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  1. Thanks again for all the great advise. I have the rear set of magnets drying with the extra set still on the outside. Once the glue cures, I'll do the same for the front. I don't want to disturb the glue curing by pulling them on and off a bunch to get the fronts worked out. I have to do a bit of modification to the front to get the body to fit low enough. The holes on the stock front body mounts don't go low enough for the extra height the magnetic mount uses.
  2. I've done the tape trick and cut straight cuts in carbon a few times with a Zona saw or cut small tubes or dowels with a Dremel cut off wheel but I've never done intricate curved cuts so I think I'll look at getting carbon specific blade to have around. Many thanks for all the good info @bRIBEGuy @BuggyDad !!!
  3. Okay got it, thx. I saw that post of the table saw but didn't notice the detail about using it for cutting carbon fiber. I wonder if any one make carbon specific blades for scroll saws? I'll have to do some digging.
  4. Hoping to find time this evening to do my first magnetic body mount. Does anyone have any tips as to help locate the exact place on the inside of he body to mount the magnets? I can't use the factory dimple (the one used to show where to drill for body post to come through) because on the car I'm working on, I had to turn the rear body mounts 180 degrees so the magnets will align with the rear roof of the car instead of through the windows. I have a few thoughts in my mind but instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I thought I reach out to those with a trick up your sleeve.
  5. Carbon saw table? Hmmm, curious about this. Is this a specific saw or just a specific blade set up that's good for cutting carbon?
  6. I agree. That said, I guess I should start to pay attention to the specs on the "Required Items" page. Dozen or so Tamiya cars in and I don't think I've ever reviewed that page! With all the reviews on the BBX, I knew I needed a low profile servo but other than that, those pages gets breezed over as quick as the ones that warn me not to eat the small parts......
  7. Yep, I just checked it and does show a 10.5 mm shaft or longer. I guess they assume most folks intended to build the BBX with a brushless system.
  8. I noticed that with mine as well. Using the stock BBX pinion won't work with a Tamiya Sport Tuned motor....????? Fortunately my LHS had a few 48P pinions in stock so I was able to get it running. Do brushless motors (never had one) traditionally have a longer motor shaft?
  9. Something in the line of this perhaps:
  10. I have two TBLE-02S brushed/brushless ESCs for sale. These were take outs from kits (Sand Scorcher and I think the Rally Beetle). Never used. I use nothing but Lipos and brushed so I don't have a use for these. Note: These did NOT come with sensor wires when packed with the kits so keep this in mind if you intend to use for brushless motors. $25USD (Edited 1/31) each plus $5 shipping to lower 48 US States. Anything outside of US lower 48, actually shipping charges to be paid by purchaser. Thanks for looking.
  11. It worked for me. I'm not on Instagram but this was the only way for me to view it. If I go to @Willy iine Instagram site, I really can't view anything out side his home page without having to sign up for Instagram.
  12. This evening I picked up this online private sale from a very nice gentlemen downsizing his fleet. I bought it mainly for the M-06 chassis for the Alfa Romeo GTA body set I have on order from my LHS. Haven't really been a big fan of the Karmann Ghia but seeing it in person, it's definitely growing on me. The chassis definitely wasn't abused and looks like a 9.5 out of 10. Has a few upgrades like a nicer speed control, oil shocks (not sure what brand) and bearings. Even came with a Tx/Rx (minus a servo). The body is in very good shape, just a front bumper repair and a scuff here and there. Also came with a nice light set. A second set of tires/rims were included to. Looks like a Traxxas tire with a rather firm tire. May have been used for drifting...??? With snow on the ground, I doubt I'll run this for a while so I'll clean it up and put in on the shelf in my office for now.
  13. My apologies. I forgot that you already had one of these under your belt. I think I was too busy drooling over the finished results that my mind blanked out of who started that build thread. (Actually, it was because of that thread that made me order the GTA body shell last week.)
  14. Not that it matters as this is in a category of its own, but was anyone able to determine what scale this is?
  15. Correct, the G14L does have an internal fan.
  16. Best of luck. One of my favorite Tamiya bodies (just ordered another body set to do the new white GTA version) . Just a word of caution. Be very careful painting that deep channel (from the inside) above the headlights. Real tricky to get paint in there without drenching and getting runs on the surrounding areas. I think I used my previous cheap air brush to do that area. Took many thin coats to get good coverage in there.
  17. Just got this in the mail today. For a project that I didn't want a shiny motor. Big thanks @Willy iine to for pointing this motor out in another post.
  18. Got the 131 body painted. I did a flat clear on the outside to tame the shine down like the 1:1. I also experimented with doing a flat clear over some the the kit decals (rear spoiler) to tame them down as well. So far they look fine. No shrinking and definitely a better color match to the paint. Just have to apply the rest of the decals, lights mirrors etc and then do my first magnetic body mount attempt. Not happy with the window tint so I may add a few more light coats to darken it up like the Escort MKII.
  19. Got an eBay and an Amazon order today. The touring car cockpit for the Porsche 911 RSR got here from Hong Kong in about 8 days! The servos are just for stock.
  20. Just did my first attempt at tinting the windows of a Lexan body. I decanted the PS-31 into my airbrush and let if flash off for about 20 minutes. While I started to put down the first very light coat, I started to notice what looked like fuzzy like overspray building up all over the inside of the roof. Even had some very long ones that looked like a light grayish piece of hair. It reminds me in a way of very very fine Silly String. Is this normal for window smoke? Did I set something up wrong with my airbrush? Did I not let the final backing coat of PS-6 dry enough? Looks like it will come off and didn't really stick to the windows but still curious what's going on.
  21. Thanks for the advise. I will be sure to adopt this. I usually let the acetone sit in the bowl with a good spray of it through the nozzle. After that I let this sit for ten minutes or so. Once I clean the bowl and blow the acetone through the needle, I repeat this with an airbrush cleaner I bought at craft store. Perhaps this is why I've been lucky so far. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Model-Kits/Airbrushes/Media-Airbrush-Cleaner/p/80794881?queryId=4aee75ab93178014148c0306f2d7a876 Thanks again!
  22. Fwiw, I got this combo airbrush from Harbor Freight after reading many reviews and watching a lot of YT videos. So far so good. I'm sure not the best but has worked well. I usually just decant Tamiya PS paints and use them. I use acetone to clean the airbrush. So far the gun doesn't seem to be effected by the acetone. I used it/cleaned it a bunch last winter and just used it again the other day and is still working well. https://www.harborfreight.com/airbrush-compressor-combo-kit-57637.html?_br_psugg_q=airbursh
  23. Isn't the G14L a noticeably longer can since it's considered a 550 motor? I've looked on line for specs and can't seem to get a dimension as to the length of the can.
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