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  1. Plans can be somewhat easier to find but kits are very difficult and very expensive lately if you can find them. I have several kits from a good a different good friend that passed away a few years ago. Have a lot of plans too. Not sure where you are in the US but if you were close to to me in NE Pa, you could stop by and take a peak. One of the good things about the EPO planes is they're nice to learn on as they're rather easy to repair. For me, I like them from time to time as I can fly them a little more on the edge and try things I wouldn't do with the kits I have hours and hours of build time into.
  2. Very good friend of mine is like that with the RC airplanes. He LOVES the nostalgia part of it. He refuses to own/fly any airplane that's not made of wood and covering and powered by a glow fuel engine. He also must build all his planes from a kit or from plans. Never owned or will own an ARF (Almost-ready-to-fly). Only new technology he's adopted is a 2.4 Spektrum radio and that's because he's had too many issue where someone turned on to his frequency while flying.
  3. My apologies for contributing to the first lipo derailment of 2024 ......(but if history serves, I'm sure this will be one of many). To answer your question, Pylon, none. Never, ever. As I mentioned on here before and as Mrowka above stated, lithium batteries have been a godsend from the RC aircraft side of the hobby for close to two decades. I bought my first 3-cell ThunderPower Lipo pack back in about 2005 or 2006 if memory serves. As of a quick count the other week as part of my annual "lets double check to make sure these are all storage charged before the winter ritual" I currently own 98 lithium batteries for the RC hobby. Sizes from single cell 50mah up to six cell 5000mah packs. I've been to hundreds of large RC flying events including multiple times to the largest in the world (Joe Nall). I've NEVER seen or heard of a lithium battery spontaneously catching fire.....never. As a matter of fact, the only ones I've ever seen catch fire were the result of an aircraft crash and the occasional "let's see if we can make this catch fire" (boys will be boys.....). Are there folks out there claiming spontaneous fire?....sure but most likely there was some human error at cause but the blame applied to "it just happened". Same thing with firearm accidental discharges. I storage charge all my batteries. Not because I'm concerned for the safety but because the industry claims the batteries will last longer that way. They're all stored in metal containers. Mostly ammo containers. I usually charge in lipo bags or on a very large metal tray at a charging station in my basement. Lastly, I'm going to guess that 99% of us (even those who choose not to adapt to lithium RC technology) have many, many lithium powered items in their home right now that they don't store in fire proof containers. Cellphone, iPads, earbuds, laptops, power tools, lawn and garden equipment, flashlights etc. Don't be afraid of something that doesn't need to be feared. Respected, yes....feared, no. Now, thanks to Willy, I'm off to find an ammo can large enough for the several laptops in our house.
  4. Probably don't need to but I'm going to do the all thread mod with an aluminum tube. I have the aftermarket sway bar so the Tamiya hop up wouldn't work with the sway bar.
  5. You "love" the statement, or you're "in love" with it? .....there's a difference.
  6. Just get an old ammo can (metal one, not the plastic Plano or Harbor Freight style ones ) and fill the bottom with about 1/2" to 3/4" of any cement, mortar, grout etc you have in the basement and let it dry. You now have one of the safest possible lipo storage containers for very little money. When you latch the top, they are air tight and will contain any lipo fire in the unlikely event you'd ever have one. Why the cement bottom you ask? Two reasons: 1- Just in case you set the ammo can in your car trunk and it had an internal fire, the cement will be an insulator that keeps the hot metal container floor from melting the carpet in the car or mostly anything else you set it on. 2- The open lid of a 30cal empty ammo can will make it tip toward the opened lid so the extra weight will help this.
  7. I really hope so too. That's one of the RC cars I really wanted back in the late 80's but couldn't justify the cost with college bills back then.
  8. Agreed. I have the Defender as well and incredible performing rig. We have a flood control dam about a half hour drive away and they have it drained down in anticipation of the spring rains. Couple friends got together today to do some rock crawling. With the water level down, you could spend days there and not touch the same rock twice. Very fun. The zoom lens takes away from the depth but the guy on the rock is pretty far from that water and about a 20-25ft drop off behind him. The big rock behind the first Bronco photo is about 200+ yards away. I had the Bronco but after watching my friends with their SCX6's I may have to look into getting one! (Note to self: You do NOT need another RC car....... )
  9. Got the BBX chassis about 90% complete. Just have to work on the wires, lights and an aftermarket sway bar. Then it's off to the paint booth. Not looking forward to cutting out this body.
  10. Holidays are wrapping up, weather's getting colder so my other outdoor hobbies are winding down so it's finally back to building season for me. Had this kit for several months and finally started on it tonight. Made good progress. One snag, the Tamiya motor shaft isn't long enough for the stock pinion gear. The set screw had nothing to bite down on. For what ever reason, I had a 48P 17T pinion that I was able to use. No clue what I bought it for but glad I did! Probably not the the final pinion as most have said the stock 18T is even too low on speed.
  11. Oh for the love of God, please take those fenders off the full scale Wild One. It hurts my head to see that.....
  12. Are circlips ever used in RC? I can't recall coming across one.
  13. That looks great like that. Can't get more scale looking. You should seriously put that on display in your house like that when you're not running it. This makes me want to start putting mine together!
  14. As mentioned by others, get a folding card table. Then make a tray (wood, plywood) that # 1 fits on the table even if it's bigger than the table and #2, fits under the bed. This way you set up the table then pull the tray out from under the bed with the projects and tools already on it. I'd suggest putting sides on three of the sides of the tray so stuff doesn't fall off when handling it. They also make sturdy risers to raise your bed so you can get more height storage underneath. The risers are pretty cheap and can be found on line or in any college town.
  15. Got a call from my LHS. My 131 is in. Probably pick up today or tomorrow.
  16. If this is for the SS, why does the inside packaging show the BBX? Does someone make adapters to convert these to standard wheel hexes?
  17. If you don't mind me asking, how do you look up anything at Liquid RC? The site seems very generic and very tough to find anything. I can't even find a search button....???
  18. Try a new battery if you have one laying around. These use a very popular size so you may have one in some other devise. The batteries that come with these are usually not very good and a new battery "may" correct this.
  19. Just found out there's an indoor track about 45 minutes away that does a Traxxas Slash spec race during the colder months. Carpeted track with jumps! No real mods so I don't have to go down the hop-up rabbit hole. Picked this up from my LHS.
  20. Unless you have a proclivity toward the Tamiya connector for nostalgic reasons, there's no reason to use them. In my opinion and experience, they were problematic 30+ years ago. Lots of much better choices available. The only reason the HW1060 supplied in recent Tamiya kits has a Tamiya connector is because Tamiya spec'd that. I'm guessing Hobbywing held there nose when they agreed to it.
  21. I agree. Tons of cool looking M-chassis choices out there. I think they'd be right at home next to an equally impressive 1/12th collection.
  22. So was PJ sitting on this order for the past two years, or was your package sitting at Japan Post for two years where PJ didn't have a way to get the package shipped via a different carrier?
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