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  1. Started masking up the Fiat 131 this evening. Hope to have all the paint done tomorrow. I decided to mask off and paint the bottom instead of using the supplied decals. Lot of work masking though. Probably more time then cutting out the stickers.
  2. Pretty much finished the chassis for the 131. Comparing it to the MF-01X chassis from the MKII, I have to admit the Yeah Racing shocks are definitely much better than the CVAs. Plus gives a little more up travel and very smooth. I think they'll be my choice for this size shocks going forward for about $10 more a set. Granted this is a bench comparison and haven't driven these side by side so perhaps I'm jumping the gun with my opinion....???? I also did a very basic mod to the right rear upper suspension link to overcome the down travel limit (due to a questionable design )
  3. Here's a couple tricks my brother-in-law taught me with the tubes. Place the tube in warm water for a few minutes before you plane to apply. Warmer caulk will want to flow out of the tube so you don't need to squeeze with as much pressure (less pressure means you can control the tip and the flow better). Also once warm, holding the tube upright with the cap on, massage the tube firmly for several minutes to get any air bubble to the top. Before you start to apply, holding the tube upright, squeeze out some product and any air bubbles. Good luck and hope this helps.
  4. Before you sell the BBX, try the aftermarket stabilizer. It certainly will not be the end all and make it brake like AWD but it certainly should help to squat the rear end as well as put a little more weight on the inner front during turning. Should help with braking into turns as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/386167065525?hash=item59e959cbb5:g:CJ4AAOSwcn1k9fXw&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4PNAkqVGnj6P7ttVXMu%2F99ffi69jCv07ZlFo1fNeuYD1pnxj3r53b%2F1B9ncPxwzlkjbhClr8DNcDrG3uF6D8bJYQVhd1ZYUingXUvuxPby7Go5YttyXs4kMwKQfx%2BBcT8ayiIQcBKQyrEQ8y1AqM0feQAG4nevHJe8opCI2S23IsvuCH%2B2C7bU83j1J2fLcgZHVapGHvtfCWnRtegt6wJWAusdPg63s4ymqqQkzwV2rhf%2BQ5yrGue3kKkiILkFTle%2FoGoitX4KGaKg9p2osfzGAyVYs%2Bm2xeo1q1qMI4ZrOa|tkp%3ABFBM5piBn59j
  5. I feel for you. I'm sooooo hit and miss with caulking. One time it looks great. Next time it looks like I applied it at night in the dark. Are you using it from a small tube or a caulking gun? Good luck!
  6. Okay, great. Probably wouldn't be a good idea to spend a lot of time working near the exposed fiberglass. Perfect for storage.
  7. Do you plan to work and build in this shop or is this just storage?
  8. Thanks! I ordered a set of these as well as a set that looks like you could use them if you need an offset if the posts line up with the windows.
  9. The M-07 is only front wheel drive. If you want rear wheel drive, you should look at the M-08 or M-06. If you want selectable front or rear drive in a chassis, you'd want the new MB-01.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised the body on the Fiat 131 didn't have the predrilled holes. First for me. I'm going to have to get a magnetic mount kit. Any recommendations?
  11. My MF-01X bearing kit showed up today so was able to make some progress on the Fiat 131. Also replenished some Flysky receiver stock so I'm in the process of making them waterproof.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, I have the 54897 in my Sand Scorcher but was hoping on a standard gear diff for this one. I'll just order the ball diff for it. At least the Buggy Champ comes with bearings....
  13. I have a rere Buggy Champ on order. While I don't plan to abuse this, I would like it do drive somewhat "normal". Besides the Tamiya ball diff # 54897, does anyone know of a gear diff that's a direct drop in for the SRB chassis?
  14. Great to hear. Oh, and if ever anyone in the future says to you, "that's like finding a needle in a haystack", you can respond with: "Hold my beer...."
  15. I have a friend that ran Mudboss indoor for a few years. He said it's a great way to get into racing without needing a huge budget. My plans are to run this at an indoor track series specifically for stock Slashes.
  16. Someone (who shall remain nameless ) forgot to order a bearing kit for the Fiat 131 so that got pushed to the side of the bench for now so I figure I'd put this kit together. While I've had a few Traxxas RTRs, this is the first kit from them I've built. Actually pretty impressed. Nice instructions, great hardware, well packaged parts bags but most impressive is how little slop there is in the suspension. A lot of Tamiya kits I've built have quite a bit of slop that needs tinkering and/or lots of shims. The Traxxas was just very tight right out of the box. This went together in about a night and a half. Probably start painting the body tomorrow.
  17. Plan on doing stock Slash indoor racing. Starting to put the kit together and per the rules, we are allowed to break in the stock can motor. I planned to do the water break in method in distilled water for 20-30 minutes. Two questions for those familiar with this method: What voltage should I use? 1.5 or 3.0V? Also, I don't have motor cleaner but I have Deoxit D5 electrical contact cleaner. Would this work?
  18. I was hoping to run it on a dry surface to see how the stabilizer works. Blowing all the snow out of it and drying it out wasn't so much fun but running it certainly was. Are you in a climate that never gets snow or just didn't have any snow going on recently? One of my favorites is when the top layer of snow crusts over and now my entire yard can become a track. Lots of fun with the 4wd rally cars!
  19. First run with the BBX. Not the best weather but fun none the less. Definitely need to extend the battery plug on the esc. Real pain to plug in a battery after I added the side netting.
  20. Got the BBX pretty much done. Real fun kit to put together. With the exception of an after market stabilizer and the rear shock mod shown above it's pretty much stock with a sport tuned motor, 1060 ESC. Went one shade lighter on the blue and flat cleared the body and the wheels.
  21. Modified the BBX rear shock mounts to strengthen it up. Couldn't use the Tamiya hop up as it wouldn't work with the rear stabilizer. M3 SS all thread and a piece of carbon tubing. Works very well.
  22. Finally finished the cockpit (my first one!) for the Lancia. I'm going to guess that the 54491 was originally designed for the Lancia Delta as it fits like a glove. The far back area even tucks in perfectly above the license plate mold. Unfortunately when I put the car back where it goes, I'm now committed to doing a cockpit for the Audi.
  23. Yes, you'd need to remove the stock torsion spring bar from the rears as well as the small coil spring on each of the front trailing arms.
  24. Here's a set here. Again, not what I'd call economical but they do look good. https://www.ebay.com/itm/134823629296
  25. The paddle tires that come with the Sand Scorcher are meant for the stock 1.5" wheels. The tire you got have treads more so than paddles which are originally for cars like the Rough Rider. So if you order a set of Rough Rider wheels you should be good. As for alloy rims, I guess they're out them but not sure about economical prices. Here's a set from a TC member that look incredible! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134614&id=32150
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