well, as I predicted the other day, this project just keeps going deeper down the rathole. Plus the cash expenditure is a bit beyond the original $7 . Good news is I don't have much room left to put stuff and still have room to photo cars (which was the original intention). Still need to make a 1/10 RC plane transmitter. The jack stands, ladder and tire rack are all made of styrene.
  8. Wiring a small led into the bottom to make the shock and the shock oil glow?
  9. In the U.S., those tires show that they're discontinued. I tried to get a set for an upcoming project. Anyone know why they were discontinued? Is there a newer (just as good) tire option now?
  10. Nah, it kinda just rolls off your tongue.
  11. Looks great. Thank you for painting that lower floor area box below the door. I always thought that was an out of the place look for a color match to the body. Also, how'd you lower the ride height? Shorter shocks?
  12. Based on the photos, I'd guess the spacers simple extend the chassis in that section between the rear end of the dust cover and the rear section (i.e. these spacer won't be protected by the dustcover). Looks like the rear fender inserts are mounted to the rear section so that will stay aligned back there regardless of wheelbase choice.
  13. Price reduced to $25 each plus $5 postage in the US.
  14. Anyone know where I could currently go to get the files to print some of these mini Tamiya boxes off? The Photobucket links don't seem to work.
  15. Nice! A couple friends stopped by a 1:1 IAC event on the way to an Imac contest years ago. Really great to see the full scale stuff flying precision. The gyroscopic effects are so much more pronounced in full scale. A friend I use to fly Imac with is now doing IAC in a Christen Eagle. What plane did you do aerobatics in?
  16. Thanks. Did you notice the Cap 231 on the on the work stand? They're both from the same collection (I think Hanger9..??) Up until last night, the Extra had a stick out of the rear end of it that I use to use as my stick plane to practice Imac unknown sequences.
  17. With all the new M-chassis size rally cars as of lately and the new XM-01, I hope Tamiya comes out with an "M-chassis" specific rally cockpit set. While the current one can be made to work, I'd prefer a size specific one.
  18. Nope. That's the last car. Yep, the very last one. Don't need anymore after that one.....
  19. Got the 131 wrapped up the other day but wanted to wait to get photos in the diorama. Pretty much box art and built stock with the addition of bearings and CVA shocks. The roof and lower camel yellow was masked off and painted. Lots of work but also gives a better look with out all the decal seems. The outside was sprayed with flat clear to tame down the shine, another reason I wanted use paint on the lower areas. Also, my first "no post" body mount. ( @Tamiyastef Thanks for the tips!) Still have the light kit to install but other than that, this one's about done.
  20. Got motivated to do a diorama. No clue why I decided to torture myself like this. Days of work but proud of the fact that so far I only spent about $7 from the craft shops. Everything else I had or repurposed. Still have lots of thoughts and more stuff I'd like to do. ( <-- that's the torture part. I can see this NEVER ending.....)
  21. Got these over past three days. Black Scorpion wheels for a project, shims recommended here and a BZ for the BBX.
  22. Ugh.....I glued the magnets directly to the paint. I used R6000 so hopefully it will disperse the stresses and not peel the paint.
  23. I was thinking of getting one of the walking robots but I'm afraid it will raise up some day with all the other AI devices and kill me in my sleep.
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